Purple jade and others immediately to prepare to eat.

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Before eating, the emperor came back. When he saw Su Wan, he nervously asked, "Why did you come back until now and I was worried to death?"
Su Wan immediately told Xiao Huang about what happened to Xiao Qing, and then said that he asked my uncle to take Xiao Qing back to Qingxiao to solve the problem.
After listening to Su Wan, Xiao Huang didn’t say anything at the moment. Su Wan was not happy that she saved Xiao Qing, and slowly explained
"I saved his life by asking him to let you succeed to the throne first, and you know that I am kind to you."
Su Wan hasn’t finished yet. Xiao Huang stretched out his hand and hugged her. Wen said, "Wan Er, you did the right thing. I would save him if I were you."
Not because he let the emperor let him succeed, but because this man’s conscience has not been extinguished. He should let him succeed first, not to say how much he likes him, but because he cares about the people of western Chu.
He would rather suffer from the method of insects than bring disaster to the people in the place of Chu, which made him admire.
Su Wan finally chuckled at Xiao Huang’s words.
Although she knew that he would not be angry with herself, she was still happy to hear that he was sure.
Sue wan put her arm around Xiao Huang’s neck and gave him a kiss.
Xiao Huang stretched out his hand and held her to the table until she ate outside the temple. Xiao Huang personally fed Su Wan to eat. There was no one in the hall, and the husband and wife could not say their love.
However, before the food was finished, someone came in outside the temple and reported.
"Report to your majesty that someone wants to see the empress."
Xiao Huang’s eyebrows are not angry but powerful, rendering the whole body scary.
"What person?"
"He said that he was a friend of the Empress, and that he was lucky to live because he had been rescued by the Empress. Today he came to the palace to give thanks."
Child.when the eunuch finished speaking, his head fell to his chest and he dared not look at the first emperor.
Every time he faced the emperor, he felt a sense of panic. Although the emperor was so good to the empress, it was only the empress alone.
As soon as the eunuch finished talking, Su Wan knew who the bearer was and leaned over Xiao Huang’s ear and whispered.
Xiao Huang knew that the bearer was probably Su Wan’s previous rescue of Junli, and he didn’t have a good vent. "If only he had recovered, why should he go to the palace and thank him for nothing?"
It’s not a good idea to set it up. Maybe this man has returned to pry into his corner now, but he’s dreaming.
Emperor Xiao thought about looking at the eunuch in the temple and said, "Tell him to come to the palace."
Just as he was watching him.
See what he can do to his face, moth
The eunuch retreated out of the hall, and Xiao Huang, the husband and wife, looked at Su Wan and said, "Do you think I am too kind? It’s enough to have a Xiao Qing, and now another Jun Li. According to the truth, I shouldn’t leave them alive."
Because Xiao Qing and Jun Li are the orthodox blood of Emperor Chenggan, if these two people have the opposite intention in the future, it will definitely lead to chaos in the west of Chu.
Well, even if these two people don’t have any objections, if their grandchildren do, it will bring disaster to the place of Xi Chu.
So should he try to get rid of them both?
But I just can’t stop.
Su Wan also knows that Xiao Huang’s concern is that even if Xiao Qing and Jun Li don’t oppose each other in the future, their grandchildren will be in a mess if they oppose each other.
Su Wan looked at Xiao Huang with dark eyes and said, "This is our last chance. If they do something wrong to us again, then we should not worry."
Su Wan raised her hand and made a killing gently.
Because she has done her best for them, if they still have other troubles, they will never show mercy. They are emperors and queens, so they naturally don’t want to make a mess in the future.
Xiao Huang ordered a husband and wife, and their eyes were full of harmony.
Someone came in outside the temple, and it was Jun Li Jun Li who followed Long Linger, chirping like a lark and talking to Jun Li.
It’s a pity that Jun Li has a cold face and a cold charm from beginning to end.
Today, Junli is no longer the gentle and jade-like palace that it used to be.
Now he is like ice in winter without heating. Anyone who is abandoned by his own mother and uncle will feel cold as ice.
Jun Li walked all the way to Xiao Huang and Su Wan after jabbering at his side and saluted respectfully.
"I have seen the Empress Dowager"
Before Long Linger wakes up, he also salutes "My daughter has seen the emperor empress"
Xiao Huang motioned for them to get up and give them a seat again.
Until they sat in the eunuch who had brought Jun Li here before and retreated to the main hall, there were only a few of them left.