It can be said that Huayue is now the first Taoist of the Five Elements.

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It’s so simple to lose …
It’s ridiculous that they still think it’s a protracted war. I didn’t expect it to be so simple that the result has been separated.
"Just what is that little actual combat wushu! ? How can it be so powerful! ?”
I don’t know! But just now I heard him say it was a collapse! ?”
"Extremely collapse! ? Wait a minute … I really want to hear that … That’s not swordsmanship! ? I heard that when blade master used this trick to carve out a canyon, it was quite tough … "
People are shocked by a face of horror.
"But how does this Jiang Feng feel that blade master is stronger and more skilled in Wushu?"
People are talking about Jiang Feng more deeply in their hearts.
On the contrary, the five elements look calm and look at the sinking plight of Huayuexian.
Lost! ?
He sneered in his heart that if Hua Yuexian was so defeated, then she was not too underestimated.
Flower Moon Fairy was equally shocked.
Jiang Fengxiu’s strength, spiritual strength and physique are much stronger than her.
Struggling at this time where there is no fairy demeanor, everyone was surprised that their eyes fell into her eyes.
Turned into ridicule
Since birth, women who are full of stars and moon have never felt this way because they are jealous of men falling in love with his pomegranate skirt.
Humiliation, shame, anger and anger kept pounding her heart like a tide.
"What the hell are you! ?” Her eyes are bright and her cheeks are ferocious.
Everyone can’t imagine that she should show this appearance.
"What am I? ? You don’t deserve to know! "
"good! Very good! " Hua Yuexian smiled angrily and looked at Jiang Feng’s face with indifference. "In that case, I don’t know. Go to hell!"
All of a sudden, the flower moon’s physical strength increases rapidly.
Dao Dao’s horrified spirit force made no secret of the fact that Huayuexian was going to lose, but now everyone is excited.
The first person in the five elements
This sentence is not nonsense.
"Hey!" In front of my arm, I kept pinching my fingers, and my spiritual strength kept floating, and the road marks leaked out. "Go to hell!"
His arms jerked forward to blur a dharma seal, as if everything in heaven and earth were pressing hard on him.
"Heaven and France seal …"
All the five elements of the door brother saw here and the corners of his mouth were severely smoked.
What shortness of breath up heaven dharma seal … This is their five elements door secret skill.
Demonstrating the magic of the door, she … How could she make it! ?
Incredible … Completely incredible …
"It seems that the little one is going to end the seal of heaven and law … definitely not the average person can compete!"
"Yes! Once I saw someone put on a show, and the broken virtual sky was bitten by a mouth. That little one must be finished! "
Many younger brothers of Wuxing Gate have discussed it one after another.
The elders of Zongmen also had a face of consternation, but they soon reacted with the same idea. Jiang Feng will die this time.
"Don’t you think it’s ridiculous to cast five lines of doors in front of me? ?”
"Don’t forget who taught you this trick!"
Jiang Feng eyes burst into a cold light, and the same hands pinched the tactic. Clouds of spiritual force rose around him.
See Jiang Feng knot unexpectedly she is the same.
Everyone froze, and their mouths were wide open for a long time, but they didn’t react.
Can’t … Am I wrong … This little display of Wushu is also-Heaven and Law.
Chapter 743 Du Jie India
Jiang Feng displays the aura around Heaven and India.
At present, everyone froze.
After all, it is understandable to get it occasionally after living for so many years.
So Jiang Feng unexpectedly also is really incredible.
Shock in my heart
Not them, even the flower moon fairy is slightly stupidly Jiang Feng body to breath he is familiar with.
It’s not heaven, law and seal or something! ?
The secret skill of the Five Elements Door has become so worthless.
"Who are you! ?” Flower Moon Fairy really panicked. Jiang Feng always had a slight acquaintance in eye contact.
"When you joint five elements of people let five elements of the door disorderly when the patriarch Ye Fan home dead things really simple even if! ?”
Flower moon fairy body a slight quiver how did he know these things?
Five elements of the door know not many people, but it is not unknown, but he intervened.
Roots are inhuman.
"What the hell are you! ?”
"Don’t you forget who gave you this wushu! ?” Jiang Feng eyes cold.
What suddenly sounded in Huayuexian?
A figure emerges in my mind, and then this person overlaps and immediately reacts. What color in the face is suddenly drawn?
"You … are you … you’re not dead! ?”
"Impossible … how can you still be alive …" Flower Moon Fairy is really pale.