Only then will an old man wake him up.

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Because that experience impressed Lingqing deeply, he won’t miss it every time he arrives at this time. After all, it won’t take much time.
It is also a bad taste.
The Wang did not notice that he put the hemp rope on the ground and swung the axe at the trunk.
After a muffled sound, Wang Sheng was not shocked and almost made a fool of himself. He even cut a gap in the trunk.
"This this Wang Sheng is not simple."
Tian Yong said with some surprise
This firewood wood is not only hard, but also bounces back with an anti-shock force.
You can’t tell how hard Wang Sheng is walking.
But just now, by consciousness, the anti-seismic force was dissolved when the axe was lifted.
Make him at most by shock palm slightly numb.
"It seems that there are indeed some doorways" Lingqing nodded and said.
Then I saw that Wang Sheng didn’t wake up and cut two axes at all. When I found that I couldn’t cut it, I found some twigs to cut it directly.
"But Jane is not simple, and I’m afraid we are a little hung up if we don’t want to stick to it based on his performance."
Li Li looked at it and seemed sorry. He shook his head and gave Li Qing a hard stare.
"If you haven’t cut down a tree yet, cut down your tree quickly."
Li Qing shrank her neck and picked up an axe to find a tree and climbed it.
Although Li Qing was pinned down by Li Li, he was not allowed to gather together with Wang Sheng.
But the original guys who have ideas in their hearts have been turning around Wang Sheng, but they shine at the moment and immediately surround them.
Look more eager for a few minutes.
After a few glances, Ling Qing turned white, and they also recognized that Wang Sheng was gifted.
But he didn’t make friends either. He just looked at him as a time coordinate.
Then no longer note to focus on the waist before the thick young tree.
Trees in Chaishan can grow abnormally due to turbidity and suffocation.
If no one cuts the branches and leaves, the tree will grow longer and harder.
Usually at this time, it is the beginner’s brother who cuts them off and pulls them back.
Although there is no mountain to see, Lingqing knows that the trees grow thicker and harder as you go to the top of the mountain.
Once he saw a brother accidentally bump into a big bluestone while carrying a thick trunk with one person folded.
Qingshi was wiped with a layer of stone chips like dry steamed bread, and the trunk didn’t even drop a dime of sawdust.
It can be seen that the wood is hard and contains heavy turbidity and gas.
If it is cut frequently, trees will give priority to new branches instead of thickening the trunk to make it harder.
Chapter 50 Upgrade Five Birds
A circle of trees near the single-plank bridge is cut off by the younger brothers such as Ling Qing.
It is not only to experience everyone, but also to make its dharma too long to leave a way for Brother Shan.
He felt the tree in front of him and estimated it in his heart.
He has cut down this tree for a long time, and the twigs have been cut down almost, leaving only a few thick thighs.
He has been pruning for the past two days to make sure that it will not continue to grow.
Today, he is going to cut down the tree completely.
That firewood skill really helped him a lot, even if he didn’t have the experience to upgrade the Five-Animal Show, he would soon practice it to the master level.
As soon as he understood this kung fu, he took the experience to raise it to the expert level.
Expert experience bonus increased from 1% to 3%.
This means that he can get 13% of the gains by making 100% efforts.
It takes 4 points of experience to upgrade Wuqinxi to the master level, but it takes 13 points of experience at this time.
By this time, he is no longer stingy with spending experience to fill his proficiency.
"Character Skills-Wuqinxi Upgrade (Expert → Master)"
"Based on skills-the level of Wuqinxi rose by 13 points with the strength of character attribute+1 agility+1 physique+1 intelligence+1 attribute"
"Because your perception attribute has exceeded the scope of the five birds play, your perception attribute has not risen."
"Skill-based-Wuqinxi’s level rises and its character temperament gains charm+1"