Chu’s smile is completely convergent. When I see his expression, it’s not natural. It’s like hiding something. Ying Zheng also stopped. What will I do if I wait for Ying Zheng to pick it up behind Ying Zheng?

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Ying Zheng turned and looked at Zhu Di Gherardini and said, I know you know something. I’m waiting for you to deliver everything. I’m afraid you also know that I lied to you at the beginning. I don’t need your heart, but I didn’t expect that you actually gave it to me. You are the only trusted apprentice in my life. I don’t know what kind of deal Zhu Yunwen made with you. I don’t want to care so much. I know that you will have some secrets when you laugh, but I know that you won’t betray me.
Hearing Ying Zheng’s words, Zhu Di gave a wry smile. He looked at Zhu Di and said with a wry smile, How much do you hate betraying the word teacher? Me, too … but sometimes I can’t forget the past and enter reincarnation. All I can do is stay here and watch that day. It’s not that I don’t want to give it to my teacher. You are the God who won’t let me give it to you.
By the time Muronghang and Huang Shibu completely controlled Zhu Yunwen, they had tried to walk into those two doors more than once, but every time they walked in, it was always like something blocking the two doors. Everyone couldn’t get in and waited anxiously.
Mu Ronghang tried many times, but in the end there was no result. He was in a hurry and was about to break through. Huang Shibu stopped him. Zhao Feiyu and Yi were also more worried, but they knew that what they could do now was to wait. There seemed to be no other way.
"Qing … how is it now?" Zhao Feiyu was silent for a long time before he slowly asked this question.
Anyway, Dong Qing is cultivated by Zhao Feiyu, and a good person suddenly dies. Zhao Feiyu has some ways to accept it, just like Guo Laotou … Suddenly appearing and suddenly leaving everything is so sudden. Zhao Feiyu feels that there are some ways to accept it.
After singing a Buddhist name, I simply said that I am still dead, and I believe she will accompany us.
As soon as I said this, I looked at him as if I knew that Dong Qing had always been here, but I soon became worried that if Dong Qing had always stayed here, then what would her reincarnation be like?
I’m afraid Zhao Feiyu knows this problem, too. He pondered for a long time and looked at it and said, "Send her away. I’m afraid I won’t go … You know, she and I are a little … The better, the more reluctant we are to send her away."
When I heard this, I still said with a wry smile, I know I can’t bear to send her away. What do you mean, Xiao Lin always gives us these difficult things? You say … Is he reluctant to leave?
Zhao Feiyu didn’t know what to say when he heard this. He consciously touched his pocket, but found that there was nothing in his pocket. Zhao Feiyu smashed his mouth and his expression was very uncomfortable.
One estimate was that Zhao Feiyu was unhappy. He looked at Zhao Feiyu and asked if there was no smoke. I’m afraid it’s not good to smoke here. After all, we don’t know much about it. What if something happens?
Zhao Feiyu said with great chagrin, I know I’m in a bad mood and want to smoke one. Now I feel that there are too many people around me and I have some …
It’s as if he knew what Zhao Feiyu was upset about. He smiled and didn’t say much. He held out a hand to one side as if he knew someone there. What did Zhao Feiyu do? He looked at the land and said with a light smile, Are you miss?
No one answered Zhao Feiyu, but Zhao Feiyu continued to simply say, I know it’s you … Don’t hate me or Xiao Lin. It’s not easy for us. You know we all have difficulties … I don’t know how to explain it to you … I …
Speaking of which, Zhao Feiyu can’t go at all.
First, he smiled at the anger, and then he skillfully put his hand on the beads. When he read the Buddhist scriptures with his eyes closed, the beads also turned with the speed of the Buddhist scriptures. Zhao Feiyu squatted and didn’t want to raise his head.
With the bursts of Buddha in one mouthful, this land seems to have been purified. Even Huang Shibu and Mu Rongxing are paying attention to it, and naturally they don’t say it.
It was only when the Buddhist scriptures were completely lost that I came to my senses and looked at them lightly. It was said that Nansi brothers are all masters. I have never seen them before, but now they are white. He is powerful and has a strong mind. Ordinary people can’t compare with him.
I didn’t hear a Buddhist sutra. Zhao Feiyu slowly looked up and asked if she had left.
I nodded and smiled and said that I walked very freely. When I finished, I turned my body and brushed away the tears in my eyes.
"There are only three of us left." Zhao Feiyu smiled wryly and looked very nai. "We have met so many people, but in the end we can live forever with the three of us. I have some doubts about life."
On hearing Zhao Feiyu’s words, he said with a wry smile, who said it wasn’t?
Zhu Di was silent for a long time and finally chose to go to the front to show me the way. This can be regarded as Ying Zheng’s method. I continued to talk to Ying Zheng without talking. In the middle of the walk, Ying Zheng suddenly stopped. He looked more serious. I was just about to ask him what happened. Seeing Ying Zheng actually kneeling on the ground.
I didn’t react at the moment what happened! Zhu di is very obvious and has no reaction. What is this situation? Ying Zheng knelt down and read a passage with his hands folded, which I had never heard before, and then got up to signal us to continue walking.
