The flame has spread to the whole mountain peak. Wu Yu rushed out of a flame with his hand and gently lifted Zhang Yang, who fainted, to the sky.

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A black flame spread more than ten miles and was more than 100 meters high rushed out of a black shadow.
The shadow is extremely fast, just like drifting, constantly leaving a virtual shadow, but the real body is far away!
And when Wu Yu took Zhang away from the flame, the black flame with eyes all over the mountain slowly dissipated in heaven and earth …
Wu Yu’s wings flutter behind him at an extremely fast speed, which exceeds the visual limit of most people and animals. Dark shadows quickly shuttle through and print, and few people find them in the night.
She took a faint Zhang Yangfei to the peak of the killing desert island, which is as high as a thousand meters!
Zhang Yang has lost control of his body for a long time. He feels that his life is passing by and he is in a trance. Zhang Yang is constantly urging the sea to repair his heart.
But no matter how he controls it, he can’t resist the passage of life, and eating Linghai Jingxue can slow him down when he dies, but it doesn’t help at all.
Zhang Yangxin, whose consciousness runs and eats the spirit, is very unwilling. "No matter how weak the strength is, no matter how many plots are played, they are not as fast as others’ swords. If I escape this time, I must try my best to make myself strong for a short time."
Zhang suddenly felt as if he had been moved.
In an instant, he thought about the eldest brother at home, he thought about Mu Xue, and he thought about the little guy who didn’t know what would happen if he never saw himself again. Zhang regretted that he didn’t want to die.
At this time, he thought that he was desperately trying to protect Wu Yu, a "little fool"
"Efforts along while still didn’t protect Wu Yu don’t know what happened to her now? Should not die! I died trying to save her. I really don’t care about my brother! What do I think is worth it to protect a little girl who has known me for only a month? "
While running, Zhang Yang’s consciousness keeps turning around. One is Wu Yu, she is stubborn, she is indifferent, she is naive and he is evil.
There is also a love of sleeping, eating and listening to stories, attachment to Zhang Yang and curiosity about things.
Wu Yushou pointed out that a black flame flew out and burned the rocks directly, creating a vast cave.
Zhang Yang, a cave at the top of a thousand meters mountain, fainted and lay on the cold ground. He was conscious and didn’t know anything about the outside world
Black flame gas lit up the cave.
At this time, Wu Yu’s breathing is weakening, and Zhang Yang’s eyebrows are slightly frowning, and his two small fists are very tight and he is very nervous.
She can feel that Zhang Yang’s life is weakening quickly!
Then her fire-core eyes turned to a palm-sized lotus-shaped flame and said, "Magic Ji, I want a tenth of my soul for you."
The black lotus flower turns into a mini-flame girl, which is not really a flame. It is illusory, but it is unclear about her true appearance.
Her figure is graceful and tactfully covered with a looming black veil, and the black veil root can’t hide her beautiful and charming body.
Women’s black veil floats from time to time, and half of the plump thighs are exposed. If a man dies, he will be fascinated.
The flame lady "Magic Ji" flies around Wu Yu, just like a flame elf. Her voice is beautiful and full of charm, which makes people listen to the original expansion.
"Small danger a smelly man is worth you he pay so much? One tenth is too little. I want one fifth. "
"It’s impossible that we are the same. If he dies, I will die, and then you will disappear into heaven and earth. Will you change a word?" Gone with the wind half Wu Yu indifferent way
The devil Ji, whose face is unclear and the flame forms, gives a silvery smile "Hee hee …"
"You love him!" Suddenly the flame woman whispered the charm of the sound. Chapter 79 The first kiss was cheated.
Chapter 79 The first kiss was cheated
"You love him!" Wu Yu was stunned by the words of the flame demon Ji, and a layer of blush appeared on her white face in an instant []
In a short time, Wu Yuqiang’s eyes broke out in a panic, and it was very cold. She said coldly, "No, you don’t care if I want the essence and don’t give us mutual destruction!"
The flame gauze looms and outlines the devil-like figure of Moji. She burns herself outside the body and the flame circles Wu Yufei several times.
The charm sounded again "What a temper! No wonder the master gave you to me. "
Wu Yu instantly shot his right hand dagger and stabbed his left arm with a sword and a blood arrow. She gritted her teeth and said coldly, "Don’t talk to me! Can you change it or not? "
Wu Yu’s stabbing himself is like stabbing the demon Ji, which makes the demon Ji frightened to disgrace. "Don’t let me change, not yet!" After this body, it’s not beautiful if people hurt you. "
As she spoke, a flame symbol appeared between the eyebrows, and the dazzling light shone brightly.