"You want to take them back?" Cui Ye’s face remained unchanged. "Then continue your plan?"

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"Well, these are all important people in our practice and they play an important role in dealing with the Four Assassins. Here, I want to ask you to show leniency and let me take them back-will Cui Panguan and Grandpa Seven please make an exception for the sake of all beings?"
"Make an exception? I’m afraid I don’t have this truth Cui Panguan difficult raised his head "a ghost door life and death two boundless! There is no reason to return to the sun when people want to cross the ghost gate-everything in the sun has been with us and you don’t have to beg us.
That’s right! I listen to the bad tone, and then I look at the black and white face, and I often sneer at it. Not only does the black man smile and say nothing, but the meaning is very white-no!
I knew it was going to be bad then!
I can’t beg, but after talking for a long time, Cui Panguan just won’t let go. Finally, Wang Xi’s family and the hell said that they were all wrong, but they didn’t let go!
When it comes to the feeling be nasty, I grabbed Wang Xi and shook "You wake up, you wake up …" Only when I started, the group came to me like something was coming at me.
I crouched down and rolled for several meters. I looked up and found that the stick behind me just now was black-he waved a sad stick in his hand or a smile, but there was something strange in that smile.
Cui Panguan was a dark, dark god’s eyes suddenly shot out with cold light. "It’s not difficult for me to see your teacher’s face. You know that you are so ungrateful-seven grandfathers, then please send this man back!" I don’t go, I suddenly grow up and my eyes are big. This dim light is incredibly powerful. Two thousand laser light lamps "Unless you let me take them away-you just leave me here together."
"That’s not easy?"
It means to coerce anyone who knows that when Bai Chang turns his hands directly, a stick will also appear and fly towards my armpit without saying anything!
Black master also moved.
I dodged Bai Ye sideways, turned to a dry land gyro, and then dodged the killer blade in the hands of Black Ye, and brushed two knives to attack Black Ye. At this moment, I can still choose to look good to deal with some black Chang!
But I was wrong. I don’t know how good Master Bai is, but Master Black’s story is unfathomable!
He has already appeared in front of me when I made a move. At the moment when I made a move, the black master punched me hard on the shoulder. I heard Kara, and my right hand felt terrible pain. The whole person also flew out like a broken kite and hit the wall far away. Wow, I spit out one mouthful blood.
Bai ye has appeared in front of me.
I can bite my teeth and swim forward like a fish, but at this moment, I even fly out too slowly-before I can throw myself out, a stick has severely hit my side waist, making me a C-shaped, rumbling and flying to the other side.
A blow is just a black-and-white blow, which often doesn’t use magic or suppress me by home court benefits. Just hand-to-hand combat power turned me over like a dog. My heart was cool at that time!
This thing is killing me-don’t say I have to stay here if I don’t save people well!
I didn’t move until Cui Panguan’s fierce eyes passed in front of me. I was awakened by that biting feeling-I tried to get up and coughed and covered my stomach, but my eyes were fixed on them.
"Yeah, go on, I screamed." Aren’t you going to keep me? Then why are you staying? Go on
When I was talking, the second spell of the third eye had been recited in my mouth, and an awe-inspiring sun spirit came out from there like a tornado, making waves in the middle!
"good! I cann’t believe there’s an eye. Three eyes! Children can see that you have got Zhuge Jia’s stamp of exorcism and ghost hunting, which is more than enough for a child in his twenties. You are really a genius! It’s a pity that … "
The black stick moves forward like a virtual moment, and the sun’s spirit that scares people is still like a bubble, and it disappears, screaming and rushing into the sky without leaving a trace.
There are several fine needles in my brain at the same time, which stings like being suddenly taken away from my eyes. This power passes so fast that I am weak quickly!
But it doesn’t matter, because in a moment, I may have to continue to face the enemy, and my life will be ruined here!
If I can’t get out of Wang Xisan, why should I live?
I laughed and raised my right hand to cross my chest, ready for the final blow. Cui Panguan couldn’t help seeing all this-he slowly got up and told the big jǐng, "This is the last time, son … if you lay your weapon, I can still allow you to go back."
I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye, and my eyes were filled with contempt and ridicule as much as I could, but when I was going to be desperate and desperate, footsteps suddenly came outside the door.
Shit! Finally!
I’m glad I suddenly found out-how can there be footsteps?
You know, Yin Shuai will never have a step!
Section two hundred and sixty-five Inspection by
I tried to turn my head, but the dim light made me see a figure but I didn’t see the bearer clearly. But besides the footsteps, there was a dragging sound-it seemed that the metal slate was rubbing?
There are four red and yellow in the back. That’s the four handsome women.
Walking in front of the man suddenly mouth "Cui Panguan hello power and prestige good murderous look in the sound was disdain!
Who’s coming-Uncle Sun?
Cui Panguan’s voice has changed. "Are you, are you a descendant of the Sun family?" Not only his black and white face, but also his face changed. He looked a little scared at the bearer.
"Yes, Uncle Sun Lang replied," Your eyesight is not bad. Do you remember my bamboo slips stick?
When I got closer, I heard the card swiping and swiping with a stick in Uncle Sun’s hand, and a string of words, bluestone, was smashed into two and a half!
"Ruyi Bar Cui Panguan no longer doubts that he quickly came from several sides of the case and raised his hand to salute." Cui Yu is polite-I don’t know if the inspection is done here? "
Uncle Sun, when did it become a patrol button? What does that mean?