At the same time, the body lost its head and swayed according to inertia, and it collapsed. The head and eyes were still staring at this hateful human being.

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Li Xiangkun dumped a long knife and looked fiercely. He immediately felt that his arm seemed to have a cold feeling.
That kind of extremely cold feeling has spread along the arm to his body, and the whole right arm has been lifted uncontrollably and pointed to a zombie in front of him.
"Frozen purgatory!"
The whole person was pushed by a powerful force to the middle of the right arm, waving the blue light of the cold river flexibly, blasting out from the surface of the long knife, and the temperature in the surrounding area plummeted, and the water vapor in the gas was directly condensed into small ice droplets.
The ground presents a circular range. Outside the circle, black soil, green grass and ice cover the earth. In this range, all zombies are frozen and get rid of the bondage by root method.
"Accept the ice sanctions! Break! "
The image in Li Xiangsui’s mouth contains several meanings, and with the final momentum of "broken", all the ice cubes in the whole circle burst to make those zombies blow into pieces.
Tang Wen’s attention was once again attracted by some contraction of the pupil.
"It’s not easy for this human being to control the ice so freely."
An instant murder rose in his eyes, and a momentary position appeared in front of Li Xiangkang.
"You are very good."
When Tang Wen came before him, there was a very strong deterrent oppression in the form, which made Li Xiang want to bow his head.
But he has his dignity and he will not bow to others easily.
He said easily, "Thank you for your compliment. You are not bad, Tang Wen."
"How do you know my name?"
Tang Wen is a little strange. Although Zhao Chenglong said his name just now, he knew very well that the young man in front of him was not in the array at that time, so he said that this person knew himself.
"Do you remember your brother Tang Bin?"
"oh? That good baby at home? My obedient brother? " Tang Wen’s face became ferocious, seemingly mocking and uncomfortable.
"Although I don’t know what happened in your family, Tang Bin asked me to tell you that he would come to you in person."
Tang Wen’s reaction is not very intense. It seems that he has no hope for this younger brother at all, or has become a stranger, as if there were no strangers.
"I hope he has this chance!"
Zhao Chenglong commanded the battle and found that Tang Wen had disappeared. He immediately looked around and suddenly found that he was with Li Xianglian, and his heart could not help but be severely pulled up.
He knew that Li Xiangkun must be in danger, but he had no way to support him because he still needed his command because of the war. If he left the influence, it would be the overall interest of mankind.
"I wish you good luck!"
Li Xiangkui and Tang Wen stood face to face quietly, and no one wanted to say anything.
A gust of wind blew slowly, blowing up Tang Wen’s long robe and covering his face directly.
When Li Xiangkui saw that the time had come, he immediately took a big step closer to Tang Wen and quickly took a knife and plunged it into his heart.
Just when the tip of the knife is about to touch the skin, it is tightly clamped by two fingers.
"Can you kill me so easily?" Tang Wen seems to have known for a long time that Li Xiangkun would choose to play along with his own bait to lure the other side.
When Li Xiangkui stepped back gently, he felt that the surrounding situation was flying forward at an extremely fast speed.
A rumbling powerful impulse directly knocked down a stout tree and Li Xiangkui passed out directly.
"If you don’t have enough strength, don’t be a hero. It’s still too young!" Tang Wen shook his head, turned around and took two steps and disappeared.
The battle between humans and mutants continues, and there are explosions everywhere.
[Inform the Northern Health Base of the current remaining number of players, 476,524, and ask players to control the death toll]
[Inform the Northern Health Base of the current number of remaining soldiers of 123,542, and ask players to try their best to protect the surrounding military forces]
[Inform the current battlefield standings that the first place has been refreshed in real time with 6524 points (kill level variant *2)]
[The second place is 621 points (killing level variant *2)]
[The third shadow front scored 57512 points (killing seven variants *3)]
Chapter two hundred and four Epic War (5)
Many players fought tenaciously, and the human array gradually became inferior, and the distance from the military base was decreasing little by little.
"Brothers, come on, kill these heartless creatures!" Bai Nan stood a tank with a silver sword raised high towards the front, and with a gentle wave of his hand, a penetrating wave roared and swept forward.
Directly crush the front row of zombies into bloody pieces.
This move is suspected to increase the morale of the players around.
"ding ~"
[Congratulations on the player’s success. Play handsome in front of everyone. High human morale +3%]
Bai Nan put on a more handsome POSE, which attracted a group of fans around to grab it.
As far as everyone is concerned, this war is bound to come when the towering alloy gate of the military base is slowly hit.
A bigger foot than a bigger foot directly caused the land to sink more than one meter.
The original squat body suddenly stood like a skyscraper.
The mutant humanoid monster roared angrily for a moment, and the sharp sound almost destroyed everyone’s eardrums
The human array screams that many people have a splitting headache with blood oozing out of their ears.
"Don’t panic, everyone. Although this mutant is huge, our weapons are not vegetarian!" Zhao chenglong comforted some confused players. Although he is an NPC, he can still understand the difference between players when the program is implanted
Where do those players care? They are a little timid and just slip back along the crowd.
"mom! It’s all a group of brothers of the black hand army who prove that it’s time for us! " When Shadow Front saw the fleeing player swearing, he immediately threw his windbreaker out of his waist and pinned two golden daggers.
The black hand regiment commanded a formation very quickly and orderly.
The first row is a group of players armed with light weapons, who are highly mobile and can avoid mutant attacks very flexibly, and at the same time help players behind them attract fire.
Then it is to make heavy weapon players turn their heavy guns and heavy machine guns into fixed mode, so that the damage will explode even more.
Each of them is equipped with two or three doctors to ensure that the treatment amount and shield can last.
The third row is snipers in a higher position. They have built a high platform with all the resources around them, which makes the aiming field wider.
Finally, he is the first melee weapon player. They are responsible for super-attack sneak attack when the variant is attacked by fire.
"Nannies, pay attention to your CD and make sure that the mask does not appear!"
"Snipers, wipe your sights well. Don’t miss. Whoever misses will go back and invite the group to dinner!"
"Hey! Can you put your heavy weapons back? Want to send a blood so close? "
"There will be the first row when we didn’t say you? Hanging around. What? I don’t know if I’m being shot to death! "
The shadow front talks like a dissatisfied housewife, and the cold look in front of her doesn’t make a sound at all.
It can be said that his personality is too different, and he will be extremely calm when dealing with small things, but he will easily lose control of his emotions when it comes to big scenes.
When the mutant giant approached them with heavy steps, Ying Feng swallowed a mouthful of saliva nervously, and he didn’t know if he was sure to hold it.