In fact, Xu Ren’s refining of this kind of box that can isolate the soul force was inspired by Ge Shu, the military god of the Great Wilderness Dynasty.

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Spells have a strong ability to isolate the spirit when they came to the prison. If it weren’t for Xu Ren’s special connection, I’m afraid those spirit-eating insects would really be abandoned forever.
Good Xu Ren is a friar who is careful and likes to study new things. In Xuanwu City, when he was free, he observed the refining method of that box of refining materials through the spirit-eating worms.
Everything in this world is afraid of research. If you put enough energy into it, you will certainly gain something. Even if you can’t master it, you won’t be finished. What’s more, Xu Ren still has great accomplishments in refining equipment. It is not difficult for him to forge the means to isolate the psychic box.
Since he has a mental attack and a box that can isolate his mind, he might as well give it a try
So Xu Ren showed his action. He silently operated Tianyuan to refine his spirit and formed a spike.
However, this time Xu Ren’s mental attack did not exert its efforts because he was afraid that his own mental stab attack would damage the black stone.
Xu Ren seems that those black stones are not as strong as Jin Jiao Ying Ling. Of course, if they are really stronger than Jin Jiao Ying Ling, it is estimated that they cannot be driven by Jin Jiao Ying Ling.
As Xu Ren issued the first spiritual stab, the stone giant was followed by a shock, and then the huge body collapsed and the stone was scattered all over the floor.
Xu Ren, quick of hand and quick of eye, stretched out his hand directly and put the black stone into the black box prepared in advance.
Ho ho-
As Xu Ren put the first black stone into a black box, the little demon leopard was playing fiercely, and Jin Jiao Yingling suddenly let out a roar.
Obviously, he felt that Xu Ren had taken away a black stone from his treasure.
Seeing that the angry little demon leopard of Jin Jiao Ying Ling suddenly stepped up its offensive.
Bang bang—
Moment Jin Jiaoying spirit body appeared several deep scars.
Jin Jiaoying’s spirit was hurt by the little demon leopard again, and he was afraid to be distracted again. He quickly transferred all his spirit to the little demon leopard confrontation.
Xu Renze told him that the harvesting operation was smoother this time than before, and the technique was cleaner.
Of course, successive spiritual stab attacks made Xu Ren feel a little tired, if not hard.
However, this will not have much impact on Xu Ren’s next plan, because he has enough body fluid, but he can replenish his spirit.
After a few drops of spirit, Xu Ren’s spirit returned to its peak, so he attacked those stone giants again.
Not long ago, Xu Ren had five black stones in his black box.
Jin Jiao Yingling is getting more and more worried, but he is not worried again because of the little demon leopard pestering him, and it is impossible for him to directly come and kill Xu Ren.
Of course, the former Jin Jiaoying spirit was plundered by the small demon leopard and the exquisite soul tower, and many forces were direct.
If this guy moves at once, the stone giant will divide the three people and the three demons and then break them one by one, then Xu Ren and them will be really dangerous.
However, this Jin Jiaoying spirit is too confident that he can defeat the invasion of his territory even if he doesn’t move the stone giant, and he also covets his treasure, three men and three demons.
It’s also Jin Jiaoying’s fault that she is so passive now.
After receiving five black stones, Xu Ren is playing against two stone giants again.
Thanks to the previous experience, Xu Ren’s next move was much smoother. In less than half a wick, two stone giants fell down completely, while Xu Ren added two black stones to the black box.
Little darling, without the stone giant’s entanglement, the little demon leopard immediately joined forces to deal with Jin Jiao Yingling.
Now, although the strength of Jin Jiao Ying Ling is damaged, the lean camel is bigger than the horse, but it is not easy for the little demon leopard to take this Jin Jiao Ying Ling alone.
Of course, Xiao Nan ‘er will give priority to the combination of Xiao Yao and Bao, which can win more for Xu Ren and enable Xu Ren to get more black stones.
Although the former little girl has been entangled by two stone giants, she can see clearly the movement in Xu Ren. Since her brother thinks those black stones are there, she also has to give her brother a good arm. Now the wisest thing is to entangle Jin Jiao Yingling and not interfere with his brother Xu Ren’s actions.
