"That’s great, but I’m busy and inconvenient in this territory. When Kurumi is finished, I’ll walk first." Qin Mu Ye is ready to take people away as soon as he gives up.

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The other party is careless with himself. Qin Mu Ye doesn’t have that much time. If the wave is black, he may talk nonsense with the other party, but Qin Mu Ye won’t.
It’s good that he can talk to each other kindly, but now he doesn’t talk about the world.
"Ha ha, since you’re busy, young mage, I’ll make a long story short. You should know that Molly drinks dragon blood and becomes a dragon." The tree of wisdom is not stupid, but naturally it’s inappropriate to play emotional cards after seeing what Qin Mu Ye is impatient with.
"I know, but I’m not involved in this matter, and it’s not that I can intervene in it." Qin Mu Ye said with an expression that if the tree of knowledge wants to provoke him about this matter, it’s really a wave expression.
"No, I’m here to remind you that this matter is coming to an end. Molly is going to marry the god-given Lord who claims to be the real dragon day," said the tree of wisdom.
This is indeed a good way. The dragons dare to touch Molly because she is weak, but they absolutely dare not touch the real dragon day.
As a result, the activity is really coming to an end. Qin Mu Ye glanced at the standings. It’s true that dragon day earned the first place and gave away a dragon hero unit for nothing, and his career was definitely unusual.
"Well, I see. Anything else?" Qin Mu Ye is not jealous of this matter or unwilling to let others have strength. He wants to have strength and he does the same.
"It seems that you still don’t know the seriousness of the matter. When the strength of the gods in our mainland is converted into your Lord’s order, the order is 6 and the order 7 is the limit of the magical continent."
"If you want to become a seventh order, you have to rule the whole continent or leave this continent. Which do you think the real dragon day will choose?"
The tree of wisdom seems to explain the facts, but it is actually provoking Qin and Mu Ye.
However, Qin Mu Ye noticed something instead of what the other party said. "That is to say, the gods lost a fight with the gods?"
"Yes, the gods lost. Otherwise, dragon day would have died long ago." The tree of knowledge did not hide anything and said directly.
"Since the adaptation period, you have been killed by dragon day and Wu Jun, and they are almost gone. I told you."
For Qin Mu Ye, the key point is to let the wisdom tree have some words. It should be that you may be killed by the real dragon day instead of them being killed.
Chap 1: build a sword that scares that world.
"Thank you for your message. Now it seems that Molly should be an excuse. The real reason is that you want to unite all the forces that can unite to eradicate the real dragon day. The dragon is a god-given Lord who lobbies for all ethnic groups."
Qin Mu Ye is not a stupid aborigine. He has long been beaten down by those lords in the top ten rankings. After learning that hard power is insufficient, he naturally has to divide, woo and suppress.
It’s one thing to send out the dragon face. The real purpose is to persuade his Lord to act against the real dragon day.
Abort the biggest danger first, and then naturally continue to differentiate and suppress it.
It’s a good idea, but the problem is that everyone knows nothing, and you can’t succeed unless you voluntarily join the trap.
That is to say, the top ten lords may have the idea that the aftermath of a weak chicken family like Qin Mu Ye can make him cool and even worse, and really go with each other.
"It seems that you have a lot of confidence in the real dragon day. I wonder how much confidence you have?" The tree of wisdom asked calmly.
"I don’t have any confidence that dragon day is really overbearing, but what resources do you think I can really have in this remote place?" Qin Mu Ye chuckled. I really want to say that there are resources on the ground turf.
Besides, he can’t be taunted and can’t afford to hide?
The tree of wisdom can come to him, so it can be seen that the plan is at least successful, or it has won over most of the lords
Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come looking for such a little shrimp.
If you really succeed with each other, it’s no good. If you fail, you have to put your life in it.
True dragon day doesn’t affect Qin Mu Ye. Will it affect the top ten lords in the rankings and his little third-order lords?
Beasts don’t pay attention to the ants at their feet when they fight. If they hide far away, they won’t die, but if they gather together, they will simply find death.
"Now that you’ve made up your mind, I won’t advise you any more. Now your power should not need me to give you a certificate to change your job."
With that, the tree of wisdom faded away and finally disappeared.
[You have gained 215 experience points]
After people left, Qin Mu Ye looked calm and went back.
Don’t look at him, but he’s actually in a panic
It’s too messy outside. Before dragon day asked him to meet nine people, he didn’t intend to behead him. No wonder he didn’t make an appointment.
But these gods are really weak. How dare chickens fight with real dragon day and others with this strength?’
Cold, cold … and this broken device is too bad. Why is it the limit in order 7? Does this mean that there can be one in order 7?’
It won’t be possible to beat the dog’s brain out for a while?’
Qin Mu Ye has a feeling that he is in a corner of peace because of his natural barrier and his weak strength and hinterland.
But if it really hits the back, it will be quite dazzling.
Get stronger, get stronger, or you won’t even have time to run.’
Resist? Don’t think about it. This group of people is quite outrageous, and it has reached the limit of the world in a month. This can be explained without hanging.
It seems that it is unlikely that Dragon Blood will end the short-term activities in this limited time. If it is a simple activity, it will really stop here, but now this situation is definitely not simple.
More importantly, why will the tree of wisdom come to me?’
Qin Mu Ye’s only face should be in angel investor activities.
It seems that lords and aborigines have already reached an agreement.’
The aborigines do exclude the lords, but it doesn’t mean that the idea of reversing the impression does not mean that the aborigines will not support the lords.
Even if possible, you can set up the Lord in various ways.
After returning to the territory, Qin Mu Ye did not study the eagle banshee. This thing is no longer urgent, but continues to improve the special transformation formula of scarlet ghost idea
Come on, he didn’t think so either, but now he can’t. This wave caught him off guard
There may be something mixed in the intelligence of the tree of wisdom, but it must be true, and even if it is a rainy day.
Qin Mu Ye frowned in the laboratory. "Why can’t I be divided into one hundred people?"
Qin Mu Ye is really resistant to a major crisis. He can really relax, but once he meets such a big event, he can’t wait for a minute to break into a day.
I just can’t break it, otherwise he can break it quite carefully.
"In the face of a group of lords like Shuang Wen’s protagonist, I can’t beat the aborigines …"
"Wait, you can’t beat it."
Qin Mu Ye’s eyes fell on the scarlet element core, a new energy element that is quite powerful in the face of magic and other elements. If it succeeds, it is equivalent to possessing a nuclear weapon.
Who provoked him to blow it up directly?
Injury is not the point. The point is that once scarlet erupts, it will be assimilated to magic and element decay to transform scarlet elements.