Even though Wang Lei experienced the PQ16 plane and witnessed the scene that all human lives were killed in the whole plane; But although the spirit has been extremely strong, Wang Lei still doesn’t like this killing feeling very much, even if the purpose is to "kill and stop killing"

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"It seems that there is no need to go to Changsha after this." He looked at the tons of dead mountains and unrecognizable villages in front of him and felt sad.
Wang Lei closed his eyes and thought about what happened today, which made him see more clearly that the Qing court was more corrupt than he thought, and there were more disregard for human life. So he decided to go directly to the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom to see what was going on with the team that brought new trends and troubled the Qing army!
Most of PQ17 planes have experienced thousands of years of history. I know that every dynasty change, the rise of der untergang’s new dynasty is mostly based on the establishment of the old country, with a population loss of more than 50%. The estimated cost can be described as heavy compared with the situation that dynasties change and powerful positions have to go through. Only when the ancients had Ning Taiping dogs, people in troubled times lamented life. People in troubled times would not understand everyone’s desire for survival in troubled times, and people living in troubled times could not enjoy the blessings of peace and prosperity.
"I hope that this world Taiping Army can be decent … don’t take the meaning of that world Taiping Army!" Wang Lei mused that this is not only his own wish, but also a friendly expectation for the development of this era
However, Wang Lei knows that this is his own delusion. Judging from the information he has obtained so far, the Taiping rebels in this high-magic, high-armed plane are still playing with crazy ghosts like PQ17, and there are still many funny things like PQ17.
Although I don’t have much hope for the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in this world, Wang Lei still wants to see it. Somehow, he has a feeling that he is looking for someone, maybe in the Taiping Army.
Here, Wang Lei has embarked on a journey to find that person.
____ _w_w_w________
On the other hand, the Qing army’s encirclement and suppression of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was also in full swing.
In fact, Wang Lei defeated the Qing army. A few days ago, the Qing court sent an army to encircle Tianjing and failed. Both the north and south camps were broken. The defeat of the Qing army also brought the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom movement to its peak.
However, worries and foreign troubles are often related to each other; As soon as the foreign enemies of the Qing army stopped their encirclement and suppression of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, I didn’t expect that the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Department was in chaos. All the forces were fighting to outdo each other. Yang Xiuqing, the king of Youdong, was so ambitious that he wanted Hongxiu, the king of Heaven, to compete for leadership and enjoyment. In the process, the struggle between the two factions was fierce. The whole capital of Tianjing was like a powder keg, and there was no sign of reorganizing. Yang Xiuqing, the king of Dongfang, broke the prestige advantage of the two camps in the north and south of the Yangtze River, and tried to force Hong
Hong Xiu, who is unwilling to let go of this, naturally racked his brains to try to save the overall situation. On the surface, Yang Xiuqing, the East King, secretly accumulated strength to prepare for the weak defense of Yang Xiuqing, and gave a blow to regain his own potential.
Chapter 19 Taiping Rebellion
A PQ17 plane "happened" in Tianjing, and it will also happen in the world where the four-line person is high in magic and martial arts. No matter which world and plane are changing, it will make no difference.
Wang Shida, the youngest and most concerned about loyalty, didn’t want to see the fighting results achieved by each other and tried to stop them. However, it caused suspicion between the two factions.
The wing king was very talented at a young age, and his literary skills were outstanding in the world. Among the subjects of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, his prestige was catching up with the king Dong, so both Hongxiu and Yang Xiuqing were so afraid that they came up with tricks to jointly suppress Shida.
Therefore, Shida not only failed to stop the struggle between the two factions, but also threatened his own safety. He was so worried that he led the elite pro-soldiers of the 20 thousand Taiping Army to leave Tianjing for Anqing, a military town stationed in the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, to deal with the growing threat from Hunan Xiang Army
Shi Da has already realized that a big storm is about to happen in the Kingdom of Heaven. At that time, whether the Heavenly King or the Eastern King will win the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom will be weakened. He is even more worried that the Qing court, the biggest enemy of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, will never miss this opportunity to suppress their strength.
The situation was as expected by Shida. The spies in the Qing court and Tianjing soon handed out the news of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom chaos. Emperor Xianfeng immediately mobilized the army, and many sects called the top martial arts experts to take advantage of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom chaos to catch them all.
