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It is a prehistoric example to set up a banquet to hold a water platform, and the water platform, which has been listed as a forbidden area, has also been released to all areas for the first time!
From the carved cloud-shaped stone path to the cloud platform in the center of Yunshui Lake, although the cloud platform is spacious enough, only six round tables are placed on the beautifully carved table top, and other seats are arranged on the bank of Yunshui Lake.
The blue sky and the beautiful scenery of Yuntai echoed each other, and the blue water and the sparkling lake reflected the afterglow of the sun. When Su Ling and Huang Yin’s love song and others walked along the stone path of Yuntai, they saw that four of the six round tables in Yuntai were full of people.
Among them, there are many royal members such as Huang Yaner, a senior official! What surprised Su Ling most was that Sun Qingyuan and her grandson Sun Qiner were also impressively seated!
It seems that today’s invitation-only banquet may have a good show to see!
The cloud platform is surrounded by a sparkling lake, and with the gentle breeze blowing across the lake, there are light ripples and cool feelings, which drive away the hot breeze in midsummer and haunt the cloud platform.
With the appearance of Huang Yin’s dust and Su Ling’s fingers clasped, a lot of people immediately noticed that two days ago, it caused a sensation in the whole capital, that is, the dust king, and his princess smashed the government office with soldiers in public. I heard that it has been inconclusive until now that Jing Zhaoyin is still in prison!
At the beginning, it was always said that the dust king didn’t care much about the dust princess, but now it’s quite different to see that they are inseparable.
Especially on such occasions as today, a careful observation of Princess Su Ling, a princess of dust, and a warm and breezy day can make most of the women around Shuiyuntai go without red makeup.
Enchanting figure, bright crystal and coquetry eyes are everywhere, and Su Ling’s attractive temperament is more like the fluorescence of jade, which makes people unable to move their eyes!
There are six round tables with red gold thread and embroidered Dan tablecloths on the cloud table, which exudes joy. A few rays of sunlight shine with dazzling brilliance!
There is a relatively large table in the front of the cloud platform, and his five round tables surround Su Ling and Huang Yin dust. After stepping on the cloud platform, a king leads the way to the second table.
Yu Huang Yin-ji and He Lian’s love song have also rushed back, and Xiao Si sat beside Su Ling unceremoniously, while He Lian’s love song accidentally sat at the fourth round table by Sun Qingyuan and his daughter!
When Su Ling sat down, she finally got herself pinched by Huang Laosan, and her fingertips hurt. When she looked around, she saw that Hector even’s love song didn’t come over and didn’t even think about it. When she was about to call him, Huang Laosan suddenly said, "It’s not appropriate for him to sit here!"
"Huh?" Su Ling heard that when she looked back, she saw that Huang Lao’s expression was calm, calm and sharp, and there was no emotion left in her eyes. She abandoned her heart and guessed at him. Su Ling asked, "Is it so serious?"
Burn old hanging eyes looked at Su Ling slightly eyelid table hand and dishonest to hold Su Ling palm at the same time fine explained "today’s palace banquet father attaches great importance to this water Yuntai has always been a forbidden area, but in order to meet on the sunrise, it is conceivable that the importance of lavish banquet celebration!
Hector even identity is not can’t sit here, but once he comes, it is bound to attract the attention of others! Even the situation of Qi and Chu is not the target of public criticism, but it is still under the title of quality, you know? "
"I see!" Su Ling nodded with a clever look, and at the same time, her mind changed a lot about the concept of burning the old! It’s hard to make him talk so much at once and explain to her about other people’s affairs!
"Huang Sao, did you see Jinse girl just now?" This compartment Su Ling just and burn assumed the dust finish and then sit beside her small four some unwilling lonely asked 1.
Su Ling raised eyebrows and looked at burn Yin Ji for an instant. She always felt that he was too ordinary to note about Hector even if burn Yin dust hurt her palm at the beginning, but she didn’t care so much about Hector even if she knew about Hector even though she was a small four!
What does this mean? !
"See! Do you miss her? " Su Ling nodded and said, but she couldn’t help joking intentionally. Her face looked like a joke, but in fact, deep in her eyes, she looked at Xiao Si with how many complicated lights.
If Xiao Si really likes Hector even Jinse, it will be difficult! Based on her understanding of Xiao Si, Xiao Si must be aware of her interest if Lian Jinse wants to do something altruistically!
I don’t know if Lao Huang knows about this!
Su Ling kept hovering in her heart, but when Xiao Si’s eyes suddenly flashed a little nervously, at the same time Su Ling noticed that the table was held by Huang Yin’s dust, and he clenched his hand slightly for a moment.
Although it was a sudden scene, Su Ling had quietly looked at the burnt dust in the corner of her eye, and she also clearly saw the dignified color from the burnt old eyes. He nodded a few times.
It turned out that he knew for a long time that Xiao Si was interested in Hector even Jinse. So when Hector even Jinse just got back, Xiao Si was thrown into the barracks to practice. Now it seems that it should be more than just to exercise Xiao Si!
Is he deliberately alienating Xiao Si and He Lian Jinse?
Su Ling’s little brain is clever, especially as a former agent, which gives her a thorough analytical ability that ordinary people lack.
She will connect everything in a line in her heart and immediately find the doubt!
And burn the old gave her such a hint that she can not be understood as for Hector even jinse maybe he is not as meaning as it seems? !
Angry Shi Suling’s thoughts in her heart became instant, and there was a throbbing sensation in her heart. Did she have such a moment of joy when she thought that Huang Lao’s treatment of Hector even Jinse was not what she imagined? !
What do these mean? !
"Huang Sao you don’t think much! It’s not what you think! "
Su Ling didn’t tidy up her emotional ear and immediately came to burn Yin-ji. After some complaints converged her mind, Su Ling raised her eyes and saw that the picture of Huang Yin-ji was comparable to the monkey’s ass blushing like this, but her mouth was shut.
Now she doesn’t want to know the fact that Xiao Si likes Hector even Jinse!
It seems that after that, she should be more careful. Hector even Jinse has a deep-rooted bad feeling for her. If she really benefits the fourth grade, it’s really hard to prevent!
This compartment Su Ling feels that all kinds of ideas are still rising in my heart, and not far away, Burning Smoke and Helian Jinse have been slowly!
Soon, even the Prime Minister Su Baosheng Su Yu and Su Ao arrived at the periphery of the large water platform and were filled with three officials.
The cloud platform is occupied by a high official and members of the royal family!
The banquet is near the curtain. When Huang Yi and Xia Fei Luo are also carrying each other, there is a rhythm around the water platform to greet each other, but it is at this time that Su Ling still doesn’t see Xia Xiaoxue and Huang Yin glass.
Her worries also intensified. Just as she looked around and still got a lot of potential, she wanted to get up and look for it. Xia Xiaoxue’s figure also happened to appear near Shuiyuntai at this time.
However, her eyes are too rosy and it is worth seeing. First, she is used to her usual cool style and heroic brow. Today, on such an occasion, her pale red makeup cheeks have an attractive charm, which is comparable to that of two people before it appeared!