At first, I was worried about hidden dangers, but now Goethe knows exactly what he is facing.

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He needs to cash in on his strength!
Cash in strength as quickly and safely as possible!
There may be hidden dangers?
Goethe has no choice for the time being.
Maybe it will be solved naturally when the strength reaches a certain level.
It may break out at some point, or maybe.
But that’s after.
What he wants now is to get through the present.
Even the eyes can’t talk about anything, as if he didn’t know the source and once again crowned Master Lu’s nominal words. Let’s talk about poetry and distance.
Glancing at the’ flesh and blood gate’ that stands in the center of Luster, Goethe turned and walked into the shadow, determined to enter the’ land of mystery’ again and seek more 【 bloody honor 】.
Swart blinked.
Without hesitation, I followed.
The sheriff chose to trust his feelings.
Goethe may have secrets, but compared with the owner of the pine hotel, he is definitely not a bottom line person.
And …
Now he has no choice!
The whole rooster has long been shrouded in invisible things, and if you rush over, you have to be cut into meat.
And those members of the brutal’ flesh and blood church’ are eyeing up, and all the ones he likes are death fields.
Can’t escape
Can’t beat
This sheriff certainly knows what he should do.
A house in Songjie District
"The’ flesh and blood church’ guys are really cruel!"
"Don’t even let the children go!"
When Swart entered the room, he saw two bodies, one large and one small, the mother and the child, about four or five years old, being held in his mother’s arms and pierced by an iron rod.
Both have long lost their breath.
The woman, the husband, the child and the father were smashed in the head, and two bodyguards fell to the door.
Iron brazing is broken from the fence of the courtyard gate.
Swart grabbed a sheet and covered two bodies, one large and one small, with their hats off in silence.
"You stay here first."
"I need to deal with some personal matters."
Goethe said these words and walked out of the room.
This place has just been swept twice by the’ flesh and blood church’, and there will be no danger for the time being.
After confirming that there was no one around, Goethe turned to a side house and then raised his hand and touched the left index finger’ The Ring of the Mad King’.
The star reappeared, and Goethe stared at the remaining two dim stars.
"Left? Or right? "
Goethe took out the pendulum directly in his thinking.
[Title tail]!
The pendulum swings, but it doesn’t mean positive clockwise or negative counterclockwise in Goethe’s cognition, but it is an irregular beating, just like being touched by a hand.
Obviously, this choice is beyond the scope of Shadow Snake Tail-biting.
Method determination
Divination is also lost.
Goethe finally chose to flip a coin.
Choose the head portrait on the left and the flower on the right.