It is more practical to have a small child and a small demon leopard join hands to deal with Jin Jiao Ying Ling Xu Ren. Not only are you not worried that Jin Jiao Ying Ling will interfere with yourself, but you are not worried that the small demon leopard and the small child are in danger.
Then Xu Ren set out to deal with the chilling Suzaku enemy.
Actually, the cicada rosefinch is too small compared with the six stone men.
Chilling has reached the late stage of taxiing, but it is not necessarily a good thing to be so big and big in the face of a stone giant. It simply shows the real Suzaku and attacks around six big stone men.
These six stone men kept punching and stamping their feet as if they were being played by cicadas and Zhu yuque.
What’s more important is that the six big stone giants will be eaten by the cicada and Zhu Yuque together. These six stone giants can’t beat the cicada and Zhu Yuque and can’t get away from attacking others, which is tantamount to wasting their fighting power.
As soon as Xu Ren comes, it explodes, thunders and stones collide, and the giant keeps making a loud noise, just like setting off firecrackers in the New Year.
Then the six stone giants became eccentric and stopped attacking, and all of them circled in circles by themselves.
Xu Renze took advantage of this opportunity to attack the stone giants respectively, and it was naturally a harvest moment. None of the stone giants ran away and were thrown into their black boxes by Xu Ren.
Then the situation seems to have returned to the original moment. Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer and Shen Tengyun, together with the small demon leopard, chilling and Zhu Yuque, have formed a siege of Jin Jiao Yingling.
"You bastards, I won’t let you go."
Jin Jiao Yingling was very angry, but Xu Ren found out that this guy meant the most malicious words and did the most terrible things, and turned around and ran after a malicious word.
This sudden change makes three people and three demons feel a little puzzling, but it is not easy for Jin Jiaoying to fool Xu Ren. Before he ran far, he felt the surrounding temperature plummet, followed by several colorful ice cones and blades falling from the sky in an attempt to escape.
Chapter six hundred and six Rest
Jin Jiaoying’s cruel words must make the three men and three demons who invaded his territory pay the price, but this guy just turned around and left.
This is Xu Ren feel very surprised.
Not only did Xu Ren feel surprised, but also Xiao Nan, Shen Tengyun, Xiao Yaobao, Zhu Yuque and chilling did not react.
Although Xu Ren was a little surprised by Jin Jiaoying’s turning around and running, he was not unprepared for it.
Of course, Xu Ren’s precaution was not to prevent Jin Jiao Yingling from escaping, but to trap Jin Jiao Yingling when his side was in an unfavorable situation, so that they had a chance to escape. But now these two attack and kill large arrays have become a barrier to prevent Jin Jiao Yingling from escaping.
Jin Jiao Yingling didn’t know when Xu Ren arranged the attack and kill large array, but he soon settled it himself, but he didn’t expect to suddenly drop countless ice cones and blades, and these ice cones and blades were accompanied by colorful strength with very strong penetration.
Jin Jiao-ying’s body condensed with the help of blood-stained yellow sand and ShaQi is still very tough. It is impossible for those ice cones and blades to kill directly, but Xu Ren’s purpose is not to kill but to leave.
Caught off guard, Jin Jiao Yingling was hit by an overwhelming ice pick and ice blade. Although it was not fatal, it greatly delayed the escape speed.
While Jin Jiaoying spirit was delayed by the seven-kill array and the ice four-line array, Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer, Shen Tengyun and Xiao Yaobao, chilling and Zhu Yuque have surrounded the Jin Jiaoying spirit again.
The little demon leopard is the fastest to attack, and the first to arrive. One by one, the claws are empty and the shadows are constantly taking pictures of Jin Jiaoying’s spirit, and that Jin Jiaoying’s spirit is swaying from side to side.
Xu Ren’s sword attack also threw a lot of lightning at Jin Jiao Yingling.
Xiao Nan ‘er also developed the strongest attack on fencing, which contained the body condensed by the yellow sand, Shaqi and murderous look that she understood the most Qiang Jian meaning and kept flying to the fairy gold and charming spirit.
Shen Tengyun, chilling and Zhu Yuque also spared no effort to release their strongest attacks.