The first little demon looked at it and shouted, turned around and fled.

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Fahai flew up and chased him forward, stepped on his feet with a red blood and stained the soil thoroughly.
Cold hum a "is all some can’t kill Uber"
Chapter seven hundred and seventeen Gold cymbals French king
Lingqing shook his head, and with a wave of his hand, the dust on the ground suddenly rolled up and buried all the blood of the residual limbs.
And read the mantra of "Clear Heaven and Earth" to make them return to dust and return to heaven and earth.
"I’m here to kill the demon, but you’re kind enough to cross over there." Fahai saw his one eye and walked towards the mountain.
At this time, he was fluttering in white with a handle in his hand.
If you don’t look at the way he just killed the demon, you’re really a handsome monk.
But Lingqing knows that his heart is getting heavier these days.
Road two people also met some small demon, in addition to Lingqing looked at the body sin was saved by him.
The rest were buried in Fahai’s hands.
Strange to say, the more a monk kills, the longer his power will be.
Of course, this demon is getting stronger and stronger.
However, no matter how powerful the demons are, they are also killed by him, and the murder will become more and more fierce.
The two men killed a lot of small demons along the mountain, which also shocked the owner of this mountain.
"report! !”
A small demon quickly ran to the cave and knelt down to report, "A monk and a Taoist priest came outside the king."
The monk is going to kill all our brothers in the mountain. "
The cave is not a classic chair but a stone couch.
He sat with a black-faced man in a red robe and a crown, who was not angry and arrogant.
Smell speech immediately round eyes open to drink and asked "what?
Where did the wild monk dare to run wild with me? When I took him alive, I offered him my Buddha. "
Then he picked up a pair of golden bowls and went out.
A handsome young man stood up and said, "Father must bother you to take a trip."
These two men are the King of Phoenix Mountain, the King of Golden cymbals, and his son, Jin Wugong.
"Let’s just say my son caught him for his father’s accountability." The king of gold cymbals heard the words and wanted to think, and put the golden bowl to nod a way.
"The child will not fail to accomplish a mission." Jin Wugong turned out of the cave with a gift of fuels.
I didn’t go far before I met a murderous monk with a face like ice.
"Monks stop here is the Phoenix Mountain, not where you run wild.
You hurt me all over the mountain, and if you are willing to give up, you can still give you a good time.
If you are stubborn, you will suffer some hardships. "
A flash of golden light in Fahai’s eyes showed that he was a centipede essence for a thousand years.
When cold hum a "a little centipede essence also dare to licentious.
Dawei Tianlong King Kong receives the demon with flame! "
A golden flame ignited from the dust, and as he shook it, the flame flew out and said that Jin Wugong tied him up.
"ah! !”
Jin Wugong was caught in the flames and suddenly felt a piercing pain and couldn’t help shouting.
Turn a centipede into a crimson centipede, and the pincers will open and close to swallow Fahai.
However, before reaching Fahai, it was burnt into fly ash by the King Kong flame.
Even the fly ash failed to fly to the foot of Fahai.
Fahai stepped out with a breeze to blow away the fly ash and looked up at the cave on the mountainside
There, I heard screams running out of the hole, and the king of gold cymbals was glaring at him.
"The demon monk dares to hurt my son’s life. Today I will refine your pus." The king of the Golden cymbals called it off and struck the golden bowl in his hand and made a terrible noise.
A sonic wave broke to Fahai.
"Humming and carving insects" Fahai saw the change of hand tactic and read the mantra in his mouth
At first, a Buddha’s light scattered the sound waves and shone on the golden cymbals.
The Buddha’s light fell on his body, making the king of gold cymbals smoke like sulfuric acid.
The French king is busy pulling the vestments and also raising a red Buddha’s light to protect himself.
"Where are you from, monk?"
"The poor monk is the Fahai of Jinshan Temple!" Fahai saw the Buddha’s light and failed to take him as a cassock.
"Take away the demon!"
Snow-white cassock rises like white clouds.