90-second covering strike, 90-second difference nullifying the scene. It was spectacular. This period, the three ships of the Wolf were too greedy. Instead of breaking through, they were losing ground towards the gap. The flagship of the bloody fleet was watching the gap in the force field gradually narrow, and it could do its best to maintain the gap.

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As it turns out, Lin momo’s strategy is very correct. This key is 90 seconds, and the captain’s mobile lighter was abruptly interrupted by fierce attacks, which led to the energy system of Wei Qisha being attacked by itself.
In the future, the captain of the Eagle Fire Bell also wanted to use the ship’s skills, hoping that the fire would create a blockade and weaken a large number of missile attacks, but he also failed. The offensive from the Discovery Fleet was too strong and the energy shield was unstable
Only three minutes after the war, Lin momo almost moved the means to know that the 40 ships of the Discovery Fleet have been sublimated by the essence of the silk mine, and the basic combat effectiveness has risen sharply, and the offensive is naturally strong.
Forty ships hit three ships. Although these three ships are old-fashioned odd-class, there are also two odd-class ships on this side of the Discovery Fleet.
Even if the mighty and the Iron Magic were promoted to short-term combat potential, there is no doubt that Galindo made it possible to launch the same type of missiles in batches with a power bonus. It is conceivable that the situation of the three ships of the Wolf is too greedy
First of all, there was a lot of fire around the hull of the Tianying Huoling, and then the luster of the energy shield gradually changed. After the crazy baptism of the composite mass bomb, the energy shield finally failed to support the disintegration, and then hundreds of mirror shields were propped up around the hull, which also failed to recover. In the energy tide of the destructive bomb, the generate spark mirror shield was broken
Too greedy Wolf and Fear Seven Kill are not much better. The energy shields have been shattered one after another, and the most defense matrix is relatively strong. It barely supports the destruction of the bomb, but the smoke from the stern of Fear Seven Kill is weakened. Everyone knows that accidental damage to the propeller will definitely affect the ability to act. Lin Sisuo won the prize.
"Retreat quickly and retreat, and would rather return to the force field than stay outside to be attacked." The head of Taitai was so ferocious that the Wolf was beaten that he didn’t strike back. If he didn’t retreat at this time, he would probably be planted here.
Want to return? If these three ships are successfully returned, Lin momobai can’t let them return when they are ten days old. Not only can they not be returned, but they should also try their best to let the ships behind them come out for rescue.
"Launching the Golden Apple Super Radiation Missile, the Great Mighty, and the Steel Magic, leaving the war to trap and kill." Lin momo’s cold eyes came out with the frequency of the waves. He firmly believed that he would take some risks when necessary to hit the three ships of the Too greedy Wolf to such an extent that the same strange star cruise ship, the Great Mighty and the Steel Magic, could be used against the three important ships of the enemy who were being held back to complete the pre-war annexation plan.
A moment later, the golden light burst around the Wolf, and although the gunner intercepted it to the maximum extent, it still failed to stop the super cosmic radiation from blooming.
Lin momo needs more than ten seconds when the mighty number and the steel magic number take the opportunity to get out of the war like two beasts, so it is even more impossible for the colonel to retreat.
Volume 2 Peak! Daqingshan Chapter 1159 Happy
Colonel Tai’s three flagships launched an attack. He ignored a serious consequence, that is, if these three flagships were taken down by the enemy, would the captains behind him feel at home?
It seems that the flagship is too strong is not necessarily a good thing, but then again, if it weren’t for these three flagship blood-soaked fleets, a star cruise ship would be hard to support for too long, even if it was too greedy for wolves, wouldn’t it be losing ground if the three flagships were so strong and bombarded? Both the energy shield and the defense matrix collapsed, and the commander had to retreat to the gap of the force field.
Want to return? It’s late. Super cosmic radiation blooms
When the three ships of Taigreedy Wolf are stuck in the "mire", they don’t think how to lose the energy shield now when the hull is protected by the energy shield to highlight the severe radiation of these super universes.
I don’t worry about seeing a little bit of golden light piercing the hull, but the mobile turret near the floating hull can’t eat it.
Mobile turret gunners become radiation targets, and all of them will die if they don’t reach the peak. Then the energy pool of the mobile turret is exploded by waves, and at least five turrets burst into flames.
"Tell the turret outside to come back quickly." Colonel Tai didn’t expect the decline to come so quickly. Although a gunner was blinded in the past, he could still fight by induction, but it was the deepest destruction.
It may not be too late to mend, but the loss is the loss that has been compensated by law. The master control room of Taitou is furious and greedy, but it is still inseparable from the super radiation area.
The golden light outside the ship is like candy, which firmly controls the hull of the three ships, Too greedy Wolf. Ten seconds later, the mighty and the steel magic number rushed in, and Lin momo was in the main control room of the mighty.
