Li Linglong said simply that she deserves to be a flower night in Zhejiang Province, and she looks even more beautiful. It is estimated that Chang ‘e in Guanghan Palace can match her.

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"You said that Li Hao’s mother, Ruyan Liu, was just a decoration in my house. My grandfather came to Hangzhou. My grandfather said in front of her that she would just stay in the Zhou family honestly. If she behaved well, she and Li Hao would never have a good show if they were restless. She was estimated to have been intimidated by my grandfather. After coming to my house, she was still low-key and didn’t make anything."
Zhouyi laughed. "I have a mother and a sister-in-law. You are my family. No one dares to say anything about you, including Ruyan Liu."
"Well, I can’t go back for the time being. I’ll move back when I lose a program during the day and a program later." Li Linglong felt particularly warm after listening to Zhouyi’s words and nodded and agreed.
"That’s great. I’ll see my aunt again every day. It’s getting late and cold. I’ll take you home."
Zhouyi stopped and prepared to send Li Linglong back. He has to study tomorrow and Li Linglong has to record a program and go to bed too late. Chapter 38 I am not to be taunted by you.
"Good little easy to thank you for spending my birthday with me []" Li Linglong also stopped.
"Aunt, you are still polite to me. When I was a child, I hung out with you every day. Sometimes I still depend on your bed. How can you identify with me?" Zhouyi laughed.
"Aunt won’t be polite to you, but now you are an adult." Li Linglong also laughed.
The two men turned around and prepared to walk back to the parking position along the original road.
Suddenly Zhouyi felt a sense of danger.
Zhouyi’s vision and hearing far exceeded those of Chang Ma, and he found that someone was approaching them quickly.
"There are so many people suddenly at this time. Who has our pleasure?"
Zhou Yi thought that he realized that the situation was a little abnormal, and the horse was secretly alert all over his body. If the West Lake gang or the Rishankou group found his whereabouts, it would be possible to send experts to round him up.
After a few seconds, four people rushed out from four aspects and surrounded Su Causeway with Zhouyi and Li Linglong.
There are street lamps in Su Causeway, but the light is dim, but Zhouyi’s eyesight is amazing, and it is easy to clear the face of these four people surrounded by others
These four guys are all strong teenagers, but they are dressed in a little non-mainstream Zhouyi. Instead of being nervous, these four people surrounded themselves and Li Linglong, but they secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Because these people are just not good at class, they are definitely not the masters sent by the West Lake Gang and the Nishikoku Group. Since they are hooligans, nothing will happen.
Li Linglong was naturally a little scared when so many people suddenly came out, but she was calm at the reception desk and didn’t scream when she was in danger like a general woman. He had seen Zhouyi around her, and she believed that Zhouyi would protect her, but she was a woman after all, so she took Zhouyi’s arm and was a little nervous.
"Aunt, don’t be afraid of me."
Zhou Yi said something to Li Linglong, and then his eyes looked around his four people and said, "Who are you to rob the road or do something else?"
"Ha ha you little bravery is not small incredibly still dare to question us? Your aunt is also very beautiful. It’s really impulsive to be so beautiful. "
After a burst of laughter, a lean guy came out and walked to the front of Zhouyi.
This lean guy is about 1.65 meters tall, so he can’t stand the wind. It’s estimated that he hasn’t weighed 100 kilograms, but his dress is different from his four non-mainstream ones. He is still wearing a suit and tie. Unfortunately, he is as thin as a monkey, and it doesn’t match up when he wears a suit, which gives people a funny feeling.
This guy is exactly what Xie Dayong sent to help Li Yugang teach Zhouyi’ pencil necked’. When he saw that his brothers surrounded Zhouyi, it was natural that there was no hurry. In this place in winter, no one would come. They wanted to play Zhouyi, but they could play slowly. These guys regarded Zhouyi as an urn turtle. They didn’t know that Zhouyi was tough enough for these punks to look up to.
"Monkey King, isn’t this woman a Zhejiang flower? We saw it when we were in Hunan. I didn’t expect to see a real person here. "
A non-mainstream teenager suddenly cried out, "Fuck is much more beautiful than watching."
"Your little eyes are good. It seems like Li Linglong, but Brother Yong told us that this woman can’t move. You all be honest."
Pencil necked stared at Li Linglong for a long time and then drooled and said that if Xie Dayong hadn’t told him, he would have jumped at Li Linglong like a hungry wolf.
"What a pity!"
Several non-mainstream men sigh together.
I was angry when I heard these guys say that my aunt Zhouyi was angry, but he still kept quiet and said, "Good dogs are out of the way. Please let us go."
"What do you mean we let? Don’t you dare to scold us? Isn’t this death? "
A non-mainstream teenager shouted with a fierce look.
"If you don’t get in the way, you’re not a dog. I’m giving you a chance. If you don’t cherish it yourself, don’t blame me." Zhou Yi sneered and pulled Li Linglong forward.
"To tell you the truth, we are here to beat you today. You have offended the wrong people. Now you listen to me. Someone asked us to take a message and ask you to leave your aunt alone or let you die."
The first pencil necked shouted at Zhouyi, and then greeted four non-mainstream youths with a wave of his hand, narrowing the encirclement and preparing to hand Zhouyi.
"Monkey, just cool off and let’s do it."
A teenager hey hey smiled and shook his fist at Zhouyi.