Mu Wanting paused with her hands and then changed her smile. No one could see whether she was really happy or pretending.

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"It’s a good thing that there is no heir in the temple. It’s always an annoyance to me. Now Sister Su wants to have such a good appetite for the temple and hopes that she will give birth to a daughter and a half in the temple as soon as possible."
Also asking for information is Zhen Meizhu who entered the door on the same day.
She dare not change her clothes easily and wait for the temple to come.
However, no one sent someone to say that the temple had gone to Chuyin Academy.
As soon as she messed up the temple, she went to Su’s place first. Su’s family background is not as good as hers. Does she still have Chuyin Academy? The temple called her a courtyard? As ordinary princess herself, she just has an autumn pavilion.
She clenched her hands tightly and could not express her anger, but she knew that she could not show it at this time.
The temple will come later. I won’t like it when I see her like this.
It’s better to go to Su’s first, and then it’s her turn to stay in the temple. She has to hold her horses, and she can’t hurry. The temple will always know that she is well.
However, when the time is approaching, she still can’t see the temple. A sycophantic Su family is so confused that she won’t let it out!
"Go and see" she endured the anger.
Soon after, I saw Jixiang coming back and said, "The main music school has turned off the lights and it has been a long time. Don’t wait for the temple, I’m afraid it won’t come today."
Zhen Meizhu endured a wave of anger and felt that she was going to blow up. In the end, she broke her work and threw her head out.
The handmaids were so scared that they gave her a low look at the same time that they just entered the government the first day. They were in favor and not in favor. This temper is too big
Don’t say you can’t see the back of the house today, it depends on your luck.
Especially the handmaiden from the government have regretted following such a master. There are still many women in this house.
This one won’t have a good future either.
Some people regret it, others rejoice.
They all know the rules of the temple, that is, they never stay overnight, not even the princess.
This master is amazing. Even if the temple is restored after staying overnight on the first day, it doesn’t matter if it’s different, but it’s different.
Look at the temple, but look at this hospital.
The night passed like this.
When it was time to get up, Su Mian felt terribly tired.
"The temple is going back to the front yard, and cotton wool can take a bath to relieve a thing or two." Yan Gui hooked her lips and looked at her so unwell, but there was a sense of accomplishment.
"Can’t I get up and send the temple?" Su Mian hooked Yan Gui’s neck and spoiled.
"Quasi" Yan to conveniently kissed her red lips light way
"That … I’m ready and sent to the temple" Su Mian let go and laughed.
Yan GUI didn’t speak and sat up, and a handmaiden came in to wait on her and dressed herself, and went back to the front yard.
Su Mian didn’t stay in bed. Last night, the handmaiden waited on her and went into the bath. After soaking for a while, she finally eased her fatigue.
Just out of the shower, I saw the handmaiden come in with breakfast and put it in the room.