Ning Wang’s face is particularly white and his eyes are a little confused. Why does he dream about Su Wan and that she is his toffee?

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Ning Wang was thinking about abrupt heart throbbing, so that he couldn’t help curling up and rolling over the bed.
Yunyin was so scared that his face turned white that he rushed out without thinking and told the outside hand to "call the doctor quickly. The report seems to be ill."
After Yunyin’s command, he rushed in and went straight to the bed to see his report curled up and fainted in pain, but he couldn’t help crying impatiently, "What’s wrong with you, report?" What’s wrong with you? "
As soon as the doctor outside the door entered the room, Yunyin rushed over and caught him. Pointing to the bed, King Ning ordered, "Please check for your report and see what happened to him?"
The doctor also saw that there was something wrong with Ningwangdian, and his face was horribly white, and his face was dripping with sweat. The whole person was dying from severe pain at this time.
The doctor quickly reached out for the Ningwangdian to feel the pulse, but after taking the pulse, he found that the pulse phase was normal and not abnormal at all, but the report looked like he was dying. Is it because he was wrong?
He stretched out his hand for the report to check it again, and finally found nothing.
Yunyin was already impatient, so he picked up the doctor and roared, "What do you think happened to your report?"
The doctor shook his head. "I see from my pulse that the report is all right."
When Yunyin heard it, he got angry on the spot and raised his hand at the doctor. But his fist didn’t hit a weak sound, but behind him rang "Yunyin, stop."
Yunyin stopped and looked at him, only to see his sovereign weak and leaning against the bed, looking at him with a pair of eyes open and angry.
Yunyin hurriedly stopped and walked to the front of Xiao Ye and said lovingly, "The report has been dying in pain, but this guy actually said that the report is fine."
Xiao Ye glared at Yunyin and looked at the doctor. "Dr. Lu, do you think Wang’s pulse is normal?"
Dr. Lu nodded. He is Ning Wangfu. He was nervous when he saw the report earlier. He didn’t care about Yun Yin Li/
I heard Xiao Ye ask him a dignified reply, "It was Wang Yexiao who had carefully checked the pulse of Wang Yexiao twice before, and all the normal roots could not find any signs of illness or poisoning."
Dr. Lu said that Yunyin was angry and stared at Dr. Lu. "Your medical skills are not good and you said that your pulse is normal. Even I can see that the report is not very good."
Even now, his face is not good-looking, especially pale and very weak. Isn’t that enough to prove that your majesty is ill?
Dr. Lu also has some unspeakable words. According to the report, he is ill, but according to his pulse, he can’t find out that the disease is too strange.
Yunyin wanted to talk again, but Xiao Ye waved to stop him.
He knows that there is nothing wrong with his own health, and the great pain in his heart must have something to do with his previous dream.
What the hell is going on here?
Xiao Ye can’t think about it, but he is still very scared at the thought of the sharp pain in his front heart, and he doesn’t know if it will happen again later. If it happens again, he won’t hurt much.
This time, the pain in my heart is really puzzling.
Xiao Ye looked at Doctor Lu. "Doctor Lu, you go and think about this."
"it’s your majesty."
Dr. Lu retreated out of the room, leaving Ning Wang Xiao Ye and Yunyin Yunyin looking at Xiao Ye flying fast and saying, "Your report, you must be ill or you won’t be in such pain. Dr. Lu can’t find out if he belongs to a famous imperial doctor. By the way, please come over to Qingling County and hear that her medical skills are very powerful."
Xiao Ye’s heart suddenly broke when he heard Yunyin’s words, and he was particularly eager to see Su Wan. It seems that only when he saw her will his heart not hurt, and only when he saw her can he really relax.
"Well, please take the name of the king and post it to Qingling County Master."
Yunyin immediately went to the side of the room and took a name tag of Ning Wang Xiao Ye. Yunyin made up his mind to ask Qingling County Master to come this time. If she doesn’t come, he will tie her up.
Xiao Ye seems to have guessed Yunyin’s mind behind him and said, "Don’t fool around. There are many lovely people around Qingling County Lord. If you move, you will not only offend her, but also invite her."
Yunyin thought for a while, but it was also a reason to respectfully say "I know."
"Go ahead"
Listening to Zhu Xuan Su Wan sleeping soundly, I didn’t want to be woken up, but I was a little unhappy. Later, I heard that something had happened in Ningwangdian. Su Wan thought about it and tried to find out what was wrong with herself and Ningwangxiaoye. Finally, she didn’t find it. It seemed unreasonable that she didn’t go to see Ningwangdian.
Finally, I have to get up with a brace and go to Ning Wangfu.
When I entered Xiao Ye’s room in Ning Wangfu, Su Wan was still half-swaying. A pair of eyes were slightly narrowed, just like a wandering soul. Seeing her like this, Xiao Ye, Ning Wang, was immediately sorry and struggled to say "Wan Wan tired you"
Su Wan heard King Ning. 116 Xiaoxiang fans carnival, about the great god, grab the gift!
Wan finally woke up after hearing Ning Wang Xiao Ye’s words, looked up at him and pulled his mouth, then walked to the bed without saying much "hands"
Xiao Ye looked at her heart, and the last trace of pain was strangely calmed down. At this moment, he suddenly felt a little white. Maybe he dreamed that his heart ached. All these dreams were related to Su Wan’s. His dream was that Su Wan was his toffee but died in the palace fire at the last minute. He agreed to get rid of his father with her, but in the end, because she was in trouble, she became a generation of sages who caught the thief.
Xiao Ye’s heart is so cold that his teeth tremble at the thought of the dream. No, it’s just a dream.
He shook his head consciously and shook off Su Wan’s hand. Su Wan gave him a rude stare. "What are you smoking?"
She felt the pulse of Ning Wang Xiao Ye again. To tell the truth, this grandfather has been very kind to her, but she can’t get well with him.