The bronze timer, a strange thing, looks like an arrow. When you hold it in the water, the surface mark can be rotated. A small dial indicates the size of each rotation, which allows you to accurately calculate the position of a specific area of a ship.

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"What is this component? I didn’t hear it clearly at that time, but there are ten pieces scattered around the Caribbean. What will happen after there are ten pieces?" Proud war dance meditation This is not without introduction, but a dialogue.
"Oh, I know this thing," Wu Xin said after looking at it. "A Spanish friend of mine has this thing, what’s his name, but he discarded it."
"Discard?" Proud war dance one leng.
"Yes!" Wu Xin said, "We wasted water at the seaside. He took this thing and I lost."
"Shit!" Proud of the war dance and furious, "Does he know how to collect it as soon as he throws it away?"
"This … I’ll tell him," Wu Xin looked at it. "It’s still beautiful … Do you like it?"
"I like it!" Friend nodded.
"… forget it." Proud war dance traded to friends. "I like to keep it for fun anyway."
"Thank you!" It’s a pity that you can’t get it together, "said the friend."
"Calm down!" Proud of the war dance, "you sit down first and I’ll greet you outside."
Dragonflies and other proud war dances left and called "Wow, you two just got it. echo each other has a tacit understanding."
Wu Xin ha ha smiled. "Dragonfly classmates, don’t you find that you are much more gentle in fighting and dancing?"
"Someone asked me to test someone’s guess."
Friend was surprised and asked, "What guess?"
Bai Wen wry smile "he likes you" proud war dance lovelorn hexagrams alliance.
"No way!" Friends are frightened. "Why does he like me?"
"Anyway, if we want to buy this thing, it will definitely make us bleed," Wu Xin said. "And we don’t have any interest in spending money to buy it. It is of course the best to send it to us. When we get together ten pieces, we will give him some money. If we can’t get together ten pieces, we will say that we are tired of playing and don’t take care of it."
Wave said, "Sheep, this theory is very new. Tell me something. There’s a message from the war dance. The American Freedom is the 3K middle school or the sheep. You said that the old woman with two guns landed on the volcanic island yesterday."
"Volcanic island?" Wu Xin retorted that the volcanic island is the largest island in the central part of the Caribbean. There are four port cities in four directions. Taigang is an island in the southwest. The tropical jungle in the north and the rocky area in the south of the island are difficult to walk. Wu Xin asked, "What are they doing there?"
"If I’m not mistaken, they should be looking for treasure." Langdao said that there is an open-air dock near there. The Liberty has been parked there for more than a day. How about interested in visiting the island? "
Wu Xin shook his head. "We don’t have a treasure map."
"But we have dragonflies," Langdao said. "When I was in America, I hated these 3K white people. If we could rob their treasure, it would be a very happy thing. By the way, most human beings should educate them well and let them know that white people are not a dominant race. Besides, even if they can’t get the treasure and get rid of it, they will be fine. We can’t tolerate their wanted for us without fighting back."
"since you say that, there is no reason to refuse."
At 7: 30 the next night, the crew member Helang had already taken the dread to the open-air dock and introduced the situation to Banzu Baiwen. "The ship has not left here, and I am not sure whether they are the line sheep. I confirmed that some people landed on the 3K forum half an hour ago and estimated that their line is very likely."
Yo-yo said, "The main threats in these areas come from Indians and international activities. At that time, the indigenous people were more capable of fighting than the Indians here. I heard that they were equipped with cavalry."
Magrita was attacked by Indians, and just the day before yesterday, a French city was attacked by Indians. Although the players reacted quickly, they didn’t expect people to be equipped with cavalry. As a result, the square was hit twice and suffered heavy losses. Finally, although it resisted the Indian attack, the city was seriously damaged. In view of this situation, the governors of various countries issued a wanted order. Every time an Indian boat was sunk, it would get 3 points for military service and 1 point for killing an Indian. Of course, compared with the history, Protestantism in Britain made the skull of Indian children 30 pounds and rewarded the supercomputer. It was really kind.
The seven-person boat is a rocky area without a road. Although all the data are the same, there is a gap in physical skills. It is the most flexible and fastest to move forward, followed by plum blossom, excellent physical coordination, and finally, friends and waves. This discovery makes the waves ashamed. After all, it is too unreasonable for friends to be so ashamed of being a man because of a car accident in the past year.
"jump!" Wu Xin waved a big rock dragonfly and jumped. Wu Xin easily caught the dragonfly and smiled. It seems that climbing these rocks is a very happy thing.
Bai Wen took a stick as a crutch. When he saw this scene, he especially despised someone. He accidentally stepped on a small rolling stone and lost his balance. He rolled a Duan Qilai to add blood to himself, and then he said to himself, "Is there any treasure in this place?"
Wu Xin grabbed the dragonfly’s foot and held her high. After looking at it, she said, "There seems to be a basin about a mile away. I said someone, you might as well just carry me away."
Chapter two hundred and eleven Ancient love stories
Wu Xin’s hand dropped a dragonfly, and Wu Xin threw it around the middle. "It is said that Superman once intercepted and hugged a woman when she fell to the ground, but according to the physical principle, gravity would break into several pieces even if she hugged the woman."
"Ha Yang, do you still watch the Big Bang Theory?" Mei asked in surprise.
"Lao Wang, look at me." Wu Xin bent down to pick up a beer bottle and said, "It seems that our route is correct." The wild garbage and marine garbage will be recycled after 24 hours
Last place, Langdao "Everybody Speed"
"Mother, if you walk there, you don’t have to walk back." Cockroach sighed that this rock zone is really too difficult to walk. If you step on a big stone firmly, you may turn it over.
Friends asked their comrades around them, "Sister Dragonfly seems to be very close to Brother Shepherd."
"Dragonfly boats are always familiar with sheep" Langdao
"That’s right!" Compared with her and Mei, it’s the best. It’s a shopping trip. The four people, Lang, Wu Xin, Bai Wen and Cockroach, are all quite good. Compared with the game, Lang and Wu Xin are close, but Dragonfly seldom goes shopping and chatting with others except Wu Xin.