Maybe your dad woke up as soon as he knew you were back. Come on, let’s take a taxi and go. "

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Liu Yi and Wu Tianjia have always been neighbors when they were sensible. When they were young, once when Wu Tian’s parents were working, Wu Tian’s family had a fever. It was Liu Yi who found herself at home all day and didn’t come out to take Wu Tian to the hospital. That time, Wu Tian had a high fever of 395 degrees and almost died.
Since then, Liu Yi Wu Tian’s eyes are as kind as relatives, and Wu Tian will accept it with humility when Liu Yi teaches him a lesson.
"Don’t take a taxi, Liu Yi," Wu said when she was dragged to the building by her neighbor Liu Yi like her relatives.
Liu Yi slapped Wu Tian’s head in disgust and said, "The rabbit hasn’t come back for several years, and its wings are hard. Even if your father is seriously ill, why don’t you go back!"
"Without Liu Yi, I want to say that I have a car!" Wu said, pointing to the Audi a7.
Looking at the brand-new Audi a7, Aunt Liu patted her shoulder for five days. "Bunny is promising. Let’s go!"
Wu Tianhe and Liu Yi went to the people’s hospital and met their father, mother, and father, who was lying beside the bed. The instruments kept ticking and the mother was lying beside his bed.
Mother’s original black head found that it had turned gray, and some of her fat body was now thin, which made people feel unacceptable at first sight.
Wu day, when his legs were soft, he knelt down before the bed and before his mother.
"Mom, you have worked hard. I won’t quarrel with you after I come back. Please wake up quickly!" Wu Tianzhi said.
As she spoke, tears flowed out like a flood burst its banks.
"Why are you crying? Get out of here quickly if you don’t have money. I warn you, if you don’t leave today, you will be thrown out! " A nurse suddenly came in and swore at Wu day.
"What did you say?" Wu day bold to the nurse said
Chapter 24 Detoxicated milk powder
The nurse was startled, but then she suddenly reacted that although she was not a doctor, she was the head nurse, a patient’s family member, yelling in front of herself.
The head nurse glared at Wu day and said, "What are you? You dare to yell at me. This poor relative of yours can’t afford to be hospitalized, and you dare to get fresh here. Security guards come and kick them out."
"If you don’t bang our horse, let’s go home!" A man turned to look at the past when his father woke up.
"Let’s go, let’s go." Wu Tian was happy to help his father and mother help him out of the hospital. The head nurse scolded Wu Tian for being poor like a fly.
However, when I saw Wu Tian helping my father with the Audi a7, my face was like eating shit. The Audi a7 was a mid-range car with a price of 79,500. Buy a cheaper BMW Mercedes-Benz at this price. Generally, people who buy this car are relatively low-key and don’t like to show off.
Looking at the look of that bitch in the head nurse, Wu Tian felt carefree in his heart. On second thought, this is just a snob. I originally planned to find a chance to get something to kill her, and I also dismissed the idea.
Nothing was done in the discharge procedure. Wu Tian didn’t agree with his parents to rent the place back. The luggage discussion directly took his parents and Liu Yi to the villa. What’s the name of this villa? Oh, my God, a villa is in the middle section.
On one side of Guanlan Peninsula, there is a crescent-shaped artificial lake arranged in turn along the artificial lake villa, and on the other side, there is a huge lawn. Vehicles pass through this community from two lanes on both sides, and that’s the whole.
Wu Tian drove his car into the garage where he bought villa No.16, and took his parents there. At this time, villa No.16 also had several minivans with all kinds of furniture in them.
After the villa No.16 was built, it has been finely decorated. He didn’t decorate the bare house, which is much more expensive, but it is convenient to let the people in the sales department and the furniture city buy furniture, so they can stay.
First, I took my father out of the basement. There are more than 100 square meters on the first floor. There are two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, a dining room and a small courtyard with more than 100 square meters behind the kitchen.