"When will the ship’s fighting skill be launched now in Bodan Orleans?" Lin momo shout a.
To be honest, Bo Dan and Orleans are a little absent-minded when they are so close to the three ships, but that’s a big car! It’s the blood-soaked adventure group, but now it’s been beaten in such a mess that they have done it to this extent.
The two men had a big drink in their ears, and Orleans couldn’t help shivering all over and quickly breaking the screen and roared, "The fierce Wu Zun Steel Devil Steel Magic’s elite ship has a brutal collision with its lighter."
"Hum …" The hull of the steel magic number seems to be bulging. This is a phenomenon of energy release. The energy shield outside the hull becomes extremely thick, and layers of silver barriers appear at the bow, and then the steel magic number burns green.
The green flame boiled, and the steel magic number became a meteorite, and it was hard to imagine the moment when the head of the team opened his eyes wide and Orleans was absorbed in the collision of two strange classes.
Trapped too greedy Wolf three flagship cosmic radiation is severe, but there is a time limit. Once it exceeds the time limit, it will fail. Too greedy Wolf three flagship hulls appear several fine holes, and the armor baffle has been abolished.
Seeing that you are sick and killing you has always been the only way to win Star Wars. After the collision of the steel magic number, click on the screen in front of it to reach an idea: "Mighty Tiancheng magically slaughtered the elite ship Mighty, and the lighter broke out."
These days, the thin sheet helps to immerse itself in the core data of the mighty number. Yagues’s development of the ship’s lighter is simply rubbish. After Lin momo’s approval, the thin sheet costs a total of 370,000 units to refine the crystal and reinvent it.
Want to scrap the original ship’s fighting skills and talk about it? Not only do you need to lose a lot of crystal refining, but you also need to complete a lot of calculations. If it weren’t for the appearance of the mighty form of the people’s congress and the qualitative change of the mighty number, you wouldn’t even dare to think about it.
Since the Great Weiwu meets all the requirements for changing the elite ship’s tactics, it simply goes ahead and creates a new ship’s tactics, which shows many characteristics. You know, he is a matrix engineer near the peak and has his own understanding of energy evolution. The so-called analogy and bypass energy evolution to the extreme have many things in common.
Another advantage of Bo Dan is that he is willing to work hard to successfully generate a new elite ship’s fighting skill, which is very unique. This new elite ship’s fighting skill has a word, that is, "robbery"
"Click click click …"
Lei Yin’s rolling light bursts out from the hull of the mighty ship, and behind the shadow of air billow’s ship, there is a virtual shadow of the behemoth, and the virtual shadow of the behemoth turns into a series of beams.
The mighty ship became a hedgehog, and countless beams hung outside the hull. From which angle can you see the beams? From time to time, the beams of the hull suddenly flashed a thick flash.
The super cosmic radiation in front has just died down, and the iron and steel magic number has turned into a meteorite. The Wolf is worthy of the old-fashioned odd-class star cruise ship. After the passive situation, it can slightly deflect the hull to minimize the damage.
"Boom …"
The cabin of Taigreedy Wolf was violently shaken, and a dent of 30 meters long appeared on the left side of the hull, while the steel demon was castrated.
Does the brutal collision of the elite ship Iron Devil highlight the word "barbarism"? He was a reckless man who hit Orleans at any cost. He developed a ship’s fighting skill and recklessly went to the battlefield. He loved whoever he liked and hit whoever he didn’t like. If he could kill the enemy, he would lose a hundred, and that would be earned.
A rotten ship of the former Iron and Steel Devil, an Orlean ship, was more or less broken, but now the Green Nest of the Iron and Steel Devil is fused. That’s Xiao Han’s stepping through several stars to find a strange thing. Looking out of bounds, the Phantom of the Opera, Marta, is strong enough after several times of development! You may not be able to eat when you meet a green nest.
Too greedy wolf slightly deflected the hull and gave the Iron Devil the most powerful impact, but Orleans was not stupid. There were two ships in front of him, namely, the Fear Seven Killers and the Eagle Fire Bell, which were enough for him to hit. It was in line with the boss’s strategic intention to leave the Too greedy wolf to deal with the Great Power.
The idea in Orleans’ mind is simple, and his straightforward battlefield can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. As a result, the steel magic number is rolling and moving, and it is instantly smashed into the hull of the feared seven-kill number, which is driven by the powerful momentum to take advantage of the opportunity to carry the Tianying Huoling number.
The base hit in Orleans achieved a perfect base hit. After seeing the outstanding performance of the Iron Devil, Lin Sisuo wanted to give points to Orleans. The wolf was too greedy, the seven kills were too scared, and the three ships, the Eagle Fire Bell, were hit hard
It’s not easy to leave a dent as long as 30 meters on the side of an old-fashioned odd-class star trek ship. Maybe this 30-meter dent is a breakthrough and the beginning of the destruction of the Wolf.
