Suddenly a man met them coldly and said, "Why should you hold her and let her go?"

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"Wind Jerry Liau" Xia Yibing turned his head and saw the wind. Jerry Liau looked at him and her heart was naturally a little bit better.
It sounds different. Ouyang Ze’s vinegar tastes better. What’s the difference between the two boys?
Xia Yi sunseeker and HuangFuYanHao looked at also walked to come over and stare at three people now is how to return a responsibility?
"Ice girl, why is your face so pale?" The wind Jerry Liau looked at Xia Yibing face pale tone a little love dearly said.
Go over to touch Xia Yibing face but be OuYangZe back two steps to let the wind Jerry Liau fall.
In addition to Xia Yibing and Feng Jerry Liau, this ice girl surprised several other people. Looking at the wind with an expression, Jerry Liau, how did he call Xia Yibing girl?
Xia Yibing and HuangFuYanHao rain three people quietly looked at the three of them without saying anything.
"Ouyang Ze, you let me come"
"Did you hear that? She told you to let her come, "Feng Jerry Liau said coldly.
"Bing Yi, I’ll take you to rest. You are very weak now." Ouyang Ze ignored Xia Yibing’s words and Jerry Liau’s words, but said in a gentle tone.
"Are you deaf?" The wind Jerry Liau shouted at Ouyang Ze.
Deah19 Stubborn Xia Yibing Boys’ Vinegar Taste
Ouyang Ze didn’t speak holding Xia Yibing and walked on.
Xia Yibing Ouyang Ze’s arms, she already felt that she was going to faint, and she felt dizzy.
"Bastard ice girl" looked at Xia Yibing drowsy and looked pale and even more angry. At this time, she was being held by others. Can she not be angry?
Ouyang Ze didn’t pay attention to the wind. Jerry Liau didn’t want to pay attention to him. Now he wants to take Xia Yibing to rest and come out to meet him.
"Don’t let him go, you don’t blame me." The wind Jerry Liau’s cold murderous eyes raided and let everyone feel it, let alone Xia Yibing.
Xia Yibing can know more or less that Feng Jerry Liau’s martial arts is higher than everyone here. Her grandmother is already in the operating room, and no one can get hurt again, she thought.
"That’s enough. Let me do it. Who said I’m going to the news? I have to wait for grandma to come out." Xia Yibing shouted loudly and his tone was cold.
Maybe only in this way can we not get hurt.
"But ground ice your body …" Looked at Xia Yibing Ouyang Ze difficult words haven’t say that finish then Xia Yibing robbed the past.
"Let me go. You didn’t hear me, did you?" Xia Yibing roar loud again
Ouyang Ze slowly released Xia Yibing and held her.
"I don’t need either of you. I want to play sunseeker and rain. It’s enough for two people." Xia Yi Bing Yin turned into a strong tone again.
Xia Yixi and Yu walked over as soon as they heard it.
"Sister, come and I’ll help you sit over there."
"Be careful, Miss Big."
Xia Yi sunseeker and rain carefully hold Xia Yibing leave three boys in situ at each other.
The wind Jerry Liau looked at Ouyang Ze with anger in his eyes.
I thought to myself,’ What is an ice girl and this person? What makes him so cold-hearted?’
OuYangZe intensely staring at the wind Jerry Liau thought,’ What will he call implement ice ice wench? I can see that he was jealous just now. Isn’t it true that Yi Bing has been with him all this time?’
Huangfuyanhao looked at the two people and thought,’ Both of them like Sister Yi Sunseeker. It seems that one of them will get hurt in their relationship.’
Three boys have different ideas in their hearts.
Wind Jerry Liau simply ignored OuYangZe directly walked past him and stared at him and walked beside Xia Yibing.
"Girl, I’ll take you to have a rest, okay? You look really pale." Feng Jerry Liau squatted down to pray for her eyes to spoil her gentle tone.
"No, I can rely on one here." Xia Yibing refused. Her eyes were closed and she didn’t want to leave the operating room. She had to wait for her grandmother to come out.
"Girl …" Cried the wind Jerry Liau worry.
"Said no is no" Xia Yibing refused again.
The wind Jerry Liau spoiled and touched Xia Yibing’s face a little cold. This woman still made her worry-free, so stubborn, so worried, so let him love her without hesitation.