This made the caravan owner more respectful to him.

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When the caravan came to a remote place, a sword light flew out of the carriage and fell straight into the mountains.
Release that spider essence that was capture by the hidden spirit from the secret kit to refine his sword.
Lingqing first gave it a ban, and in the future, if anyone does evil, this ban will lead to thunder and robbery.
He wrote another article about the method of cultivating the sun, the moon and the foundation.
Wake it up after flying into the dark.
Spider spirit suddenly jumped aside after waking up to see that there were no others around, and then relaxed.
It didn’t notice the prohibition of Lingqing, but it found his method.
I was saved by the gods, and when I worshipped for three times, I disappeared into the mountains and disappeared.
Ling Qing returned to the caravan carriage after seeing it go, and no one found that he had left.
In this way, Lingqing followed the caravan all the way to Chang ‘an city.
Seeing that Chang ‘an was not far away, he left the caravan.
When he returned to Yongle County, he just arrived at the gate of Lvfu and saw a boy looking at him in surprise. "When did you come out, Sangong?"
"No, you are not fair." When he saw that Lingqing was holding a bun on his head, he denied it.
Because my family loves wearing Huayang towel very much.
"You are … SiGong? !”
As the boy shouted, the whole Lv Fu boiled up.
Four years ago, Four Duke Lu disappeared in the back garden for no reason.
This Lv Fu launch almost searched all the countries without any news.
Later, before he left, Lu Taigong still wanted to find his grandson.
And Lu mother almost cried blind.
Now Sigong has come back by himself, which makes everyone unhappy?
Lingqing was immediately embraced by her family after returning to Lv Fu.
Lu mother kept asking him where he had been all these years. Why is there no news?
Lingqing also said that some strangers saw his strange bones and took him away to practice immortality.
Now I have to come back after I have finished my studies.
"Then will my son go in the future?" Lu mother asked.
"Although I haven’t gone far, I’ve become a monk and I’m afraid I can’t be filial in front of me in the future." Lingqing looked at Lu’s mother and shook her head with earnest eyes.
"What are you doing here?" Lu to listen to the unhappy way "you come back just this year to review a year to go to the imperial examination with your third brother.
After taking the exam for so many years, the boss and the second child have been released to the outside world, and he still succeeded? "
He began to complain about Lv Dongbin.