One bedroom has been almost decorated. Wu Tian helped his father into the bedroom, let him rest and ran to the second floor 2.
On the second floor, except for the stairs, it is probably more than square meters, but adding three balconies is about the same size as that on the first floor. There is a bathroom and three bedrooms. After Wu Tian put himself into the bathroom, he searched for what can be quickly restored.
However, it failed. Suddenly, Wu Tian thought of the game. After all, he was not able to cross into the shadow. It was because the shadow was short and wasted. Now Wu Tian thought of it more often.
What is the name of the game in the game? It is collectively called red medicine and blue medicine. Red medicine returns to blood and blue medicine returns to blue sky. Baidu directly recovered props in the game.
What do you remember about the unique reply props in the game?
I was deeply impressed and replied that there was only one negative reply prop in the impression of poisonous weeds in these three kingdoms wars.
Lizards have the fastest moving speed in the Three Kingdoms War.
In the dragon king warrior, the big recovery agent is the most meaningless full of blood recovery props;
Arcade game, the big chicken in the Round Table Warrior, has the largest number of reply props;
The red wand in the Round Table Warrior has the largest recovery amount per unit;
The woman in the punisher still lives to reply to "props" after replying;
The rarest recovery prop ninja baseball bread (the only physical supplement in the game)
Aircraft icon in tigress fighter (the only physical strength supplement in the game)
Lobster in the dinosaur century (the only game with a large number of replies)
Pudding in the dinosaur century (the only small reply in the game)
Great Restorer for Dragon King Warrior (the only one who can replenish his physical strength)
White five-pointed star in the Dragon King Warrior (more than one in the game)
Hidden props must be played by two people to have a chance of moderate recovery)
Fine 2 medium and large cake (a hidden prop less than or equal to the game must be played by two people to have a chance of physical strength filling? )
Wu day saw the grass, Husky, and this poster was impressed. All the props in the arcade game have to cross the monster ocean. It is simply a death wish to go to Wu day.
Later, Wu Tian thought of a game, dnf, which was called poisonous milk powder by the majority of players because of the explosive rate in the game and the degree of planning and cheating.
However, there are all kinds of drugs in the poisoned milk powder, such as consumption, recovery, increase ability, removal of abnormal state and so on.
Wu Tian Baidu took a dnf picture, a picture of the ghost swordsman’s fevered potion being cleared in the dungeon.
Although my heart was thrown to the ground by the Ghost Swordsman to restore the potion, Wu Tian was not sure if he crossed to the front of the Ghost Swordsman and the other party would attack him directly. The P-picture software of the mobile phone dropped the Ghost Swordsman.
So Wu day still don’t trust to concentrate on staring at a point before crossing. After crossing the past, the ghost swordsman was not reduced by P and looked at Wu day curiously.
"Hey, brother magician, hello!" Ghost swordsman saw Wu Tian Hou and waved to Wu Tian for a greeting.
Wu day, however, caught a handful of therapeutic agents and returned to earth.
Ghost swordsmen scratched his head and said, "This magician brother is really doing these junk drugs!" If you are short of medicine, ask me if I have a lot. "
Of course I don’t know all this, Wu day. Even if Wu day knows it, he won’t regret it! Everything comes first.
Wu Tian gave the therapeutic agent to his parents and left two bottles, both of which were kept by his mother. Seeing the gray hair of his mother, Wu Tian felt very surprised at first sight.
Once again, on the second floor, Baidu searched for a picture in which a group of animals and a crystal built a palace.
Wu Tian’s thought crossed into this world, and he appeared in a place where no animals were near amethyst.
Chapter 249 Tianlong Department
In this crystal palace, all the amethysts that make up the crystal palace are treasures. The place surrounded by amethyst will produce a magnetic field to make the Chinese creatures young. After soaking in water, people can return to youth.
Amethyst is something that appeared in Ice Age 5, and everyone is familiar with the Ice Age. An animated film tells the story of a group of animals.