In the past two years, the Taiping rebels led by Shida have fought against Xiang many times and suffered many defeats. Zeng Guofan led a bunch of Xiang masters, and then Zeng Guofan, this fellow, was like a destiny, and he was tireless. On which failure, he was beaten so badly that he could be "resurrected" in the same place again like a cockroach. In front of Shida, the two men fought and lost again and again, and the cycle was endless.
Shi Da, who is away from Tianjing City, has naturally become the leader of this crackdown and Zeng Guofan’s first target. Otherwise, when Shi Da is about to arrive in Anqing City, a narrow mountain road is suddenly attacked by Xiang troops on both sides of the ambush, causing heavy casualties to Taiping rebels.
"Shida Shida, this time, the official is going to kill you, and I hate you for years."
At the top of the mountain, Zeng Guofan was holding a telescope forehand and overlooking the face. He was constantly squeezing the Taiping rebels’ face. He couldn’t say how proud he was that Shida and Zeng Guofan had never really defeated each other for many years. This has always been a big hate in his heart.
The order to suppress the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was supported by the imperial court at all costs. The imperial court gave him the strength to call a full 120,000 Xiang troops. This campaign was the most abundant for him to bring troops. In addition, the imperial court called top experts from various factions in heaven and gathered together. The increase in the number of people gave Zeng Guopan great confidence.
With such strength, Zeng Guofan gave birth to unprecedented confidence. He believed that this time, his multi-faceted precision encirclement and suppression would definitely make the hateful stone doomed.
"Governor, what’s the situation?"
Just when Zeng Guopan imagined himself and felt happier than ever before, a feminine, shrill, smiling voice suddenly broke his imagination. Now the speaker is a young eunuch with a disdainful face, and this eunuch is not an ordinary eunuch, but a eunuch who wears a robe and a clean palace, which makes his face dignified.
Hearing this familiar sound, Zeng Guofan hurriedly turned around and smiled apologetically. "Father-in-law Ann is in a good situation at present. You can rest assured that the stone bandits will die this time."
Rao is Zeng Guofan, the governor of the two rivers and a minister, but before this eunuch, he can be respectful and considerate. This eunuch is the most popular around Yi Guifei. An Dehai’s father-in-law is not only a foreign minister, but also the prince of Manchu, who dare not offend this father-in-law.
"I’m relieved to hear this from Zeng’s adult." An Dehai smiled with satisfaction and said happily. Suddenly, his eyebrows tightened. The situation in the distance seemed to be a little bad. He took a closer look at it and found that the Taiping rebels were in a mess. He couldn’t believe that the magic cannon hit those bandits and the Qing army suddenly attacked and quickly restored order. If the situation in An Dehai was reversed, it would be too much loss to gain.
"Adult, these long-haired thieves don’t seem so easy to deal with." An Dehai’s eyes gave me a cold color. If this group of long-haired thieves can’t fall short today, then Zeng Guopan will be prostrate.
Zeng Guofan’s close examination also found that the Taiping rebels have always been fierce and fearless in fighting, especially those long-haired thieves in Shida Department. It is possible that if the Taiping rebels are now broken up, then they will surely boost their morale and the encirclement and suppression will fail in nine cases out of ten.
"To aim at the hairy thief gun! Don’t give them a glimmer of life! "
Zeng Guofan’s face sank, and he just smiled confidently. He hurriedly put aside the distinguished An Dehai for the soldiers around him.
An Dehai was not angry to see Zeng Guofan immediately deal with it, but he was very satisfied in his heart. He didn’t bother Zeng Guofan to get down to business. Although Yi Guifei pampered him in recent years, he still had his own discretion before the big event.
Xiang army is a battle-hardened division trained by Zeng Guofan. It can be considered as strong as a tiger. Not only can the martial law be strictly enforced, but it is forbidden. But also bravely and fearlessly striding forward when facing the enemy and the battlefield.
Zeng Guofan made 30 brand-new cannons instantly, and the hills were ready to aim at the square battlefield. Thirty dark big guns were facing each other and closed the cliff. The momentum alone was daunting.
These cannons are the latest and most powerful care guns in Prussia. The Qing army spent a lot of money to buy them from the Germans, and hired special Prussian soldiers to command them, so that the Qing army, which was locked up in the country, knew how to make these western-made care guns.
This group of Prussians originally belonged to North Germany and was annexed by Prussia several years ago.
