[Do you want to join Huashan School? 】

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Liu Lei chose to agree without hesitation.
The ear sound rings again.
[Congratulations, you have joined Huashan School. From today on, you will travel together in Huashan and grow old together]
Liu Lei suddenly felt a sense of disobedience from behind the hill.
It’s so real
The reality of this game is not just a picture, including the character AI and the plot dialogue … It seems to be full of random uncertainty.
Is AI so high?
Everything in this game is trying to get closer to reality.
The steep mountain peaks are due to the formation of heaven and earth, but the wood is easy to make bricks and stones, so it is reasonable to build such a simple clan door on the mountain.
It’s because of the great robbery that the sects are dying that they are so big.
Wait! ! !
Liu Lei heart suddenly a shock this just to react.
Just now, when Yue Buqun rescued him, he felt disobedience, feeling that he didn’t realize it at that time …
But now he finally understands what that strange feeling is.
When Yue Buqun saved him, he was not one of those great skills in the game that looked gorgeous but had nothing but light and shadow special effects.
But really has extremely lethal Wushu.
His every move seems to be in line with his common sense of Gu Wu moves.
Liu Lei turned to look at the Yue Buqun mind suddenly thought of a possibility.
Real motion capture?
And look at his quick and free movement and speed … I’m afraid it’s also a gas-gathering fighter, right?
Gu Wu has five realms: vigorous, vigorous, condensed, concentrated and nuanced.
To gather gas, a lot of gas energy has been cultivated and can be used in combat.
At this point, the strength of ancient fighters will be upgraded, and they really have the qualifications of those different artists and colonization teachers.
But this realm fighters even in the whole Central Asian empire also don’t talk too much.
After all, budo has been declining for many years … Gathering gas has become a master.
Liu Lei is a little stupid.
What wonderful game is this?
Spend a lot of money to invite a master from Gu Wu to do real-life motion capture without even doing pain adjustment system?
Liu Lei even a layman knows each other’s money … It’s really not a place.
When Liu Lei quit that game.
The five brothers in the dormitory have all returned to the dormitory and all are black and blue.
Obviously, just like him, they have just been repaired by students of colonization or different skills.
There’s no way. Gu Wu is not weak, but compared with a technique that can improve its strength through scientific experiments, it can become stronger through transformation.
It’s too slow to make progress solely on our own.
But they are all used to it.
Notice that Liu Lei got up …
Boss Li Yuan is swollen in the corner of his eye with a plump and round body. A giant panda laughs. "Is it dark when Lei gets up?"
"No … just quit the game"
Liu Lei couldn’t help but open his mouth when he watched five people wash one by one. "By the way, I just found a good game."
When I heard the game, several people came to the spirit.
The third Han Dong asked curiously, "What game?"
"The game" Limit "OL is so real that I almost missed it in it. I am in a real world … the NPC in it is very real, the scenery is very real, everything is very real, and I also joined a man named Huashan Zongmen in it. It seems that the main practice is our Gu Wu."
A listen to Gu Wu.
A few people couldn’t help but turn supercilious look and suddenly lost interest.
"Gu Wu? Brother Lei, it’s not enough for you to be abused in reality, but you have to go to the game to find uncomfortable? "
Li Yuan also said, "Unless it is said that the skills given to you in this real world are also true, if the reality is so cruel, do you have to go to the game to find yourself uncomfortable?"
"This is not …"
"Come on, come on, find yourself uncomfortable. Let’s go to the qualifying."
Five people have finished packing and lying in bed … yelling and wearing helmets, needless to say, it’s dark.