Fu Yun "…" This all which heel where? Hero’s thinking is really different from ordinary people.

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Warm just wanted to educate him again when the music in the hall suddenly changed.
There’s nothing unexpected on Tuesday afternoon, around five o’clock.
☆, the second watch was sent to a small hand to stop the magic.
This time, the music was just about to explode, and the intense rhythm seemed to break through the roof. A group of men and women also let go of their hands and feet and twisted their faces like drugs, and their faces were degraded and chaotic.
The atmosphere is high!
However, it also looks vulgar and lowers the style. This is a loss of the Wen family’s face. The guests’ faces have shown disdain and contempt to warm up, and then sit back and watch her say to Fu Yundao, "Go and find the housekeeper Wang."
Section 172
Fu Yun should "yes" and turn away.
Warm and magical, he is frowning and forbearing. "You will go to hidden weapons, right?"
Magic angrily "nonsense! At the age of three! "
Warmth pointed to the men and women in the hall. "You hidden weapons should teach them not to be killed or injured, so that they can’t jump."
Smell speech magic but anger like hum "you don’t let the old beat people? Didn’t you scare the old man into being detained or sentenced? "
Warm didn’t good the spirit retorted, "didn’t you also say that you would rather die than live on your knees?" Are you obedient and obedient? "
The magic choked and said, "If you know that you are always not obedient to the Lord, why do you still let me do this?"
"I am your sister-in-law!"
"Sister-in-law amazing hum is not worthy of the name my eldest brother slept with you? Or did you eat your meat? Or do you feel terrible after eating big brother’s meat and feeding each other saliva? " Amazing, aggressive, eloquent, surprisingly, without weakness
It’s warm, but it’s no good to be ashamed. Why is this bear child’s mouth so short of smoking? She always talks about eating meat. Fortunately, there is no one around, otherwise her face will be lost.
I can’t listen to it anymore. I am unhappy and scold, "Third Brother, be cautious."
Magic doesn’t feel where I said something wrong and muttered, "Is it wrong for me to say it? Anyway, I don’t want to listen to her. I’m the head of a generation, and a woman is relegated to the Jianghu, so people can’t laugh me to death? "
"Third brother, didn’t your uncle warn you to listen to warm words after you left the tribe?"
Smell speech magic eyes flash flash but still a face of stubborn.
"Even if my uncle forgot to say that my mother always told you, if so, I would write to my mother and ask her old man’s house to discipline you."
The magic handsome face blackened "the second brother complained behind his back that it was not your place"
I looked calm with longing. "I told my mother openly that when I left, my mother told you and my eldest brother, but if anything happens, I will write back and report it one day. Are you going to be today?"
The magical one is unwilling and indignant. "You are not afraid of being exhausted!"
I’m fascinated. "You don’t have to worry if you can easily run back and forth four times a day from the tribe."
"Second brother, you …" Magic gritted your teeth. "Just be partial to her, spoil her, and listen to her. Let her ride on your head sooner or later, and you will regret it!"
The longing evokes the deep feeling of the lips and says, "I am willing to spoil her."
Smell speech warms the heart, and a sweet look softens his eyes. He looks at his face a little uncomfortable, but more is a beautiful man with a happy light and a sudden confession …
With longing and tenderness, they stared at her as if they were surrounded by honey, and even their breath was sweet.
Magic but feel sour can’t help but scold a "grass when did you two hook up? Does big brother know? You two better behave yourselves, or eldest brother will abuse you to death! Always smell estrus … "
"Ahem …" Choked with longing.
Warm bullet "you still hurry to stop those legs! Otherwise, I will complain to my mother-in-law! "
At the moment, those people are playing crazy and deliberately jumping at the warm side with a provocative meaning.
The magic belly is on fire, and then watching those people die and provoking him, suddenly the small universe broke out, but it is still necessary to make it clear first that "it is not to listen to you to always see them unhappy?"
Warm roll your eyes. "Know your hands and feet. Be clean and don’t be caught by them."
Magic like insulted disgruntled way "grass this also what do you always teach? Always in charge, you know? You dare to denigrate Lao Lao again … "
"Like?" Warm didn’t good the spirit stare at him.
The magical sight swept across her chest like a hook, and the beast was exposed. "I will eat your meat when I am old!"
Warm "…"
When did this bear child become an animal?
Magically, seeing that she was frightened by herself, she snorted proudly, and then she was ready to pick up those dead people. hidden weapons took the leftovers on the plate at his fingertips. He flicked those soft things with his five fingers and instantly turned them into hard weapons and shot them at the excited legs.
Then the hall suddenly remembered a scream and whine.
"Ah …"
"Ah large …"
"Who will hit Xiao Ye in the trough?"
It’s amazing. It’s like being hit by chicken blood and then falling out one by one. You press me, I press you, and finally I don’t know who tripped and who fell to the ground. The picture in the hall is messy.
The onlookers were dumbfounded at once, and when they went to see a warrior, they saw people sitting there. Although their faces were not very good, they seemed to have done nothing. Hey, what was that?
Watching many people in martial arts dramas reminds me of a word. Can this great warrior beat cattle across the mountain? Poof …
The music is still fierce, but the atmosphere has changed.
Kim was hit the hardest and fell the worst in the leg. It was like being pricked with a cone. He grinned. This is secondary. What’s more important is that he plopped on his knees and couldn’t get up for half a ring. That’s a big shame.
He brought the tender model and hit it on his knee impartially. He felt it was broken. He couldn’t help cursing, "Who the fuck is this? Get out of here!"
No one will come out naturally when there is wailing around.
See gold crooked on the ground and called out "who is it? Dare to do is his mama a little puss-head … "
This is magical, but I can’t help it. The body will get warm and hurriedly, and the hand will be pressed on his leg or thigh. When the three of them sit, the warmth will be in the middle, away from the magic and close to it. This pressure is powerless.
It was amazing that he tried it, but his legs didn’t get up, just like he didn’t have the strength. It should be said that he didn’t have intuition, and he couldn’t tell what it was like to have those little hands touching him. It was like a number of ants crawling on his legs and getting farther and farther into his heart, and then his whole body seemed to be on fire. He was stupid.
What is she practicing? Did you stop him with one hand?
Warm didn’t know that the bear child’s mind was running wild again. She whispered, "Don’t move. They just want to get you out. When you come, you will be exposed. The evidence is conclusive. They will definitely hold on to it."
After the magic, I couldn’t listen, and my mind was full of those little hands. After a while, he suddenly longed for her to move and press anywhere, preferably to …
Seeing him stupid and warm, I still don’t understand "Little Three?"
Turn a deaf ear to magic
I am fascinated to know the magic of those little hands. When I saw it, I gently coughed and said to the warmth, "You let go and he will be normal."