"Is this guy called Lin Yu?" Qingyou’s blue pupils glowed with extremely vicious light. "You are dead!"

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Actually everyone is wrong about Lin Yu and feathermoon.
Previously, their feather star was sucked in by white light and lost its center of gravity. feathermoon panicked and hugged Lin Yu tightly. It was not that feathermoon really wanted to hold Lin Yu.
And Lin Yu is consciously hug feathermoon as far as possible not to let her and their scattered, which led to two people this posture.
When they found that their posture was too ambiguous, it was too late to let it go.
Feathermoon immediately jumped from Lin Yushen, blushing like a drop of blood, and saw her father next to her. She immediately lowered her head and shouted "Dad …" like a little girl who was afraid of punishing for doing something wrong.
And Lin Yu jumped up and saw the purple rhyme appear in front of him, then forgot everything and shouted "Qingyun!"
Three-step and two-step purple rhyme also rushed to hug Lin Yu without hesitation. "I am so happy to see you in Lin Yu!"
Purple rhyme felt her eyes moist and wanted to cry. She felt Lin Yu’s heartbeat in Lin Yu’s arms. She felt warmer and safer than ever.
She was really angry when she saw Lin Yu before, but when Lin Yu saw her, her ecstasy immediately made her white.
On what Lin Yu has done before to make him still love himself, everything is not so important.
And Lin Yu put his arm around Zi Qingyun, and he felt like a dream.
In the dream, he doesn’t know how many times he has hugged Ziqingyun, but every time he wakes up, Ziqingyun is always out of his arms.
Now I really hugged the purple rhyme Lin Yuzhen, hoping to hold it like this and never let it go again.
But sometimes life is really tragic, even if you want to hug yourself and like women for a while.
"If you have a woman, don’t you want a master?" Yuan Lan’s cold sound made Lin Yu feel a quiver, and purple rhyme was also very "sensible" to let Lin Yu go
Lin Yu embarrassedly saluted Yuan Lan, "Master has worried you."
"Hum, I wish I knew!" Yuan Lan’s discontent just fell, and Lin Yu immediately found that the little girl’s master had returned to herself.
After another soul regained control of its body, Yuan Lan swooped into Lin Yu’s arms and cried loudly, "Big brother is good or bad. If you have another woman, you don’t want me and Sister Qingyun!"
Yuan Lan stunned everyone with this robot. Just now, Lin Yu called her Master. Now, in turn, she called Lin Yu Big Brother.
And look at this. Lin Yu is having an affair with his master, and he’s such a little girl master?
Oh, my god
Many people feel with emotion that they want to faint on the spot. Is this Lin Yu really a beast?
Although the age gap between lovers is definitely not a problem in Cangyu mainland, it is still more spit on the ambiguity between master and brother
Of course, it is understandable that people envy and hate Lin Yu.
Yue Qiuling’s tutor and veiled beauty Qiu Wanyue’s eyebrows stand upright and secretly despise. "What Qiu Ling said is really true. This Lin Yu is really a playboy!"
Qiu Wan’s hatred for fickle men is no weaker than that of Zi Qingyun, even if Lin Yu and her are not at all. Anyway, she just doesn’t like Lin Yu very much.
Especially when Lin Yu embraced Yuan Lan, he couldn’t wait to cut Lin Yu’s "salty pig hands".
And when feathermoon saw the deep feelings between Lin Yu and Ziqingyun Yuanlan, her heart seemed to have been ripped out, and it seemed like a void for no reason.
Feathermoon’s facial expression has not escaped. He has been paying attention to her. If someone sees Qing You’s eyes at this time, he will definitely find his eyes very terrible.
Feather Yang didn’t pay attention to wake up the faint feather star for the disgraced sister of the demon family. "Brother, we’re going home."
Feather star found himself back in the dungeon and immediately rushed to his father’s side and wailed, "Dad, boy, I almost can’t see that you are old and can’t be filial to you …"