During this period, they have made a lot of progress in fighting for everyone, especially since he has broken the limit twice.

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But even he dare not be too far away from young people.
Which means this one-horned white horse …
Better than someone in the place!
"What does she want?"
"Ida, don’t go there!"
There was a sudden whisper in the crowd, with tension in it.
Two people turn head to see a blonde foreign women has walked out of the jungle and is carefully walking towards the one-horned white horse.
"She’s crazy!"
The young man was about to frown when he was stopped by Han Fat.
"Take a look first"
In the crowd watching the blonde slowly come to the one-horned white horse, nothing unusual happened on the way, and the white horse did not show malice.
It was quiet in the field, and everyone held their breath as if they were waiting for something.
Blonde eyes show infatuation, reaching out to touch the white horse on tiptoe, like excitement, like fear stuttering.
"Is this true … true?"
The white horse winked and his eyes seemed puzzled and then grinned.
right after
A scene of terror appeared in front of everyone.
The white horse full of sacred breath slowly opened its mouth, but it was full of jagged teeth, and there was a black smoke full of horror rolling in its throat.
Four hoofs lightly tread black gas, which is born from the hoof and entangles the sole of the foot.
Before the white horse opens its mouth, it bites the blonde’s head in full view and swallows it.
Good eyes can see the whole process of the head bulging and falling through the neck.
"Poof yi yi …"
Without his head, the body was rickety and blood was gushing from his neck.
"Ah …"
This terrible scene made the crowd steep and restless.
Rao is Han Pang and others who have been through many battles during this period and can’t help but turn pale.
"Law …"
After swallowing the head, the white horse became more and more excited, and his eyes turned scarlet, and his body suddenly disappeared in place and rushed towards the crowd.
Its speed is amazing, only the ghosting remains in the field, and the wisps of black gas brought out by it have not dispersed for a while.
"Look out!"
Korea fat teeth roar hands clenched a pike intensely staring at the monster.
How can this thing be a unicorn
Yang or unicorn is such a thing!
"shua shua!"
The young man’s face is tense, and he bends his bow and arrows quickly, pointing directly at the one-horned white horse and shooting in front of it.
He had to change his figure halfway because he was a white horse.
But it’s too fast. Even so, it has rushed into the crowd before it can disperse.
Suddenly screaming in the forest.
The forest is densely covered with leaves and uneven terrain, even the wolf-headed monster will be restricted, but this white horse is almost unaffected.
Hooves jump back and forth on the ground, branches and shrubs like a white ghost harvesting the lives of the living quickly.
Even if it is hit by a stick or iron occasionally, it will not affect its movement.
"Fast network!"
The wisdom of the working people is that they are poor, and they have thought of many ways to deal with the wolf monster, one of which is to weave a net with vines.
In order to increase the lethality, the mesh was returned with sharp iron fragments.