Among them, the deep breath ratio

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It is Fuxi Gate who teaches real people to be jade-deficient!
"I have fallen into the wild goose peak, and other evil spirits have got their hands on it!"
A complete rebuke jade xu did not turn back to see qinchuan two people a sharp gas suddenly chi and locked in the Luo Cha dark door sharp gold flag Lord to be reckoned with.
At this time, Qinchuan finally breathed a sigh of relief. Although Guan Yao didn’t know who this man was, he could also guess that it was the predecessors of the Wild Goose Peak who were also slightly relaxed. Four swords and shadows were called out and a broken sky fell into his hands.
Followed by a white shadow flying down beside Yu Xu, a young Fuxi brother, Qin Chuan Guan Yao, has seen it.
"Brother Mu?"
Guanyao indecision Qinchuan is also a little surprised.
Mu hen didn’t immediately pay attention to Qin Chuan, but respectfully saluted Yu Xu before turning to Qin Chuan. "Today, you were absent from the polar meeting together, but you were taken captive by the demons?"
Smell speech officer yao nodded, but look more surprised.
At this time, the Taoist priest in front of him is so strong that he can’t find the marginal Taoist priest. Is it the real person of Fuxi?
"Yu Xu Lao Dao?"
After Luo Cha saw that he had just attacked people, he snorted. It seemed that he was afraid of losing all his blood and gave up the killing of Qinchuan.
Then there is a light smile.
"I’m the enemy of the Jade Virtual Master’s profound Tao, but I can also say something if your strategy is exposed, but if you want to catch me, I’m afraid it’s still a little unfinished."
Jade xu cold way while changing color.
Suddenly, I saw another figure slowly walking out of the dense forest, wearing an elegant tunic. The black and white phase was light and true, and a red Xianjian was slowly flowing in my hand. The color in my eyes was actually better than that in Luo Cha before.
Jing Xu!
Guan Yao quickly loosened his hand to get rid of Qinchuan’s palm again, and she was increasingly confused about what happened today.
But Qinchuan seems to be a little white.
"Gu Changfeng?"
See GuChangFeng Luo Cha face finally revealed a few minutes of panic seems to GuChangFeng than in the face of jade virtual let him fear static name is much louder than jade virtual.
Guchangfeng ignored Luo Cha but glanced at his two brothers meaningfully and then said to Yu Xu.
"In the mountains, all the evil people have killed Monty, and the phantom array has also been lifted."
Say is cold eyes caught a glimpse of Luo Cha swallow Wu over with a cold light blade residual blood even with faint heat doubt card at the moment.
Qinchuan heart some surprised.
With the master’s malicious crime against the demons, it is no wonder that he always heard that several important people in the dark door were planted in Gu Changfeng’s hand in his previous life.
Seems to be looked at bad Luo Cha stuffy snorted a body flash is ready to escape.
At this time, he has no assistance, and the black man is nowhere to be found. How can he stand the siege of two top experts, Yu Xu and Jing Xu?