I glanced up at this guy and then turned my head. Although I didn’t speak, his meaning fell into the eyes of the inferno. That is to say, it’s good enough to let you come. You guy talk nonsense and love to fix it!

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This inferno obviously grasped this layer and hesitated for a moment. He couldn’t stand the temptation of mending the magic weapon, so he took it out and gave it to the maid.
This is another small ball!
"Xuan Yin Ball can constantly absorb the spirit of ice and transform it into pure Yin force. It can bring corrosive effect when it sends out a true Yin attack. If it is attacked by this object and the pure Yang magic weapon resists it, I’m afraid it will be purulent for a moment. It’s really amazing!"
While talking about the efficacy of the Xuan Yin Ball lightly, I muttered to myself that this attack style of the Xuan Yin Ball looks a little weak, which is really a rare magic weapon!
After a short pause, I was ready to continue to talk about the origin of the Xuan Yin ball. Unfortunately, he had not yet spoken, but he had a magnificent brown-haired man with a red pupil who suddenly jumped off the stage. This man is four meters tall and has a muscular knot. You will know that he belongs to a typical muscular man.
"Red pupil cow demon?" Little frown. "What are you doing here again?"
Red-eyed cow demon root ignored him, stared at the previous rat-eyed guy with red eyes and asked, "Where did you get such a treasure as Xuan Yin Ball from this humble weasel?" !”
It turns out that the previous inferno was an inferior weasel. No wonder it stinks.
Although the weasel looked like an ant in front of the ox demon, he didn’t show weakness and retorted, "You are such a funny fellow. Where did I get this treasure? Do I have to report it to you?"
The red pupil bull demon was furious and cursed one after another. "Xuanyin Ball has always been the treasure of the mad bull brother. I have been unable to find it since he died in a foreign land. I didn’t expect it to be in your hands. You humble and inferior inferno dare to say that my mad bull brother is dead in front of everyone!"
"I … I don’t know how Horri-bull died!" The weasel blushed and retorted, it’s a pity that it looks somewhat humbled.
Red pupil ox demon is obviously rotor to weasel so words immediately further forced way "mad cow eldest brother after death body odor bursts how to dissipate the most I have been difficult because now see you this humble guy took out the xuan Yin ball I just suddenly understand mad cow eldest brother must be you this humble low inferno sneak attack to death? !”
"I … I …" The weasel was probably poked to a sore spot. After a long time, he failed to say a rebuttal.
"You mean, inferior inferno, return my eldest brother’s life!" At the sight of the weasel, the Red Pupil Bull Demon became more convinced of what was on his mind. He was furious and shouted, and he stretched out his hands directly to tear the weasel to pieces.
This weasel is obviously also an alert generation. The situation is not right at present. He made a plan to dodge in the early step. At this time, he saw the red pupil ox demon coming with his hands, and his body went round and round and he hid before leaving behind the maid.
"The despicable and inferior inferno gave me the life of my mad cow brother to return my mysterious ball!"
The red pupil ox demon was obviously very angry with the weasel and continued to shout loudly-he saw the weasel hiding and actually made up his mind to play the Xuan Yin ball, and he threw himself directly at several fox maids.
The red pupil ox demon heard a cold hum in his ear, and suddenly a hitched warning sign got up and quickly recovered to catch the weasel’s hand facing behind him.
Very good. The Red Pupil Bull Demon deserves the battle-hardened inferno. He just blocked the jade pot and grabbed it.
The problem is that it doesn’t make any difference whether you block or not, because the jade pot style is purely hard-hitting and stronger than the body. He is pure white jade, and the jet is more flexible than the body. He has already integrated and the body can be deformed at will.
Don’t even think about it. Simply put, these two people are not an order of magnitude.
As soon as the jade pot hand caught the magic power of the red pupil cow, it was easily pressed back. It looked like a fish that couldn’t fight, and it was generally picked up by the collar. It looked like repairing Shen Tu’s third place three days ago
The little jade pot nodded, and the jade pot threw the red pupil ox demon into the ground with a small smile to reveal a mouthful of white teeth. "The red pupil ox demon, do you know that I have always had a rule for a small refining device?"
The demon body of the red pupil cow can’t move, but it doesn’t affect the ability to listen. So he said consciously and asked, "What are the rules?"
Xiao Youran said, "Do you know that I am a magic alchemist?"
Red pupil cow demon nods "I naturally know"
Xiao added, "Do you know what this mysterious ball is?"
"Isn’t it … isn’t it the Xuan Yin ball?" The red-eyed ox demon turned red again when he talked about this eye. "It’s my mad cow brother, and my baby was assassinated by this damn weasel!"
"You fart!" Small suddenly flew into a rage a kick red pupil cow demon face immediately kicked red pupil cow demon nose blood ever-flowing "this is my business, you know? This is business! "
"Life … business …" Red pupil cow magic nose drill heartache, but the eaves at the moment to fight back even a lot less anger.
"You still pretend to be confused, and your mother still pretends to be confused!" Small out when ning master beaten day demon wind to the red pupil bull demon is a burst of punching and kicking red pupil bull demon eyeful is Venus body throbbing with pain, you know at the moment there is no luck capability and red pupil bull demon capability is blocked is also a body every tire so it is just right to fight "always an artist, understand? Artist! Old man is not a butcher. If you dare to destroy old art creation, you will break my rules! "
"I … I … I …" Red pupil Niu Mo was almost crying. He suddenly found that Master Yan was not like a master, but more like a bitch. Which master hit people like that and … er … he also swore.
The inferno was dumbfounded, as if it would only be discovered that Master Yan, who has always looked like a master, has such a rude side.