What’s this?

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Now, the old magic stick of the industrial gate came out and gave a reasonable explanation, which suddenly answered their doubts.
And it’s actually hard for people in the state to understand.
Most people in this world have various beliefs.
Almost all the most influential religions in the world come from the same origin and the concept of having an emperor.
At this moment, I don’t know how many people with faith or potential believers are praying silently.
It turns out that human beings can find the way back to the emperor!
It turns out that human beings can still be saved!
But after reading it, I felt indignant and my chest was full of anger.
"Bastard! Asshole! Bastard! " Daqiang threw the remote control in his hand and smashed it to pieces.
The nurse sister was startled and rushed in and saw the video, but she didn’t say anything. She quietly cleaned up and quietly retreated.
We tried our best to resist the enemy’s invasion at the expense of everything.
What are we?
Yes, protect the earth and protect mankind!
And you’re robbing people and stabbing people in the back?
I sacrificed so much. What was it?
Traitor! Human traitor!
Human rape!
Are you worthy of us and the numerous graves in the manor cemetery?
Is it worthy of every drop of blood and tear?
If you can get in through the sight, Daqiang feels that he can directly strangle this old god stick!
"The declaration of the industrial gate has caused a storm of public opinion, and all parties have different opinions on this time. The manor house has just released an announcement."
Zhuang is not far from the camera.
Look at the front with a cold smile
"Humans don’t need emperors, and they are not emperors."
"We will protect the earth at all costs and never allow people to get their hands on our home!"
"Whether it’s the emperor or the devil!"
"The earth belongs to mankind, whether before or after!"
Then he suddenly forward face almost occupied the whole screen, word for word
"Old diablo iii, if you dare to come-"
"I’ll stomp him to death for you!"
Then Zhuang not far straight body visual ahead.
"Man himself … is the emperor!"
Master Zhuang actually made a public declaration?
The weather has changed!
What a change!
But there is a surge of blood in Daqiang’s heart
I want an operation!
I want to get better!
You can still fight!
Fight to the last minute!
Chapter 1147 Earth Guardian Recruitment Order
The gunner of a military camp in a remote part of the state carefully looked around and leaned over to the bed and bowed his head to "Little Black Spot came out for dinner!"
"Dad!" A small head poked its head out of the bed, its ears quivered and its big eyes looked at Brother Bao. "Can we eat?"
"Eat quickly." Brother Bao carefully looked around and handed over a plate of vegetables.
It’s hard to get it out of the kitchen. It’s too much trouble to secretly raise a child in the military camp.
Fortunately, I don’t know if I have other comrades to help me with the cover level …
At least pretend not to know.