Smell Hector even love song self-deprecating chuckle bowed his head and sat beside him YunShu frown looked at him like this performance eyes slightly heavy!

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"Dust princess this time we uninvited is love song will!
Although I didn’t know what happened to the tribe at the beginning, he kept thinking about your safety and the safety of the dust king during his serious illness!
I know you used to be wonderful. This time, we came to ask questions. This is a wish to complete the love song! I hope princess dust doesn’t mind! "
When Yun Shu spoke, she attracted all Su Ling’s eyes!
I have to say that her actions and words and deeds are just right, respectful and gesture!
And Su Ling also heard some clues from her words!
She looked at each other calmly and yunshu, and there seemed to be a collision in her sight!
But a moment later, Yun Shu’s eyes were calm. In Su Ling’s eyes, she smiled gently and then nodded secretly!
This move seems to have straightened her attitude so that Su Ling will not be a friend but will never be an enemy!
Su Ling nodded and accepted her words politely. "Miss Yun is welcome!
The poison in the predecessor of the love song has been successfully detoxified. Your Majesty and I haven’t thanked you yet!
I don’t know how Miss Yun can have such a research on virulence. ! "
Su Ling looked at Yun Shu and made no secret of his doubts and doubts!
And Yun Shu quietly lowered her eyes and took a deep breath. She said, "I’m afraid this matter will make Princess Dust laugh!
Believe me, my aunt is a tribal princess, and the princess already knows something about it!
I sneaked into the tribe when the early love song returned to the tribe! But I’m not sure if the love song still remembers what I said, so I have been hiding from him not far away!
It was not until that day that I saw the poisoning of love songs with my own eyes that I decided to steal the antidote!
I’m not proficient in medical skills! But it was an emergency. I knew there must be an antidote in my uncle’s camp. I stole the antidote from the camp during your war and left the tribe in a hurry!
I was afraid of being found out and left in a hurry! Later, I intercepted the love song halfway, and I believe the princess knows everything about it! "
Yun Shu slowly explained the ins and outs of things and Su Ling’s expression was unpredictable, by the way!
"It seems that cloud girl is very lucky! Even the antidote can be found! Otherwise, I really have no antidote for bone erosion pills! "
Su Ling’s remarks seem to be a sigh, but on the other hand, she also reveals that she doesn’t believe in Yunshu lightly!
After all, this woman talks too evasively! And everything in her mouth is too natural!
Sure enough, Su Ling’s eyes flashed unnaturally when her words fell!
But when she moved her eyes to Hector’s love song, the deep love in her eyes was sincere!
Yun Shu’s eyes drifted away from Hector’s love song cheek and immediately his eyes focused on him and said, "It’s normal for Princess Dust to have doubts!
But this time, Princess Lao remembers love songs! Before leaving, I specially came to Wangfu and you two to take care of it! From now on, I believe that love songs won’t worry you any more! I will take good care of him! "
YunShu words this moment suddenly let Su Ling some strange feeling!
It seems to her that Yunshu and Hector even love songs seem to be dominated by Yunshu!