"It’s really a shame for the queen mother to say so."

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If King Jing doesn’t recognize that the Empress Dowager has guessed his intention and is still so kind to him, it is intended to push him to another position.
Jing Wang’s heart became more and more excited. He lifted his eyes and looked at the Queen Mother’s light hint.
"If it is an organic conversation, Wang Yi will definitely honor the queen mother, and the queen mother is also the queen mother."
The queen mother’s eyes lit up. King Jing is going to honor her queen mother. This is really great.
The queen mother is happy in her heart, but her face is not obvious. It’s good to talk to Xiao Huang earlier and Xiao Huang can promise her one condition.
But now I’m talking to Jing Wang, who casually promised to give her the title of Queen Mother.
She wants more.
The queen mother said with a noble face, "Jing Wang Ye has a heart to mourn for his family. Thank you for your heart."
King Jing added, "The real king has always been very distressed by Weiyuan Houye, who has been doing his best for many years. I didn’t expect to end up like this in the end. The king thinks that with Weiyuan Houye’s ability, he will be able to retake the army and make great contributions to Xi Chu."
This is to ensure that if he ascended the throne, Weiyuan Hou will be returned to Weiyuan Hou.
The queen mother listened to the heart and smiled at King Jing’s loving face and said, "Your report is really good. You are the one who really sets his mind on it."
However, the queen mother still has no guarantee that she will push the throne.
Jing Wang couldn’t help but feel disappointed. He promised to honor the Queen Mother and wait for the soldiers from afar.
What do you mean she hasn’t moved yet? Doesn’t she want to push him?
Jing Wang looked at the queen mother after disappointment and said, "The queen mother can give the king such a filial opportunity."
The queen mother didn’t answer him, but looked at Jing Wang and said, "Jing Wang seems to have few women in your eyes."
Jing Wang nodded "Yes"
By this time, he had understood that the queen mother still wanted Yuan Gu’s daughter to enter the palace princess.
He couldn’t help cursing the queen mother, an old greedy guy, but he also felt that it was nothing to give Yuan Gu a palace empresses.
Jing report so want to say with a smile, "Wangfu really doesn’t have any women, but the king is a report and not an emperor. If the emperor is natural, he should recruit concubines into the palace."
After a pause, he said, "If Yuan Jiawang has a woman in the palace, at least she should be given a position of imperial concubine to show the importance of waiting for the government in Weiyuan."
The queen mother immediately laughed and was really satisfied. She wanted King Jing to say everything.
It seems that this Jing throne is the best for Weiyuan Houfu.
The queen mother finally let go. "Your report has come to Yongshou Palace to mourn for your family today. Your report’s mind is white. Don’t worry, your report will try its best to get what he wants, and you should remember your promise to your family."
"It’s the Empress Dowager"
"Let’s go out of the palace to rock the boat, but don’t forget to make a promise to the family of mourning if the report really becomes."
"Don’t worry, Empress Dowager. The king will forget it again."
Xiao Yan, the king of Jing, couldn’t say how happy he was all the way out of Yongshou Palace, but he didn’t see it behind him. The Queen Mother of Yongshou Palace looked at him with a contemptuous face. This man was so capable that he went to the throne and promised others benefits everywhere. She bet that those who supported others were so active in pushing him.
If a person can get others’ support by promising others benefits.
What’s the matter with this man?
But the queen mother can’t care so much. This guy is better than Xiao Huang.
The queen mother’s spirit was much better, and she immediately sent someone to write a letter to Wei Yuanhou to tell him her decision.
Previously, they thought there was no way forward, but now there is another village.
In the letter, the Queen Mother ordered Weiyuan Hou Ye to immediately draw courtiers in the court for Jing Wang Ye, which is also a matter of Weiyuan Hou Fu.
Yu Xuanwang Xiao Zhe seems to have been completely forgotten by his mother.
Weiyuan Hou rejoiced when he received the news.
As if alive, energetic and radiant.
This alarmed Mrs. Weiyuan Hou and the people of Weiyuan Hou House.
Mrs. Weiyuan Hou was also happy when she heard Weiyuan Hou’s words.
However, Yuan Jia listened and looked at his father and mother, thinking that if Jing Wang ascended the throne, he would make Yuan Yuan wait for a imperial concubine.
She is the first daughter in Weiyuan Hou’s house. If she enters the palace, it must be her.
But Jing Wang is over forty and almost fifty. He is older than her father. She is like marrying his concubine.
Don’t let Yuan Jia cry and look at his happy father and mother.