Entering the ward in the white clouds, I told Li Yushi that he would not stay in this humble environment when he recovered, and that he would arrange everything for Li Yushi then.

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Li Yushi is grateful that he can get help from the forces in Baiyun at the moment. Later, after he leaves the hospital, he will not give Baiyun any more trouble.
Baiyun shook his head and said that Li Yushi was too polite. He said that Li Yushi was also kind to him before, and he was not the ungrateful person.
Li Yushi looked at his eyes for a while and looked down at the white clouds. He said that he came to Baiyun this time to tell his predecessors about the ghost market in Baiyun, and let him see that there were many loopholes in the corpse pregnancy plan.
Eyes narrowed in the white clouds and asked Li Yushi where the loophole was with a smile.
Li Yushi said that half-limbed people can’t live beyond ten years old, and most of them will die when they are two or three years old. There are certain restrictions on successfully raising most of them until they are ten years old.
The specific condition is that the mother should be born on New Year’s Eve, just after the age limit, and be pregnant with the first child.
Only in this way can the mother create people who can live to be ten and a half years old. If not, all the people with semi-vaginal constitution created by the mother will die at any time before the age of five.
A person under five and a half years old is a person who wants to have a semi-yin physique in the white clouds for practicing in the white clouds. Then he must first find the mother who meets the specific restrictions.
Find the mother who meets the requirements and get a live baby girl. With the help of external force, the baby girl’s body will be a slutty constitution from an early age, so as to ensure that the semi-marginal person in the white clouds will not be torn and destroyed at one time.
It’s best to take the baby girl with you from time to time. First, let the half-yin people think that the white cloud is the owner from an early age. Second, the baby girl can’t stand the ghost invading the body. A ghost invading the body will kill the half-yin people.
Li Yushi finished raising his eyes and inquiring about the white clouds.
White clouds nodded and said, thank you, Li Yushi. Otherwise, he didn’t know how many detours he had to take.
Li Yushi waved his hand and said that after Baiyun, he needs to be called Yushi again. He is no longer a Yushi.
Baiyun said that Li Yushi needed to be so depressed, saying that many methods of restoring his skills can always restore his skills, but he will help Li Yushi when he gets back on his feet.
At this point, before Bai Yunzhong asked Li Yushi, he came to search for information on Liu Wenhao and Fang Wei.
Li Yushi said that it was because Fang Wei and Lu Wenhao went around asking for information about Dan Tai Glass after they entered the ghost market. When he got the information to meet Fang Wei and Lu Wenhao, Fang Wei and Lu Wenhao actually entered the ghost world through the ghost market.
In the white clouds, the fundus flashed off and asked Li Yushi whether Fang Wei and Liu Wenhao were still in the ghost world.
Li Yushi shook his head and said that he had seen Liu Wenhao and Fang Wei in the scuffle between the returnees and ghosts market in Dan Tai on the second day of Minhou King’s banquet, but he didn’t know that they were there at the moment.
Li Yushi glanced at the white clouds and said that Liu Wenhao and Fang Wei Dan Tai Li must have joined Liu Wenhao and Fang Wei to enter the ghost market. The cards presented are swastika cards, and there are also swastika cards in the ghost market, which can be directly entered by one person with one person.
Li Yushi talked about the unstable breath here. In the white clouds, he told Li Yushi to rest a lot, saying that Li Yushi would leave the ward if he needed to take care of anything later.
During the day, I came out with the white clouds in the ward, and my face sank in the white clouds. I commanded to wait on Li Yushi during the day and see if I could find out anything from Li Yushi’s iron mouth.
To put it bluntly during the day, he sent the white clouds back to the villa first.
Wave in the white clouds to say that he is going to wander around.
After Baiyun left the hospital, he went to buy some sexy clothes and pajamas and returned to his own home.
It was dark in the white clouds, and his wife sat alone on the living room sofa on the first floor, her eyes were dementia, and she glanced at his wife in the white clouds and went straight upstairs to rest until now.
Tracking the paper-cut people in the white clouds at this moment, I disconnected from the paper-cut people.
At this time, I was practicing Xie Yiming and began to collect work.
Once again, I saw that Xie Yiming’s eyes were full of black ink. This time, Xie Yiming’s eyes returned to normal, which was slightly longer than yesterday.
