Qin Mu Ye looked at this luxury attribute and it looked terrible, but it was actually normal. The magical mainland dragons were all in order 5 and all of them were high-ranking arms. The attribute of order 5 was reduced to order 4, and various modifications and blessings were added. Qin and Mu Ye all disliked it a little low.

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"It’s still a lot worse. If you take out the complete Long Mai and transform it, I’m afraid you have to go to the fifth order."
It’s ok when the fourth order is over, but I really don’t know when the fifth order will go.
So take it easy. Don’t be too violent.
It’s not that he doesn’t want to upgrade quickly, but the conditions are limited. When the third order is upgraded to the fourth order, two kinds of special buildings are needed. If the fourth order is upgraded to the fifth order, wouldn’t it be more?
That is to say, the group of people in the leaderboard can have this strength and be replaced by ordinary people, but they will soon be promoted to the fourth order after being stuck. All of them are dragons and phoenixes, which means that they have experienced less vice and got an S-level evaluation, otherwise they will definitely be stuck in the third order.
After Qin Mu Ye reaches level 3, the general will be promoted to level 4. Once all the demons and goblins are transformed into dragon blood goblins, he can also squeeze into the first echelon by relying on arms, especially those blessed by sacred blood bottles, and rely on the skill of blood gas burning to exchange blood for attack.
It is precisely because of this that Qin Mu Ye will consciously superimpose the health value of the eccentric. His health value base here can be compared with the attack power
Not only that, Qin Mu Ye also changed the tentacles of the dragon blood monster from 2 to 6, and added mimicry to make it stretch and lengthen, and also to shape and change, which greatly increased the attack frequency.
Now I can’t see the difference between the fourth-order Dragon Blood Grinch and the original ordinary Grinch.
"There are also garden elves who don’t know when they can buy it." Qin Mu Ye looked at the Dragon Blood Grinch and never changed the garden. Fortunately, this skill has been a bit lucky, and it is still a bit lucky.
There is no progress at all. This series of skills is very conspicuous. It is very uncomfortable to see Qin Mu Ye.
Chapter 127 Iron Micro Brain Technology
"Long Mai Grinch has completed the pre-Dragon Blood Grinch project, which will be postponed first."
"The study of hell power and scarlet element has merged into the red prison element, so it’s enough to put it away for the time being."
"Transform yourself? After that, let’s talk about the amount of magic in my body. A magic arrow is more arrogant than level 5 magic. "
Qin Mu Ye’s memorandum was written and painted, and then the target was quickly selected.
"Floating city, but simply floating city is not suitable for dealing with the iron warrior first. If you can get iron technology combined with floating city, you can build a star fortress."
"There are also three latest architectural drawings sent by the black hand, which seems to have paid a lot of price."
Three new drawings were sent: Gargoyle and the colossus Titan.
All three are considered as mage-sent arms, and they are all puppet types. Gargoyle is generally the first-order arms. Most mage lords have statues, so it is more precious to have them. They are the third-order arms, but it is not difficult to get them.
The real treasure is Titan, which is probably the fifth-order arms in the magical continent. It should be obtained from the aborigines, and it is impossible to sell the architectural drawings of this treasure.
In addition, there are a large number of corresponding construction processes and so on.
Qin Mu Ye has also moved his mind. If the analysis of iron and blood science and technology goes well, how big are these three arms?
Gargoyle is an exoskeleton armor golem, a mecha, and Titan is a giant structure.
From individual combat to city-to-city mecha to land-to-land giant magic craft combined with science and technology for close combat? Ever heard of long-range fire attack?
"Good things can make the black hand collect more. I remember there are many similar arms and productions." Qin Mu Ye knew that wizards can not only have animal-shaped people, but also have normal points. It is to develop such activated puppets
Qin Mu Ye doesn’t intend to activate the puppet. He intends to make auxiliary equipment to wear by this process.
If it’s really successful, others are still holding swords, guns and clubs. Qin Mu Ye has already let Grinch wear Gargoyle armor to drive the golem mecha or directly wear the Titan giant structure.
This is directly a dimensionality reduction blow.
Put away the three drawings together with the phase knowledge. Qin Mu Ye picked up the iron warrior’s miniature brain.
Fortunately, The Age of Lords comes with its own translation, otherwise this text is really a big trouble.
"I didn’t remember much knowledge. I think it’s also right to go out hunting alone wolves, not iron elders."
"But my learning ability is too BUG, and after academic research, I can carry out reverse deduction, plus the combination of Chinese science and technology with magic and hell can integrate my own style."
What Qin Mu Ye has to do is to learn from each other’s strengths. Besides, it’s not good to have a scary universe. Just think of some way when he can set foot on the interstellar space.
He is quite confident in his talent.
To torture the iron warrior? This even if the other body is of little value, the only value is probably the race of iron warrior body.
Wouldn’t it be better if Qin Mu Ye could take the iron warrior gene just like taking the dragon body for the gremlin blood and transplant it to the gremlin to make it have the corresponding ability?
"I remember that the iron warrior seems to have a good genetic technology. The iron hound is a genetic beast."
Qin Mu Ye recalled that there was something vaguely set in previous lives, but specifically, if he had to study it.
In addition to acting as a bomb, most of the miniature brains are used to assist in equipment control and biological analysis, that is to say, they are all transported to combat and medical equipment. After Qin Mu Ye analyzes them, he can make iron warrior equipment.
Picked up the mini brain Qin Mu Ye went towards the material warehouse.
The iron spaceship is now there, otherwise there is no place to put it, and such an important thing can’t be put on the surface.
For example, most lords show the same magic as aborigines even though they have experienced the practice.
Qin Mu Ye’s wanton reform is relatively rare.
The reason is also very simple. The territory of Qin and Mu Ye is very pure, and it is composed of monsters, whether it is arms or heroes.
Other lords are different. They don’t have the means of Qin Mu Ye. Most of the heroes are recruited, that is, aborigines
And since people must have their own thoughts, the number of heroes is naturally cliques, and some forces deliberately arrange people to go in. Although there is loyalty to see the hero’s loyalty, if the hero’s ability is too strong, even if the loyalty is low, he has to hold his nose when he knows that the other party has problems.
Therefore, although the territory is powerful, if it is a Lord, it will be judged by various external factors.
More importantly, the arms may be abducted by heroes.