Laitai Wolf, Fear of Seven Killings, Eagle Fire Bell, built into an iron triangle, and three odd-level reinforcements can complement each other at any time, but they can respond at any time, but they lose their favorable formation because of the crazy impact of the steel magic number.
It’s not over yet! The scene created by Lin momo must further expand its advantages. The outstanding fleet will command the war and mobilize all the forces in its hands to form suppression, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses and weaken risks.
From the opening to now, a series of wonderful blows, even if Taitou wants to display the ship’s lighter skills, Lin momo’s precise combat beat control has no chance. The steel magic number has just passed, and the mighty one has come.
"Boom …"
It’s a collision again, but the impact of the Great Mighty on the Steel Magic is quite different. It’s better to say that it’s a close-range bombardment of the light beam outside the hull of the suspended Great Mighty, which is constantly evolving and destroyed in a unique way.
By "robbery", we can understand the enemy ship’s robbery and a huge disaster. The mighty ship has shown amazing destructive power. The light column matrix outside the hull is poor in power and energy matrix.
"Bang bang bang …"
The fire in Tai Zhong was brilliant, and the Wolf was hit hard. The side of the ship was sprayed with air. The steel demon and the mighty mighty ship collided with each other. The side of the ship tore open for 50 meters, and the cabin sounded an alarm. The energy system was under heavy pressure, and the auxiliary energy system was started. The situation was very bad.
"Super Radiation Bomb Launch" Lin momo quickly typed the command to fire in the battery area of the Great Power. Several golden apples super radiation missiles locked the hull of the Wolf. This is a vicious attack and the result will be very tragic.
In the distance, the Iron Devil flew against the Mighty Seven Killer. Because it hit from the side, the two ships deviated from the gap of the force field more and more, and the powerful impact of Tianying Huoling also deviated from the original track.
Discoverer’s fleet can not only stop at the rear of the Iron Devil and the Great Mighty. When the captains saw this scene, they rejoiced. They immediately gave fire support. The Tianying Huoling was very unlucky and was nailed by cannon light and missiles.
The blood-soaked fleet is of excellent quality, and the principal quickly sends two star cruise ships along the gap. Even if these two ships will be destroyed, they should support the three flagships and let the three bosses retreat.
"Hum just don’t act but now come and die sent seventy seconds" Lin momo grim smile.
Generally speaking, the blood-bathing fleet is not slow to respond, but they met Lin momo, an outstanding captain who is good at grasping the war situation and has been tested by many wars.
Colonel Tai is a veteran of the battlefield, but he is just an old man. He has outstanding command ability. It is better to stay put before the commander of the Tianzhu fleet. It is a loophole to move.
If 70 seconds ago, the cosmic radiation had just restrained the three ships of the Wolf, the fleet would have sent a dead ship at any cost, and the result would be another scene, but 70 seconds later, it would not be able to turn the wind and waves.
The golden light flashed. This golden light was not outside the ship, but was too greedy. At this moment, the flame spread over the head of the captain, trying to resist radiation penetration. Unfortunately, the radiation intensity exceeded the scope of response, and death began to spread.
Lin momo’s eyes are too greedy for wolves, and the battle has been abolished. If it is to be able to further expand the results, the bloody fleet will be firmly in its hands.
Volume 2 Peak! Daqingshan Chapter 116 Betting
Super cosmic radiation permeates into the cabin of the Wolf, and the head of the cabin relies on the cosmic exotic materials in the main control room to support it. However, the cosmic radiation is too lethal, even if it is hard to protect only five people.
Five people are too greedy for wolves. The five lucky people, including Taitou, are all first-class masters. Even if they don’t reach the peak level, they are also ten levels near the peak brother Wu.
In order to fight against the super cosmic radiation, the five lucky people of the Wolf urged the source to force their eyes to fight back. Too greedy Wolf fell silent, which was very demoralizing.
The great mighty met two elites opposite. These two elites were blood-soaked dead ships. They just crossed the gap in the force field, and it didn’t take long for the three ships to fire at the same time and fight each other.
"Boom …"
Blood-soaked these two elites assumed a deadly posture and moved the destructive bomb at close range. They didn’t calculate how much impact the energy tide caused by the destructive bomb would have on themselves.
Not to be outdone, the mighty Lin momo ordered the same destructive bomb. The terrible energy tsunami collided together and set off an ocean of light.
"There is a kind of blood-soaked fleet that is really bloody." Lin momo looked up and couldn’t help but shout, "Blood-soaked two elite levels are on the rampage at any cost. The charge Rao is a mighty number, which has been promoted to a strange level, and also wants to stay out of the way.