Catalpa smiled slightly at Su Wei and nodded respectfully.

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Alice was a little relieved, as if afraid of Su Wei’s misunderstanding. She explained, "Don’t think blindly that it was the desire of the owner to promise me to be the owner of Qionghua Kung Fu. I will teach whoever I want. The catalpa is already very strong. It is not appropriate to change the cultivation path, but it may be possible for her to study a little bit. This is all in the rules. I didn’t break your rules, and the most important thing is that catalpa is full of money."
"Don’t worry, I’m white"
Su Wei smiled and held out his hand to Alice and said, "Come on, let’s go and show Qionghua the furniture."
"This …"
Alice hesitated and looked at Su Wei’s hand and said, Do you want me to hold it?
But how can a girl hold a man’s things casually?
But he moves so naturally … If he doesn’t shake it, won’t it show that I have a ghost in my heart?
When gently sipping his lips, he tried to think of Su Wei as a catalpa hand who helped himself on weekdays …
Damn it, catalpa hands are not that big and warm
And so smart.
"Let’s go"
Alice has already changed her casual clothes.
Two people going out of the door.
The new location of the palace is not too far from the old site, but dozens of miles away.
They didn’t ride a horse, so they walked on foot and looked at the surrounding scenery along the way. When the outside world became lively, Alice also collected her heart and pinched it.
Generously pulling Su Wei to take him to visit many sights in their Galia.
Walking and playing …
Occasionally stop along the way to taste local specialty snacks.
Alice is very generous, saying that I am not like you, and I want you to control what you like to eat.
If one is not enough, have another one to make you enjoy yourself.
Is to let Su Wei eyes unconsciously move and then back without trace.
The eyes are busy with business, and there are seven days when updating.
This kind of thing is a day after a little toss …
Can’t afford to delay …
Dozens of miles road
Two people almost walked for most of the day.
Is to come to the destination.
Alice took two steps back in anticipation, humming a cheerful tune, obviously looking forward to what would happen next.
Su Wei raised his hand again.
【 Qionghua School with Present Goals 】
[New address of Shendu Palace with existing location]
[Required Authenticity 15]
So high?
Su Wei looked at his current value.
【 Reality 14152 】
"What’s the matter?"
Alice looked at Su Wei with a somewhat intriguing look in her eyes and said, "You shouldn’t miss the rabbit and not scatter the eagle, should you?" Tell me, how much does it cost? "
"It’s not just about money."
Su Wei sighed, "Of course, money is also a problem, and it may take 200 million yuan."
"So much? I remember that Qingyun Gate was only 1.5 billion. "
"That’s the problem."
Su Wei sighed, "Do you know why Qingyun Gate can’t soar?"