"What’s the matter?" I didn’t react at all. What happened to Ying Zheng just now? I asked slowly after he returned to normal.
Ying Zheng shook her head and said that she owed too much to others. Finally, when she left, she could make up for it. It was considered that I could do things.
At that time, I had no idea who Ying Zheng said she was. I was a passer-by.
Later, when I walked out of the junction of Yin and Yang and met Zhao Feiyu, he ran to my side and pulled my sleeve, almost yelling that she was gone! This time it’s really gone!
At that time, I realized that the only disciple of Mu Lin had left me.
My dad sighed silently, saying that her name is not Mu and I couldn’t save her.
I didn’t blame anyone. I blame myself. It’s funny to say that our family’s old enemy became my friend. In the end, this man died trying to save me.
What about me? I killed her real parents.
Mullin, Mullin, why are you so cruel? Finally, there is someone who is willing to be sincere to you, but you give her such an ending. Although it is doomed that one can live, maybe she is ready for you to live and you are ready for her to die.
I suddenly thought of a story.
A lovestruck couple fell into the hands of a psychopath and faced both tragic deaths, but there was a chance that the winner would be released, and both decided to throw stones and die together. Finally, the girl died because the boy gave scissors and the girl gave cloth.
Dong Qing and I are not lovers, but our hearts are white. We should make stones, but we have been preparing stones since Dong Qing, and I am ready to go out as soon as I get there.
I should thank Dong Qing. She hasn’t changed her mind
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Settle the matter
The process of getting the sky was smoother than before. Even I have some doubts about whether Ying Zheng’s hand is true or not. It is already a very surprising thing that a temple appears in a gray world.
However, when I saw that the temple in Henan Temple was very similar, I suddenly realized that it was my fault. I had been hiding in the South Temple for a long time, but the final result was to tell me the junction of Yin and Yang.
It’s strange for me that heaven is enshrined in a temple. There is no Buddha name in the temple. The only thing that exists is this day.
"Since my death, my soul has always stayed here to guard this thing. Now that you have taken him away from me, I am afraid it is also a relief for me." Zhu Di smiled when he said this.
Less of this smile is much more normal than the former Chu Dixiao.
The cover doesn’t look much different from the general one. Ying Zheng made three obeisances before the sky, and then he invited the sky slowly. When Ying Zheng came to me with the sky in his hands, I almost knelt before the sky. Is this my lifeline? Maybe I can get rid of my husband and baby with this thing?
After Ying Zheng got it, Zhu Di insisted on sending us. Ying Zheng didn’t say much, but he promised all the way.
Just before the exit, Ying Zheng suddenly asked, Do you need me to send you into reincarnation?
Zhu Di smiled awkwardly when he heard Ying Zheng’s words. He looked at Ying Zheng and said that this place needs someone to guard the teacher. Even you can’t tell the news that the sky was taken away. You must give it back to me at most for three months, or I can’t control what will happen.
Ying Zheng nodded and looked at Zhu Di and said that he wronged you.
Zhu Di casually said that I didn’t want to be an emperor when I came here. If it weren’t for my teacher and Mu’s predecessors, I’m afraid I would be a prince … The bitter man is Yun Lian. I’ve been looking for him all the time, but when I finally met him, he was already full of rage. If I could ask my teacher to send Yun Lian back to reincarnation.
Ying Zheng shook his head and said with a straight face, there is a way for me to send others to reincarnation, not to mention that rage is so heavy.
I think Bai Zhu Di has to say that Ying Zheng’s speech is really too blunt for me to bow towards Zhu Di and respectfully say, please release me and I will send his life into reincarnation.
Zhu Di looks a little ugly when he hears Ying Zheng’s words, but it’s a relief to hear me promise.
Not far from the gate, when Ying Zheng and I were about to March towards the front, Zhu Di suddenly stopped us. We turned to look at Zhu Di for a moment and didn’t know what he wanted to say. Zhu Di smiled and said it was difficult to enter this place. Few teachers can come in. Naturally, that means that the teacher is not an ordinary person. I have never known your identity and I can feel that the little brother around the teacher is different. I wonder if the teacher can tell me …
Half of what I heard was what Bai Zhu Di thought. Ying Zheng was also terrible. He didn’t tell Zhu Di his identity for so long. It’s really ginger.
Ying Zheng turned around and walked towards Daimon Masaru with his hands behind his back. As he walked, he said with great momentum that I was ordered to live in Yongchang!
At that time, I froze when I saw Zhu Di.
Just as I stepped out of the gate, there was a vague sound in the distance that you would come back.
I stopped doubtfully and thought, Is this the end of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf? I asked Ying Zheng, did you hear me?
Ying Zheng looked at my face with a frown, confused as if he didn’t know what I was talking about.
I kind of reacted for a second and said, haha, are you scared by me? Ha, ha, ha, many dissenting Confucian sometimes get scared by me.
Ying Zheng just looked at me. It took a while for Ying Zheng to scold me for being sick!
When Ying Zheng and I went out and saw my dad again, they suddenly felt relaxed. I don’t know why that door would choose to let me in, but I would rather not go in if I could choose again.