"Take her back, she can get her money back naturally," Rizo said impatiently.

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"There is a broken wall in front of you. If you want to run, you can jump." Wang Xuzhi looked at the girl with a smile and looked at the broken wall behind her. She jumped from here with flying skill, no matter how good it is, I’m afraid it would be smashed to pieces, otherwise it would be impossible to stay here now.
"This bitch stole our family’s money and I hope you two will stay out of it," Peng said, knowing that the indifferent young man was severe and pleasant.
"What nonsense with them? They dare to step in and kill together." Rizo disdained that the three of them teamed up with even the head of the family and didn’t win. It was a young man’s soul.
Hand-written novels
Chapter three hundred and fourteen
Welcome you to come.
Wu hun
"You stole their money?" Xia Ying looked back at the girl and asked.
"What, their money is all people’s money? They are in a mess with the wind family. Jn is pushing up the house price and hoarding it. Just wait for the people to wait impatiently before selling it at a high price. I stole it and returned it to the people who bought the house." The girl said with a resentful look.
"Feng Jia?" Feng Jia, this is a sensitive name. Xia Ying looked sluggish and immediately said, "If we really return the money to those people, we can help you."
"Don’t worry, we’ll go back together then," the girl said.
"It’s unwise for you two to make peace with your family like this. I think you are from other places. Come here or have a good time. There are some things that don’t matter too much. It’s not for you three younger generations to provoke a good family." Peng said with a bad look that he had changed his previous politeness Yn malicious said.
Leng Yue showed a strong foot, but some powerful people can do it. At this time, there are more than a dozen of them, and he and Wang Xuzhi and Rizo are all Wu Zun level masters, and they will not be afraid of a young man together.
"Home?" Leng Yue looks more and more indifferent. This family seems to be a group of evil people.
"It’s never difficult to leave us now," Peng proudly said.
"It’s you who want to go," Leng Yue said.
"Fuck" Peng doesn’t want to continue nonsense. With a wave of his hand, a dozen young people behind him have already rushed out toward Leng Yue.
When the sword was drawn like a dragon’s song, it shocked people’s hearts. When there was a flash of cold mountain, Leng Yue’s figure had become blurred and instantly rushed into a dozen young people.
very short time
Swords are soaring and figures are flashing.
Human sword
This is a moment when Leng Yue brought unparalleled shock to Peng and others.
It was one or two breaths when the sword mans suddenly disappeared. Leng Yue pulled himself back to Xia Ying, while the dozen young people stared at each other like statues standing still and their faces were instantly frozen with pain.
Suddenly, a dozen young people’s bodies stood still and broke out at the same time. It took a dozen young people’s bodies to fall to the ground and survive.
"Who are you and who are you?" Peng looked at the sight and fell to a dozen brothers at the same time. The horror was beyond words. From this, it can be seen how much this indifferent young sword is almost light. Shi Huo will slay a dozen people and the swordsmanship is exquisite. Everyone’s wounds are exactly the same, even the length is exactly the same.
"A tourist," Leng Yue said indifferently.
"Well, we’ll see you later today." Peng threw a malicious word and fled.
"What’s my name?" Adopt son smile happily asked
"Xia Ying" Xia Ying introduced "His name is Leng Yue"
"Let’s go and give the money back," Tseer said.
Leng Yue and Xia Ying set out to distribute the money to those who bought houses and those who didn’t have houses.
And the amount of money even Xia Ying can’t help but wonder that it is as high as hundreds of thousands of gold, which makes Xia Ying startled. How capable is this son to steal such a large sum of money from his family?