Soon the young Taoist priest approached the black fog, and his heart was restless.

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At the same time, the Taoist priest clearly asked for help.
"Help me-"
Slow down the sinking speed. The young Taoist priest was about to ask questions. Suddenly, the black mountain flashed and a ferocious monster flashed and made people unprepared.
In the face of this situation, the young Taoist roared all over the body and let go of the long sword, waving the dense sword and cutting it in all directions to attack the shadow.
Blink of an eye, a dark, strange, ferocious and greedy gas approached the young Taoist priest, easily shattering his defensive sword, severely hitting his defensive light and bouncing him off.
When the body shook, the Taoist priest’s mouth overflowed with a trace of blood, and he quickly moved to avoid the second blow of the shadow.
"Fang Yaoxie sign up quickly"
The young Taoist priest on the chest of the horizontal sword quickly sank his eyes and bulged the boss to firmly lock the shadow.
Hey, hey, Li Xiao’s shadow asked, "Who are you who dare to mind your own business when you are not doing well?"
The young Taoist priest sank, "Aoki, the younger brother of Tianxing Bieyuan, what are you?"
It turns out that this Taoist priest is walking and practicing Aoki.
"Star clause? Hum, it’s a pity that you haven’t learned anything and don’t deserve to know who I am. Now that you have broken into my territory, you will die. "
When talking, the black shadow flashed and vomited a black cloud, and it twisted rapidly as it approached. It was faintly visible that some shining eyes were showing ferocious and greedy eyes.
Aoki’s face was somber, and he drank lightly, holding a tactic in his left hand and a sword in his right hand to display the Taoist "too empty psychic tactic"
This is the formula of the Star Farewell Courtyard, which has extraordinary power for exorcising demons.
When you display the green light, you gather a long sword, just like you have the spiritual performance to automatically track the shadow.
Light yi a shadow quickly retreat sneer at a way: "I can’t see that you little Taoist still have something to devour you, and I will definitely increase my training."
When the words fall, the shadows flash and the phantom is reborn. Countless shadows form a dark water surrounded by Aoki.
Aware that the enemy Xiu Yuan wins his Aoki horror, I quickly decided to exert my psychic skills to strengthen my defense.
After a while, the green light barrier outside Aoki will weaken, and the shadow will be brutally eroded and gradually fall into crisis.
Some anger, some regret
Aoki felt sorry for his recklessness.
If I had known the enemy was so fierce, I would have run to this side to die again.
It would be more convenient to escape outside.
Although the original Aoki Xuantiandao Zundi Xiuxiu is a little weak, he can spell but he has profound attainments.
In case of monster beast, there is no problem if you don’t say that you want to clean up the other side and hide.
But now, at present, the enemy is fierce and mysterious, and its strength is amazing. Secondly, the environment limits the escape conditions. Aoki can avoid it even though he has the intention to avoid it.
Of course, in the face of life and death, no one will do nothing, and Aoki is no exception. He considered that when the time came, it was someone who lured himself to ask for help. That person was not swallowed up by this monster?
Think of this Aoki mind differential protector light instantaneous broken a sinister diabolical gas immediately hit his chest and seriously injured him.
Bitter smile Aoki’s two-handed tactic transformation, though known, had to be evaded by Taoist water evasion, avoiding the shadow and then attacking.
When I came to Aoki at the bottom of the pool, I looked around and found that there was something strange here, not round but square, and a clear Taoist seal was engraved on one side of the stone wall.
Seeing this, Aoki wondered, "It’s strange that there is a Taoist seal here. Is it possible that this shadow is the same kind?"
Thinking about it, another call for help came from the Taoist seal.
Aoki looked startled and quickly approached the shadow. The body hurriedly approached the side with a seal, saying, "Who called for help?"
I seem to hear Aoki’s words, and a frightened voice replied, "It’s me, but I dare not come out. The monster beast will devour my soul if it is too strong."
Aoki indecision way "are you a soul? Yuan God or Ghost? "