Staring at Xie Yiming’s eyes, I suddenly remembered Fang Wei’s eyes. I asked Xie Yiming to try to control his eyes from turning black, but Xie Yiming could do it.
Anyway, Xie Yiming’s eyes are blocked, so I’ll go to France and give Xie Yiming a blank sheet of paper to rest for a while.
As soon as Wang Dalang gets up and washes up, I’ll give him a call to recover and track the paper men in the white clouds.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-three Dilemma
Wang Dalang some stupidly but always nodded and began to fight back his invisible paper man.
I, Wang Dalang, started to take back his invisible paper man and threw it at the middle. The invisible paper man urged me to track the white clouds.
At breakfast, Wang Dalang had no appetite. He said that he was really uncomfortable after drinking too much. He asked me if he was drunk last night.
I nodded and pointed to Jiang Yan and Xie Yiming, saying that both of them can testify.
Jiang Yan and Xie Yiming are very cooperative. They say that Wang Dalang’s face is wrinkled and he asks me if he is crazy about drinking. He asks me what he is talking nonsense and whether he has done anything out of line.
I said he didn’t do anything out of line, but he finished his ex-affair.
Wang Dalang was dumbfounded. First, he said that his reputation had been destroyed. Besides, he didn’t have any affair at all. I must have cheated him.
I didn’t pick up Wang Dalang’s conversation, and then I glanced at Xie Yiming and Jiang Yan.
Xie Yiming and Jiang Yan nodded again. Wang Dalang had no appetite for the food in front of him and looked embarrassed. He left the table directly and told Jiang Yan that he was full and he went to the fragrant mounting shop first.
Wang Dalang couldn’t help laughing when he left the three of us.
This Saturday, the three of us went to Xiangbiao Store after breakfast.
Stay at Xiangbiao Store for a whole day, and we will return home before dark.
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When I was waiting for Xiangbiao Store, I saw someone sneaking outside Xiangbiao Store. I knew it should be Yang Yuanzhao or Wang Haowen’s hand sent to spy on the names circled in the white clouds.
Look at it. There won’t be a piece of meat missing, and we can’t poke the man in the eye. We choose to look at the sneaky man
As soon as I returned home, my grandmother called to ask me how long I would have the summer vacation, and told me not to delay and return directly to the small village of Zi Shan after the holiday.
I told my grandmother to ask her if she wanted me to bring Jiang Yan, Xie Yiming and Wang Dalang back to the small village in Zi Shan when I had a holiday.
Grandma said that Xie Yiming and Wang Dalang can be Jiang Yan.
When I heard grandma’s reply, I glanced at it. When I asked grandma this question, I was nervous and looked at me. Jiang Yan’s heart was full of laughter
I tried to smile and told my grandmother that I was the owner of the Minhou King, and I got it for 100 yuan. My grandmother said with a strong pleasure that the Minhou King was a visionary and I was lucky.
At this point, grandma asked me if there was any black and gray fog in the ring. I told grandma that I had heard Jiang Yan say that the fog was a fog, and I knew that I could only absorb Lina fog when I knew it.
It’s good for grandma to say so. Just a few more words and grandma will hang up.
After I hung up, Jiang Yan rubbed his hands and looked a little erratic and asked my grandmother if she answered my question.
I told grandma Jiang Yan that all three of them were welcome to go to a small village in Zi Shan.
I answered that Jiang Yan was happy and took the initiative to find a job in the house.
I resolutely refused to rest at night. Xie Yiming made a bed again and practiced alone until about four in the morning. I continued to track the invisible paper men in the white clouds.
I was very worried when I joined the paper man last night, so Master Li would tell me that I also had a letter card, and I had to know what was going on in the clouds all the time.
Baiyun left home earlier with the things he bought last night. His wife was still sitting on the sofa in the living room on the first floor when he left home.
In Baiyun, this time he went straight out of the house without even glancing at his wife and returned to his Dojo villa.
After arriving at the villa, Bai Yunzhong said that Bai Linger went to his side.
Waiting for the arrival of Bai Linger, I went to the second floor in the white clouds. At this moment, Wu Xier is waiting for her butterfly room to fiddle with some bottles and jars.