"You’d better not go in."

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"Su Yu pavilion, what are you doing? Are you finished? "
Zhao Xiang saw Su Yonglin blocking the way in front of him and immediately narrowed his eyes and looked at his face very unfriendly.
His two guards immediately stood in front of him to protect him
Su Yonglin doesn’t like Zhao Xiang, and Zhao Xiang certainly doesn’t like Su Yonglin. He thinks this guy is a smuggler who is going to take part in the uprising and revolt for no reason, and he is not trustworthy.
If you come here, you can stay out of the way, and everyone can be superficial brothers and live in peace. What is it when you stop me?
Zhao Xiang is very annoyed.
Before Su Yong’s dissatisfaction, he immediately stepped forward to block Su Yonglin and stared at the two guards with crooked melons and cracked dates.
Su Yong, a strong man, seems to be able to fight two times without falling into the wind. The two guards were so scared that they could not help but retreat.
Su Yonglin patted Su Yong on the back and let him step aside.
"Don’t do anything, I can’t let you do this kind of thing that brings shame to my brother."
"What? Nickname? "
Zhao Xiang seems to be angry and smiled "Su Yuting, what did you say? Why don’t I understand? Into the city. Everything in the city is what we used to be. If the gold thief can do this, I can’t. Then what is it that I am fighting with the gold thief with my head in my head? Do good deeds? "
Su Yonglin’s face does not change.
"Just hit the county to expel the gold thief, and you are wanton in the county. I don’t know whose girl is in it. Of course, city people won’t know, but they know that you can infringe on her today and his daughter in the future.
100, the whole city knows that our rebels have just entered the city. What will they think of us? What would you think of my brother? The rebel flag, but my brother’s flag, you violated these women’s cities, and it was my brother who did it! "
Su Yonglin stared at Zhao Xiang in the previous step with a bad tone.
"Are you doing this to defile my brother’s name?"
Zhao Xiang face a change haven’t react Zhao Yu achievement to react first.
"Uncle, I will never allow you to do this again."
Zhao Yucheng directly stared at Zhao Xiang in front of Su Yonglin. "I will never allow you to humiliate my father’s name!"
Zhao Xiang suddenly looked flustered.
Entering is not retreating, nor is it very embarrassing.
But he can’t argue with Zhao Yucheng and Su Yonglin here.
Nai, he can ruthlessly stamp his feet and ruthlessly stare at Su Yonglin, throw a malicious word and turn away.
Zhao Yucheng looked at Su Yonglin with a face of guilt after Zhao Xiang left.
"Rain pavilion uncle you say now this situation? It seems that my sixth uncle is not the only one in the whole county. "
"We have to be clear about going to see your father."
Zhao Yucheng told two soldiers to keep here and not let people in, so he followed Su Yonglin all the way to the city.
The two soon arrived at Linyi county government and met Zhao Shan.
First of all, a brief report on the situation before.
Zhao Shan was very surprised to learn that Su Yonglin and Zhao Yucheng had made great achievements.
"Thirteen villages and a town defense forces are solved? Good job, good brother Yucheng! Ha ha ha ha ha! "
Zhao Shan patted Su Yonglin and his son’s shoulder and his face lit up.
After the heart, Zhao Yucheng first told Zhao Shan what he had just met.
Zhao Shan sighed with a convergent smile after hearing this.
"I don’t know the truth about this kind of thing. I’ve asked people to restrain military discipline, but after the city was broken yesterday, I can let people close the city gate and sort it out slowly. I think there are still some leaks."
So Zhao Shan hesitated and said, "I won’t let the people rebel with their heads behind me. Is this a bit unkind?"
Chapter 35 Su Yonglin thinks that the gold man is still too light.
Have mercy?
When did you need to show respect to command an army?
Su Yonglin felt very strange that she didn’t respond at the moment.
But he really came to his senses.
"Brother, we are a rebel army now. The army needs military law to regulate and lead, but we can’t show mercy. Otherwise, what’s the difference between the rebel army and the bandits gathering in the mountains?"
Zhao Shan is still hesitant.
"This …"
"Brother, there’s another thing. The rebel army is the name of brother. It means brother. Outsiders don’t know who did this, but they will all know that it was brother’s permission. Doesn’t that mean that all those things that violated women were done by brother?"
Su Yonglin said this to Zhao Shan’s pain point.
Zhaoshanyi Prefecture has always had a generous reputation, and he also thinks that he is decent. Now, when someone else has done such a messy thing, he wants to buckle the shit basin on his head. Does he promise?
His face suddenly changed.
"My good brother has a point. It really can’t appease my rebellion. It’s not Hu Fei!"
Zhao Shan immediately called the Ministry to let them restrain military discipline and tell all officers and soldiers to restrain themselves. Those who intrude on the people and violate women will be dealt with by military law again.
Commanded after this matter ZhaoShan face son and Su Yonglin wry smile for a while.