Shi Tian was seen through and didn’t panic. He remained silent with a knife in one arm.

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Wind Li to Shi Tian didn’t recognize the latter’s true colors, thinking silently about some possible characters, Zhang, and several of them were notified by Nangong Qi, so it was not surprising.
Zhang Yang instructor Ying Quan said to a young man in purple across the street, "It’s really awesome to break through the great master."
The first team of instructors "shadow thorn" said to a blue and silver-haired boy around the purple-clothed youth, "A young man with a very special silver hair is not physically normal. Work hard!"
"Hum!" Opposite the shadow tear cold hum a no words.
The two sides seem to praise each other’s killer apprentices, but in fact, they put the strongest potential of both sides to the forefront.
The young fighters they refer to will be noticed by the young fighters on both sides of the confrontation, and they will escape quickly, or some fighters will try their best to kill several people.
More than four hundred fighters on both sides are talking in succession, and they are all around the Nangong’s four people.
Zhang is more happy with Nangong’s strength. He is not worried, but Shi Tian is out of danger. The most important thing is that he is not out, so the result is very good.
He also noticed the young man with silver hair and purple clothes. He felt that the young man with purple clothes was like a blue giant tree and the young man with silver hair was like a fast ice.
"Two people have very special constitutions and dangerous breath, and they are both young masters with little difference in Shi Tian’s combat power." Zhang told several people around him that he didn’t hide his voice. Anyway, everyone talked about him more than one person.
Wu Yu stretched out his hand and knocked on Zhang’s head. "You also said that the instructor said that there are also those two people. I feel very strong flame breath more than ordinary masters."
With Wu Yu’s fingers pointing in the same direction, there are two young people in red who look alike. Both of them hold swords and stand silent. It is very maverick to smell danger all over.
Zhang several people looked at the opposite two people at the same time, which made them look at their position. Two eyes flashed through the first-class flame.
Ximen Lanyu pressed his waist hilt excitedly and said, "I smell gunpowder!"
Li Dabao hooked Ximen Lanyu’s neck and said, "Brother Big Brother warns you not to press the hilt every time you are excited, which will easily expose your murderous look and cause unnecessary trouble."
"oh! When I am excited, I want to draw a sword and get into the habit all the year round. This way is not suitable for being a killer. "Ximen Lanyu embarrassed.
At this time, the restless footsteps sounded in the other direction, but the arrival of the third-party young fighters.
The whole is still ten a murderous killer instructor with a group of fighters number more than two hundred and fifty people.
When the third-party instructors arrived, Zhang Yang’s instructors ran on each other and tore up their mouths. "There are a lot of shadows that you taught the masters."
And he also looked at Zhang Yang’s fighters. It was obvious that Zhang Yang’s two hundred masters were too few.
A slender third-party instructor is the most murderous instructor. The instructor said indifferently, "I’m flattered, Brother Tear. Your apprentice is really talented this year, especially in the sky."
Zhang Yangxin said, "This person is even more ruthless and even says his name!"
Shadow tore his eyes flash across the cold mountain and then said to a tall young man with yellow hair to a third party, "Shadow pulls this Wu Yiliang’s body stronger and stronger! A head taller than ordinary people is unbelievable. "
An instructor on the shadow tearing side pointed to a beautiful white-clad girl beside a white-clad youth behind him, saying, "It’s almost time to break through the great master, and the young players have extraordinary talents."
Pointed to by the instructor, the young man in white smiled and said, "Thank you, instructor, for praising me for my good fortune, but you surprised us. I thought you should have been in the master stage when we came, and now we are all about to become a master. You are still waiting for me!"
The beautiful white woman blinked her beautiful eyes and smiled, "Instructor, don’t be angry! He doesn’t care if he lacks a muscle in his head! "
"Of course not angry! It’s really a hero. When Zhang Hao crow Yuan Yi tests, it’s a pity that you have potential if you are killed inexplicably. "The instructor’s indifference is that the murderous look overflows in vitro and is squeezed by young players, which is somewhat detrimental to this face, but he also made it in an extraordinary period.
Shadow Liao said to Zhang Yang’s young fighters, "Shadow thorn heard that you had two special martial arts blond hair. Kiyomi Nangong Qi masked brokeback Shi Tian didn’t expect this young boy to have an unusual physique."
Said the shadow liao zhang a few more eyes.
"Old goods put on pens with masks" Zhang Yangxin cursed and then smiled. "Instructors don’t want me. I’m still worried about breaking through the master! You give me one more look, I feel one more danger! Although he is not the strongest, but playing conspiracy can kill a bunch of people. "
Said Zhang pointed to the wind and Li disaster. Although it was despicable, Zhang felt very right to deal with people like Feng Li.
And Feng Li finally knew that the masked man was Shi Tian, and his eyes flashed a trace of joy. Zhang pointed out that that fellow’s joy was also destroyed, and his eyes were more cold.
"Ha ha … interesting! Ladies and gentlemen, let’s go there to practice. It’s also called that young fighters are familiar with it. "Shadow Liao said, and then he stopped talking and walked towards the gate in his direction.
"Go!" Shadow stab high road led him to teach Zhang and their nine instructors also came to the gate.