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Goofy’s admiration for everyone has been epidemic. Anyway, the human body strengthening reagent has doubled his attributes, and the upgrade has long been painful
Drag the door and fly the probe to look inside.
I saw that everyone in the car was still alive, but they were injured to varying degrees.
"They are still alive! Are still alive! " Goofy shouted and gave them a helping hand.
Two wounded people were dragged out one after another, and Sam and another police officer were quickly asked to take the wounded away-this saved people and ensured that Sam and another police officer would not be exhausted by themselves.
Goofy himself dragged the driver out of the driver’s seat and handed it over to the support police. He quickly returned to the danger zone before the escort car exploded.
Hank was so anxious that he jumped to his feet and shouted, "Goofy can’t go any more! Can’t go again! "
Gao Fei is determined, "Don’t stop me and let me save people!"
Seeing that the fire of the escort car is getting bigger and bigger, the temperature of the fuel tank is getting higher and higher, and there is not much left for Goofy. The escort car may explode at any time.
But what Goofy was afraid of, he rushed to the escort car again in the face of the blazing fire, and looked at Goofy’s back wrapped in smoke. Many police officers were red-eyed at the scene.
Some people were moved by Goofy’s fearless sacrifice, while others were simply smoked by the smoke at the scene, but the value of Goofy’s backstage worship never stopped growing, and the data soared.
Finally, Goofy returned to the carriage again, and the last two wounded people joined together.
One of the two wounded is the bald brother of the evil doctor who is engaged in human experiments, and the other is the renegade police officer Schalke.
Goofy leaned into the carriage and smiled at the two evil people, then said leisurely, "Friends, let’s go together?"
Chapter 54 Car explosion
I was ecstatic to see Goofy go back to Schalke! I’ll die myself, but I didn’t expect to be rescued!
"Goofy officer! Officer goofy! Get me out of here! Get me out of here! Thank you, you are the savior! "
Watching officer Schalke fly with excitement, he laughed on the spot. Instead of dragging Schalke out, he squatted inside the carriage.
"Officer Schalke, who said I was here to get you out?" Goofy narrowing her eyes and asked
Schalke said seriously, "Didn’t you say you would go with me?"
Goofy smiled gently. "I really intend to go with you, but it’s a dead end!" "
"What? !” Schalke was scared to pee on the spot and trembled and asked, "Officer Goofy, you must be joking, right?" How can a promising police officer like you be willing to die? You must be scaring us, right? You will still get us out, right? "
Goofy sneered and pointed to Officer Schalke and Dr Bald. "Officer Schalke, please see the current situation clearly. There are two people in the carriage. One is a renegade policeman, and the other is a criminal expert. They are scum of society. Why should I save you out? Do you think I am a fool? "
Schalke thought about it carefully, but on second thought, he was lost again. Since he ran back so high, what was it?
"Then what are you doing back?"
Goofy smiled gently. "It’s none of your business."
Dr. Bald said, "Don’t you want to accept the fact that your body has been modified by me and want to die?"
Goofy stand stand hand "whatever you say"
At this time, the fire has spread to the vicinity of the fuel tank, and the explosion is finally close at hand, and Gao Fei stretched himself and prepared to face death calmly.
But just then a familiar sound came from outside the carriage.
"Goofy, hurry up! The fire has burned near the fuel tank!"
It’s Hank!
Hank actually chased the convoy.
Goofy was in despair. This old partner really messed up!
"Hank, what are you doing here?"
Goofy turned and got out of the car and asked
"There are two people in the car, isn’t it? Let me give you a hand, "Hank said with a nervous face." Besides, I just said how I am willing to lose you as a partner. "