With willy’s prestige and all kinds of invitations, alchemists of various factions and ethnic groups gathered in Daganzhou to prepare for an alchemist festival.

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Those alchemists and refiners who had their eyes on their foreheads were really frightened when they saw a small number of chaotic resources exposed by thunder, so they recruited talents, all kinds of chaotic crystals, elixirs and minerals, and promised to help them break away from sects. Many guys who were crazy about alchemy and refiners immediately became loyal to thunder.
Willy didn’t break his word on this, and even some of the world’s top sects took care of things. When they saw a lot of strong people coming to dignitaries, they had to immediately pose respectfully. It’s painful for the alchemists to be taken away, but it’s better than being killed.
Gossip is that there are also some individuals who don’t see the resources in the hands of willy, so they start greed and correct some strong people who want to plunder, but the result can be imagined that this iron plate is really strong enough.
In fact, willy now occupies all the power. Even if there is a real idea to unify the six domains and nine continents, it is not difficult, but the head is still holding up the three realms. At the beginning, it was clear that the field of Pluto Mundus and others was willy-nilly, so it is the right way to accumulate grain and slowly reign.
It’s better to be an emperor for the time being, but resources are the best way to control the world. One thousand hidden dragons and ten thousand fierce ghosts have been allocated to Qingniang.
Although Qing Niang’s personal combat effectiveness is generally not fast, it is really easy for her to handle all kinds of things, and her experience is getting more and more sophisticated. The best way to expand her influence and gradually occupy resources is naturally that auction houses and chambers of commerce gather all kinds of resource businessmen.
Of course, that remote place in Kangzhou can’t. Willy chose to build the headquarters of Tianbaoge Resources Chamber of Commerce in Daganzhou, the largest continent of mankind. All kinds of publicity were also done in place and the effect was very impulsive.
It’s very simple. This flattery party will not only have all kinds of precious things, but also some crazy and desperate things that will make the strong people stunned, such as innate magic, innate spiritual treasure, chaotic crystallization of puppet, chaotic metal, chaotic elixir, life and water.
These things are almost extinct or extremely rare in the three realms, six domains and nine continents, and their help to the deified strong can be called fate. Maybe some deified strong people are stuck in the bottleneck and have a chance to break through by eating a congenital panacea.
You know, in this world, there are not many people who can increase the efficacy of the deity-level strong cultivation. Although the innate lingshi is precious, it can also be said to be of little benefit.
So many go against the fate of the baby auction naturally caused several strong people to flock to the news crazy all over the six domains and nine continents, even the Shura domain, Xuan Bing domain or some hidden sectarian races have also sent people to find out.
And willy is not afraid of being robbed now. Who dares to start work is simply a seasoned road? Of course, willy should also prevent some brain-dead idiots from being unable to understand the situation, and foolishly arranged some gods-level hidden dragons at the auction site.
As a result, those super-strong people from Shura domain and Xuan Bing domain also looked at each other and were scared to get rid of all kinds of negative thoughts and want something to be auctioned honestly.
Holding an auction in a hurry is extremely hot, and all kinds of benefits are simply bursting. After all, many things are thunderous without money, but only a few small profits after this war.
But the huge wealth gathered can be used to buy all kinds of resources secretly, even if it is the spirit stone, it can be filled into Mundus Palace to supplement the aura resources.
In throb control, the innate elixir has been refined in various different places, and throb has always been the most protective of the younger generation. Those innate elixirs are naturally assigned to their close friends first, politely and politely, and Monty, Xiao Youqifeifei and so on have a share.
In addition, throb is also a luxury in chaotic metal transportation. It is prepared to build a number of standard armor weapons. First of all, of course, throb is the one. The whole armor is chaotic black iron from beginning to end, and it is also very domineering and handsome.
Chaotic black iron is an extraordinary material even in chaotic metal. When people come to this chaotic black iron, they will leave a lot of metal to build Lingbao weapon, and the amount is about one and a half Jin.
However, throb’s dark and domineering armor material is extremely luxurious, and it costs a thousand pounds. All kinds of complicated and simple decorations on the black iron surface are not beautification decorations, but some very high defense arrays can drive some law forces.
This is a painstaking effort made by more than a dozen ethnic groups and human refining masters, and it also represents the strongest refining technique in six domains and nine continents. This armor defense ability is first-class, which finally triggered Leijie in extreme luxury and elaborate system.
After a thunder robbery, this armor was named Black Emperor Armor by willy. This armor specializes in defense, and its defense is amazing. After wearing it by willy, it has tried to normalize the initial force of God. The roots of willy didn’t even directly rely on the defense of Black Emperor Armor to carry it over.
And some damage of armor was also naturally repaired in a short period of time by engraving in the Ministry and the law. According to the estimation, this armor can probably block two or three strikes when it is worn in the body of the generalized god strong.
And if willy instills the true element into it and adulterates it with a little immortal law, even if the virtual level strong people want to kill willy in a short time, it is difficult to do it. Of course, they can’t stop carrying it hard, otherwise even the best defense will be smashed.
But willy is not stupid, but also very exquisite, especially good at the law, so willy has confidence. Even now, with the help of Black Emperor Armor, he can refine the virtual level of the strong against one or two. Of course, it is impossible to win. After all, Black Emperor Armor mainly defends rather than attacks.
