The dragon’s paw flashed

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Sen cold air cuts a dragon with poison and fog.
The dragon went straight down and crashed into the ground, and several miserable green aerosols attached to the dragon body at the other end.
That elemental dragon has doubled in size.
Gu Qingshan heart jump.
Frost restrains the flame, which can restrain the flame monster
However, it is difficult to kill the dragon formed by various elements at one time.
If they are not killed once, they will merge with each other and become more powerful monsters.
When Gu Qingshan was thinking, he was surrounded by huge dragons that exuded the brilliance of various elements.
"Death …"
The elemental dragons sent a death warrant signal.
The black dragon suddenly disappeared from the encirclement.
The elements of the dragon suddenly look back only to find that the black dragon has returned to the Terran city.
It from Xinhua that man half mouth way
"No, they’re not easy to kill. They’re even worse after fusion."
Gu Qingshan, a salted fish, saw Cheng and said, "If you can help me settle them, leave the rest to me."
Hold on …
"How long will it take?"
"The longer you decide, the better."
Gu Qingshan listened to silently thinking about the coping method.
At this time, the elemental dragons are getting closer and closer to the city.
First, the crimson flame dragon opened its mouth and spit out two flames at Gu Qingshan.
Gu Qingshan did not hesitate to punch.
-Frost freezing fist!
The first flame disappeared completely.
The strong frost smells and the aftermath rushes to those dragons in the distance.
Gu Qingshan’s personal strength with San Longli is naturally much stronger than that of the general dragon.
His fist immediately alerted the crimson flame dragon.
At this time, the second flame has flown in front of Gu Qingshan-
A flash of sword light
The mountain girl directly cut the flame into emptiness with the sword of the Six Realms Mountain.
"You can’t use a sword, but I can," she whispered.
When the crimson flame dragon saw the mountain girl and looked at the sword in her hand, he murmured, "There is still such a card in the broken sword."
It suddenly stopped flying and half sang.
"Doomsday, please let me merge and give me far more power than this world!"
Something at the end of the sky responded to its call.
Behind it, all the elements of the dragon re-form clouds of pure elements and keep spinning around it.
They are integrated into the shape of the flame dragon for the second time.
The flame dragon falls to the ground and gradually changes its shape.
Jin Mu’s fire, water, soil, wind, thunder, light and dark sound are the laws of poison, plague, death, withering and so on, which naturally converge on it.
Its shape is changing.
"What’s that?"
"Oh my god …"
"This monster dragon is no match for it."
"The world is over."
Guarding city professionals fell into despair.
Not only are they, but even Gu Qingshan’s eyebrows are jumping.
"Is this really an illusion?"
He murmured