Masato saw several people, such as "Cheetah", who not only said that he wanted to shoot the bolt before leaving, but he suddenly drank a little and his murderous look strengthened his identity. If "Cheetah" and others don’t stop him, he won’t kill them, but now he is angry and decided to kill first to bully.

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With a low drink Masato left hand quickly to see a few ghosting flash across that a few anger shot and bolt was he easily caught the handshake.
Bolt shot at close range fast’ cheetah’ and others didn’t expect Masato to be so tough that they couldn’t help but be appalled. They were appalled. This instantaneous Masato had already pulled his apprentice’ Kobayashi Cong’ to the ground.
Cheetah’ and others are special forces born with a tacit understanding, and their reaction speed is not slow. As soon as Masato lands, they all know that they must control the distance from Masato. Once they are in melee with Masato, they will have no chance to win.
But "cheetah" and others are faster and faster than Masato Masato’s left hand shakes as soon as he lands. He grabs those bolts and shoots five or six people such as "cheetah"!
Humanitarian treatment of people is Masato’s first move. If he doesn’t make a move, he will kill several bodyguards as soon as he makes a move.
As soon as the situation is reversed, it is extremely critical!
Masato’s hand strength is natural and amazing. He seems to shake his hand at will, and the speed of returning the crossbow actually exceeds that of the previous’ cheetah’. When they shoot their crossbows, the speed of piercing the gas aroused the sob and made people feel chilling.
"My life is over!"
"Cheetah" stared at the blaster and the heart of the crossbow sighed, because his crossbows were so fast that he could not avoid him. It seemed that at the moment, he would be shot into a hole by the crossbow and pour his blood.
Life and death are often just a moment. On New Year’s Eve, Cheetah met Masato’s eldest brother, Koji Murakami, who was seriously injured and almost died, and then the combination of death and rainstorm struck. He was injured in the leg and would have died if Zhou Chi hadn’t arrived, but he didn’t believe there would be such a good fate this time.
Cheetah and several people in his hand smelled death.
Five or six crossbows roared and almost reached the’ cheetah’ and others in one thousandth of a second. Death had already arrived. There was a sneer at the corners of Masato’s mouth. In his eyes, these bodyguards who stopped him were already dead, because for a moment, those crossbows would shoot through their bodies and send them to die.
"Masato, you are also a grandmaster. Are you shameless about my bodyguards?"
At this critical moment, a voice sounded coldly and then several cold lights shot up.
The speed of those cold lights is not slower than that of Masato’s retro-reflective crossbow, because Zhouyi has come with Zhou Chi and Chen Hu and others, and he shot six darts at this most critical time.
Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding!
For six consecutive times, I thought of Zhouyi shooting six darts and Masato hitting the’ cheetah’ and other six people’s crossbows, which caused a violent metal collision.
Zhouyi Kung Fu is equal to Masato Dadi, even if it is a little stronger, it is not much better. His hand strength is naturally more crazy than not magic. Chapter 65 You are crazy and I am more crazy.
But Zhouyi came at a good time. Although his six darts didn’t knock Masato’s six crossbows to the ground, they hit the direction of the crossbow and the speed of the crossbow slowed down.
Get this chance’ cheetah’ and others will naturally seize it. After all, this is a chance to survive. They all don’t want to be shot in vain. At the same time, the six cheetahs are in a hurry, except for two who were shot in the arm by a stray bolt.
For a moment, Zhouyi took seven brothers to block the cheetah and other six people, while Zhouyi Chen Hu Zhou Chi was the first to confront Masato in a glyph.
"Cheetah, you brought two brothers here without you."
Zhouyi took one look at the "cheetah" and said that even the bodyguard captain "cheetah" can’t play against Masato at this level. Nature here is also a burden. Zhouyi simply let them leave again and cause any casualties.
The cheetah shamefully responded to a horse and three of him didn’t have the hand to set up the arm. The crossbow hand quickly left the five of them and was almost killed by Masato. This is a great shame, but he also knows that he is incapable of revenge and can hope that Zhouyi and Zhou Chi Chen Hu and others can defeat Masato.
Soon, dozens of bodyguards from the Zhou family fought to surround Masato and Kobayashi, but Zhouyi still motioned for the bodyguards at home to retreat because these bodyguards, though fierce, could not stop Masato.
"Are you Zhouyi?"
Zhouyi shot darts and shot Masato’s crossbow at Masato. Instead of attacking Zhouyi immediately, he looked at Zhouyi coldly. When he asked Zhouyi to appear, Masato recognized Zhouyi as a mortal suspect. He was not in a hurry to start work. Now he was guarding Zhouyi’s grandfather Zhou Shan.
"Yes, I am Zhouyi. You should be Masato, the first master in Japan!"
Zhouyi is also secretly looking at Masato Road. At the same time, he waved to let Jingge Qin Feng Li Wang Laobai and Yang Silang scatter some Masato. Jingge and other five people are not qualified to defend themselves with Chen Hu and Zhou Chi by Zhouyi in World War I in Masato.
Masato’s momentum is like a mountain, and Zhouyi is also secretly frightened. Masato’s body shows a strong momentum. Zhouyi is the first time to meet him. He thinks that even if Zhou Chi and Masato compete with each other, what will happen in the end is also a method to predict the outcome. It is really elusive to know who wins and who loses because of the real masters.