"short oil!" When she woke up, she was shocked by the enlarged handsome face in front of her, and she was still a thief …

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Seeing Xiao Cheling, she froze. "What are you doing!"
His whole face was black. "Han Yiqing, you are so busy!" I managed to cover her up when she wanted to sleep, and she rolled to the ground again …
Don’t let him relax for a moment Fortunately, her bed is not very high, or her head will be swollen if she falls …
"What’s the matter?" Those dark eyes looked at him so badly that he suddenly had an impulse to shoot her to death!
You are so naughty! The man who was kicked out has gone away, and now he can ask him what happened as if nothing had happened!
Han Yiqing, you are so busy!
He raised his forehead. "I really doubt how your father took care of you when you were a child. Now I finally find out why you are so stupid."
Han Yiqing naturally knew that it was not a compliment, but she still wanted to say "what?"
She’s not stupid! The results have proved a little! She is still very clever!
"Because you fell too many times when you were a child, your head was hit stupid!"
"You …" She really wants to growl! She just fell to the ground and he didn’t even have a word of comfort! Bullying her like this again!
That’s disgusting!
Xiao Cheling is not a good person!
He picked her up from the bed. "Can you behave yourself? I finally know what they said about your poor sleep!" "
"I don’t know! You just let me roll to the ground and get up by myself and go back to sleep! You sleep with you! "
How should he sleep when she rolls to such a loud sound! Maybe he can feel the slightest movement after being trained before …
This made him unable to sleep peacefully!
"I’ll buy you something someday."
Xiao Cheling suddenly had a vicious idea to let them both see her sleeping. It is estimated that both of them will dislike her!
In that case, no one will rob him!
Very nice! But the thought that she would hurt him when she fell was severely strangled in the cradle!
She’ll hurt!
That won’t do!
"What is it?" She was really suspicious when she saw the unpredictable expression on his face, but …
It shouldn’t be a good thing!
A mysterious smile hung on his mouth. "God, you will know."
If Xiao Cheling heard a loud sound again, when he got up and looked at it, he saw the little man slowly climb up from the ground and then climbed in the direction of the bed …
In the middle of the bed, she was content to lie down. The most important thing was that her eyes were closed all the time!
Great! It’s really great! How did she spend all these years …
After falling, she can still get the first place in the school. This girl is really fierce. She can’t help but evoke a proud smile from his mouth …
He found that the treasure could be him!
Early the next day, something suddenly appeared that made them wonder what it was.
"This is what you want. Look …"
"Well, this is what I want" and he moved a big piece of things upstairs …
Han Yiqing eyebrow looked at that thing is not white "what is that? !”
He calmly said, "baby fence."
Chapter 89 Drink milk powder
"Xiao Cheling, I really don’t need these things … leave me alone!"
"no!" He was sure that he wouldn’t refuse. "You don’t want to see who rolled into bed several times last night! Then he crawled from the bed with his eyes closed! Almost climbed to my body! "
Of course, the last sentence is false …