Bai Wendao: "Don’t forget that this is a game. It’s important to brush it until seven o’clock today. I think the waves should also rest. If you play wired during the day, you can hang out with wild teams or do it yourself."

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The waves still have to talk. The dragonfly concluded, "That’s settled. You can run back and forth before seven o’clock when you hurry."
So the waves stopped insisting that the boatswain was here, and there was still no landing. Let’s go.
Since the establishment of the first guild, hanging up has become a dangerous job, and the captains no longer welcome hanging up passengers’ games. After more than two days, the number of sea ships has gradually increased, and there are about six ships nearby. In ten minutes, the dread will leave the big army and enter the route to Fuzhou.
"Pirate ship found" Dragonfly calmly said, "The medium-sized ship should be a pirate ship with a speed of about 4-knots. About four sailors are about five nautical miles away from us. The ship has been attacked and entered the combat state."
The wave asked, "Run or not?"
Wu Xin said, "If the six ships join hands and add us, a steady stream of players will destroy them, of course, but who do you think has such noble sentiments as us?"
Bai Wen nodded. "At present, it is not the case in Qi Xin. Can we stand by and let us rush over?"
"I’m afraid not!" Dragonfly said, "Everyone turns around and runs towards Hangzhou."
"Isn’t this a delay?" Wave road "I can’t afford to pay a gold if I rush over, but the upgrade hasn’t been done yet." No one talks about hanging the pirate flag in the automatic navigation sea area.
"Wolf clan ship" Dragonfly reported that "the ship named Sirius is now with the pirate ship PK, and there are three pirates left, and there are 30 Wolf clan with strong fighting capacity."
"Sirius seems to be a wolf’s brother, a wolf’s boat." Wu Xin remembered that someone had seen it in the forum.
"No wonder!" Lang relieved. "It seems that pirates can run smoothly without paying attention to us."
Wu Xin despises "you are too ambitious. Of course, we want black and white after we are yellowbirds."
"…" Langdao "That’s a pirate ship."
Bai Wen asked Wu Xin, "What do you mean?"
"Sirius is a junk ship, and it’s worthless to have goods. Besides, the automatic channel attacks the players, and the pirates are very guilty. I guess it’s poorer and there’s no oil and water." Wu Xin said with a smile, "But do you think that pirate ship feels more fashionable than selling medium-sized ships in shops?"
"The speed of medium-sized boats in the store is 4-7, and the data such as appearance durability are also higher than those in the store." Dragonflies snap their fingers. "Shepherd, I support you."
Wave busy way "there are thirty pirates"
"There are only three pirates on the main ship." Dragonfly "If we can unexpectedly cut off two ships and correct a rope together, we can keep most pirates. Sirius and the pirate ship are taller, and it will be very troublesome to climb back from Sirius."
Friend said, "I support brother shepherd."
Wave said, "If it’s not your ship, you don’t feel bad. Do you want to take such a risk?"
"Hurry up and decide," said the dragonfly. "The three men on Sirius won’t last long."
"Just do it!" Wave horsepower commanded "dragonfly"
"Don’t let the pirates easily return to the ship for rescue."
"You are responsible for cooperating with me to destroy the three pirates on the ship."
"Lao Wang followed our pirate ship to help friends destroy the ropes of the two ships."
Chapter 25 Pirate three-masted medium-sized sailboat
The dread quietly docked at the side of the pirate ship four meters higher than itself, looking up and wiping a cold sweat. "We seem to have forgotten the most important question, how to steal a boat."
"Look at me" Wu Xin took out a high-grade fishing rod, threw a hook, hung Wu Xin’s hands and feet on the deck of the pirate ship and helped him climb to the pirate ship with a fishing line.
Lang Khan asked Bai Wen, "Is herding sheep a special force?"
"He didn’t practice when he climbed the dormitory in the middle of the night in high school," Bai Wen added. "There are glass sheets on the six-meter wall of the dormitory."
Langyu asked the dragonfly, "What do you think?"
Dragonfly has seen the four-meter-high negative angle boat from the observation deck and shook his head. "I can’t help it."
Speaking, the pirate ship suddenly threw a rope ladder, and Wu Xin showed half his head and said, "Hurry!"
"Physical strength is not necessarily simple." Lang Zan said, "I am a dragonfly, two old kings, three friends and four children."
When the waves reached the deck, I saw Wu Xin fighting. A pair of three Wu Xin was particularly embarrassed. In reality, the game was too cheap. The later the game was, this feature showed that the waves broke away from the steering wheel, and the sword was just right. Wu Xin could not help but admire "beautiful"
"Captain’s ordinary attack" Lang despised "Climbing a boat. Haven’t you ever seen a gunner’s ordinary attack?"
"…" Wu Xin one leng really didn’t use his skills. When he immediately equipped gloves to make the common attack beautiful, he hit a combination punch and could change the punching route at will. Wu Xin immediately mastered the trick, and then pointed his left fist at the common attack and then poked people’s acupuncture points with his right finger. When he cooperated with the waves, he was ashamed that two level 2 pirates were beaten by Wu Xin alone and didn’t fight back. On second thought, he also had a hidden career for others, and he never relied on it for his livelihood.
Bai Wenchuan conveniently gave Wu Xinfei a blood-enriching card and then took a rest.
Dragonflies climb the watchtower of the pirate ship and then protect their friends to destroy more than 30 ropes between the pirate ship and Sirius. If you want to cut them one by one, it will be the separation of the craftsman’s skill areas.
When Lang Yi holds the steering wheel of the pirate ship, he is overjoyed that "the ship was robbed successfully". There are two conditions for robbing the ship: the first ship has no survivors, and the second captain touches the controller of the robbed ship.