It doesn’t matter if you are aggressive. After all, willy is good at all kinds of spells rather than melee, and the strongest attack spell of willy is naturally doped with annihilation property. The ghost slayer refers to the aggressive innate treasure, the ghost flame and the streamer. It seems that the surface of love in my heart is getting less and less with the rise of willy’s strength, but in fact, with the rise of willy’s strength, the ghost flame and the streamer’s power can also be further developed. After all, the main battle mode of willy is still to play summoning tactics instead of rushing to kill the enemy, which has enough defense.
It’s a little pity that chaotic black iron was a rare thing in ancient times when it was rich in resources. The chaotic refined iron in the chaotic metal was 2000 kg, while the black imperial armor went directly to 1000 kg.
The remaining 1,000 kilos of throb can’t be occupied naturally, but give yourself some intimate genera to create some offensive innate treasures. For example, Monty politely said that Dongfang Fu is very good at sword spells, and each of them created a sword made of chaotic black iron, but Xiao You didn’t like swords, and they also created some offensive innate treasures.
Natural armor is no good, but it is refined by chaotic refined iron, but even so, it has reached the middle level of innate Lingbao with more than a dozen refining masters.
And throb black imperial armor foil naturally those armor styles are also very beautiful and attractive after wearing them, but these armor are named magic queen armor or magic princess armor, which is naturally a polite sign, while the remaining magic princess armor is monty. After receiving the magic princess armor, they froze for a long time and finally blushed and accepted it. A few days later, they were tempted to wear it in the body and went to sacrifice.
This makes throb feel very curious about what kind of * * soup was given to her politely.
….. To be continued.
Chapter seven hundred and thirty War to disorderly star field
Time has passed in a hurry for two or three years, and the foundation here has also been firmly established. In addition, chaotic anomalies have entered the formal search and scraping, and scattered chaotic crystals can be found less and less. Instead, the income from refining is still stable by extracting aura from chaotic poly-spirit array, but it is clear that chaotic aura is constantly thinning up.
However, in the past two or three years, there has been no interference, and the number of chaotic crystals obtained by one party has reached 2,000. Most of them have been distributed, but only 500 strategic reserve resources have been taken by the company.
However, a large amount of resources have been invested in Thunder, and the gains are naturally very rich. With the support of Tianlingshi, Thunder has been put aside in chaos and has never stopped.
Although the number of practitioners is so large that the energy consumption of the law is ten times greater than that of the cave, one hundred celestial stones have to be replaced every year, but willy has never given up on this investment.
Although the celestial stone is precious, compared with the chaotic crystal, it is a poor chance. When the chaotic crystal was auctioned out, several deified middle-level peaks were strong, and the price of the celestial stone was finally very low-key. The price of the celestial stone in Xuan Bing was 203 pieces.
It can be seen that throb is not so distressed about Tianlingshi now. After all, if we gather together around the world now, it is estimated that we can collect more than 100 thousand Tianlingshi.
Accelerating the promotion of one’s own strength is the real king
Willy has gained amazing results in the promotion of people’s strength. Now the total number of gods in the two armies has exceeded 200, but it is even more severe. Now there is no more than half an elixir in Willy’s army.
That is to say, now the number of infants at the level of willy has exceeded 100,000, which is an extremely horrible number. Even if the strong people at the level of refining virtual are besieged, they will definitely be completely besieged and killed.
In addition, some di-hui warriors are also constantly promoted in abundant resources, and the deity Qi Feifei’s charm Ji The Hunger Mochou’s wing Lei Qinger even includes the latecomer Linghu Qianqian who has also grown a sixth tail.
Yu Qing Niang can’t enter the paradise because she doesn’t have much time to practice. However, she is still at the level of Yuan Baby, but she doesn’t need it at all. She is worried because the guards around her are four deified ghosts and her people also have a deified puppet.
In addition, throb those war-damaged puppets are also gradually taking shape. They are in charge of this matter, but the ten thousand-door Li Chang Create’s door, although it does not belong to throb’s direct strength, is quite clear to Elder Li.
From all the signs, willy is definitely a soaring figure. Following him, there must be a lot of exposure, and the fact that Wan’s gate will also soar. Now Wan’s gate really accounts for a lot of benefits and is allocated to chaotic crystallization, which will increase the strength of Wan’s gate by several levels.
It turns out that Wan’s Gate can belong to the top power in the human world. It can compete with more than a dozen other continents, but now Wan’s Gate is the leader. There are less than ten strong faces with chaotic crystallization, and throb has also given them hundreds of war-damaged puppets to repair and make things, which will eventually make Wan’s Gate stand proudly at the peak of all human forces except throb.
Therefore, Elder Li has always recognized that this is the result of his keeping up with the pace of throb, and his advantage over other forces is that he has increased his granddaughter and throb. Although he has not yet reached the final step, Elder Li is very optimistic. After all, Ding Wanyan, the pillar of the harem in throb, has fully recognized Chu-chu Li’s status and quite likes her.
It can be seen how well the goalkeeper will develop in the future.
At this time, Elder Li has completely controlled the Wanjing Gate. His only wish now is to develop Wanjing Gate and increase his granddaughter. He said that after Chu-chu Li can control Wanjing Gate, Elder Li will be able to let go and have the strength resources of Wanjing Gate. In the future, his great-granddaughter Chu-chu Li will also have great status and words in the throb camp.