"It’s all right" to look at Gu Jinxi in her arms. Although she is sleeping, it’s unusual that she didn’t wake up with such a big noise.

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Looking at a line of people coming and going in a mighty way.
dark place
The man in black leans against the branch with his hands behind his head and hangs in one leg. "Can that girl be handled?"
"Is now dark seven is ready and will never be found by Liu Manting"
"Good" black man nodded slightly and narrowed his eyes slightly.
The other two men looked at each other and wondered when my grandfather would do such a chat. Wave a dark turned out to be lurking to look nothing special. It is simply …
It suddenly occurred to me that just now my master was holding Gu Jinxi’s sunset scene. Did it kill her?
Because the mountain road is difficult to walk, the will to find people supports everyone; When people have found it, everyone feels tired; In addition, the mountain road is dangerous and slippery, Xie Yi’s legs and feet are inconvenient, and Qin Xiang’s body is very precious. After deliberation, everyone unanimously decided to stay in place and rest until dawn before returning to the original road.
The sun climbed three poles the next morning; The sun shines on the earth; Due to the dense jungle, Dan Qingshan is still clear in the breeze.
Royal hangguan
After a whole day’s rest, Chunyun Yun’s spirit looks good and his pain gradually fades.
"Brother Xiang hasn’t come back yet?" Take a sip of the teacup in both hands for a long time before frowning mouth way
"There is no news yet." Vanilla quickly put a small incense on the soft couch, and several dishes of exquisite and refreshing dishes were placed on several sides. "You didn’t eat all day yesterday, princess, but you still have some today."
Chunyuyun tightly pursed her lips and eyes, worried about "I can’t eat"
"If the sovereign knows that the handmaiden is to blame"
Speaking of Chun Yu Hong Chun Yu Yun complexion, it looks a little better. Looking at the attractive dishes with bright colors and smells on the table, it seems that there is some appetite. "Brother, did you say when he will come back?"
"Should be on these two days" vanilla eyes flashing light "this Dan castle peak even from the report infanta you …"
Chunyuyun’s eyes seem to be stained with a smile and a mouthful of cold radish with a sweet and sour taste. "I didn’t want to hide it; Brother won’t know that such a big thing happened. "
"The princess you …" Vanilla frowned with concern.
"Ha ha" Chunyuyun bowed his head and took a few sips of thick porridge. Then he smiled and turned to look at the bright green canna outside the window. "The princess is the victim. What are you worried about?"
I don’t know what vanilla heart is finally a little uneasy.
"Don’t worry, brother is such a wise man; Will it be opaque? " Chunyuyun smiled and said that the fundus was quickly crossed with a cold look.
She was thinking about Leigh Qin Nan’s calculation, but she didn’t want to know whether it was a bad move.
But even if it doesn’t work out, it might as well be too involved. Don’t say that he won’t let people check it out. Even if it is really necessary to check it up, she needs to follow suit, that is, she is a victim. Can it still implicate her?
"I hope so." Vanilla’s face finally sank.
Rhythmic knocking at the door suddenly sounded, and Chunyuyun was caught in the food.
Vanilla immediately sang "Who is it?"
"Report to my princess, Prince Chun, that when he arrived at the main hall, he sent handmaiden to ask the princess to hurry over." The voice outside the door was polite, powerful and supercilious.
Chunyuyun pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes slightly. "All right, the monarch knows."
"The handmaiden went to report back and excused herself." The figure outside waved.
As the footsteps gradually drifted away, vanilla felt that her whole heart was in her throat and turned to look at Chunyuyun. "What should I do, princess? Why did the prince suddenly come?"
"Don’t panic. It’s my side that the so-called soldiers will block my brother." Chunyuyun took a deep breath and leisurely washed and changed her clothes from the soft couch by vanilla.
When she came to the lobby, Chunyuhong had been waiting there for a long time.
"How is Rhyme? Are you feeling better?" Chunyuhongyuan is as cold as a sword, and the eyes seem to be softer.
"Nothing" Chunyuyun shook his head and turned to see another middle-aged man who looks elegant and gentle sitting in the first place. "This is …"
"Gu Guogong" is a sincere person who cherishes words like gold.
"Gu Guo’s public security is good" Chun Yu Yun nodded slightly at Gu Huai, who looked pale at the moment and felt that his heart was about to jump out of his throat; He nearly fainted when he heard the news again; It’s hard to get over it and support the mountain. At this moment, it’s really uncomfortable. "The monarch is polite." Then she turned to look at Qin Nan. "Taidian, is there no news from my daughter?"
Sitting Fang Qinnan also looked haggard with a circle of black marks around his eyes, shaking his head with a heavy tone. "The seven emperors took people to find one person to return now."
Gu Huai felt like a bolt from the blue, and the whole person was stupid.
"Gu Guogong, don’t worry too much about Miss Sunseeker’s great fortune, and she will turn her life into danger".
Route he has heard people will explain the ins and outs of things clearly in what happened that night rhyme will appear Yu Sheng in miss liu’s house was too …