At this time, Germany has not yet been unified, and Germany is still a geographical term. However, mercenaries are produced in this area, which is as famous as western European countries. In the melee of several western European countries, the German mercenary can be seen in almost every battlefield. In a battle, German mercenaries from the same area appear at the same time, and it is very common for both sides to be enemies. In front of interests, there is really no hometown to care about. What’s more, it is a cold-blooded mercenary!
Chapter 20 ambush
However, since the defeat and imprisonment of Emperor Waterloo 30 years ago, the blood has been drained in this war, and countries from the official to the people have generally developed a war-weariness mood. European powers have entered a relatively peaceful "licking the wound" rest period, and the result of long-term battles is that a large number of mercenaries in Germany have fled to "make a living"
After the outbreak of the Qing War in the ancient eastern country, some mercenaries with a keen sense of smell in this area immediately flocked to the Qing country like sharks smelling blood to "make a living". They were hired by the Qing court to suppress this fierce pawn of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom movement.
Zeng Guo-pan ordered 30 magic cannons to roar across the sky, splashing down in chaos, and suddenly a large number of Taiping rebels were killed in the battlefield, and the dust was raised all over the sky, and a large number of Taiping rebels’ limbs and pieces flew out from it.
However, the Qing army gained the upper hand and left no breathing space for the Taiping soldiers. Soon, the Prussian artillery was quickly loaded again, which made the indifferent Prussian soldiers fire again.
"crescent moon array!"
Suddenly, a loud roar resounded through the sky in the chaotic battlefield, as if a gust of wind suddenly rolled up all over the sky and dust was suddenly blown away, and the original chaotic battlefield was clearly visible.
See a whirlwind firm but gentle that penetrates Fiona Fang for ten meters rises from the battlefield and rises to the middle. The whirlwind firm but gentle suddenly splits into several small firm but gentle and flies in the direction of the care gun.
Thirty cannons fired shells at the same time, but all of them were intercepted by the firm but gentle, and the violent roar of the half-fried made the battlefield war Xiang and Taiping rebels tremble, so when did a loud noise happen before they could react?
"Spirit snake array!"
At this time, the former roar once again sounded like a ghost, and several ups and downs jumped up from the chaotic battlefield and rushed to the top of the mountain. The wind and sand were scattered and gradually showed a burly middle-aged general. His sword swept out the shock wave as if he had turned into a giant snake with huge fangs and pounced on the 30-door care guns and those Prussian soldiers as if to tear them apart and eat them.
Suddenly, the wind roared, the sand flew and the rocks crumbled, and the whole world became messy.
Those Prussian soldiers who were in charge of the artillery, the former Taiping rebels and Xiang army, were contemptuous and thought that they were just a group of ants killing each other, but now they were shocked and felt a deep crisis.
"The seven styles of war are not good. Lai Yuxin, the commander of the twelve gods, must not let him destroy the magic gun!"
Zeng Guofan looked at the dramatic changes in the situation and the face of the battlefield changed greatly. Drink a way
Bohan asked me to meet him.
Behind Zeng Guofan, a man with elegant temperament and white clothes came out with a surprising tone; When talking, the figure has already flown out and ran straight towards the towering Lai Yuxin.
"Brother Yining, wait!"
Zeng Guofan quickly shouted, but the white man had already rushed out and seemed to have lost his voice. Zeng Guofan’s eyebrows were wrinkly, and his heart was worried. "Yi Ning’s youthful spirit will definitely underestimate Lai Yuxin. If he hurts the thief, he will tell the teacher." He is short of breath.
"Zeng adults view this young man’s strength is good and may not be afraid of Lai Yuxin. What do you have to worry about is that you, the White Deer College, have a lot of talents in recent years to surprise Yi Guifei and our house?" An Dehai’s eyes flashed at the white man’s back with a slight meaning.
Zeng Guofan’s heart was fiercely aware of An Dehai’s hinting point. White Deer College was full of talented people, which obviously provoked the royal family to fear. This was a knock on him and warned him to restrain himself from arrogance.
"Old-time leader Xiang and White Deer College help the court to be worried, but it is understandable that the old emperor and imperial concubine are loyal to the holy dynasty, and it is clear that they will not doubt the old loyalty." Zeng Guofan’s heart andao "But the emperor and imperial concubine believe that the old does not mean that others also believe that the old one seems to learn to reduce their power to prevent the court from suspicion after destroying the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom this time; Attract unnecessary disasters. "