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Soon everyone closed up. Zhang Tao looked at their hearts and was slightly satisfied. The difference between him and the first time he came here was too big. "I believe you all know that the Forbidden Palace is a kind of high friendship and learning, but our East Palace has the title of either first or last. I believe everyone knows what," Zhang Tao said lightly
Face suddenly a whisper but Zhang Tao did not stop "you see such as? When they all think that our East Palace will be honestly at the bottom this time, but this time we just do the opposite and don’t let them know that we have made efforts and efforts. On the same day, we will launch a Jedi counterattack to completely create a myth of our own! "
Zhang Taoyi obviously made them very moved. Zhang Tao knew that the temperature was enough, and the need was practice. Then he told them that no one could think of it if they could avoid training! Zhang Tao will contribute his other hospital to let them train in a special place.
Everyone except the Keegan people should be specially trained. Zhang Tao promised that if this time is successful, everyone will be rewarded!
Zhang Tao’s promise is highly reliable. After all, Zhang Tao is called Uncle Huang! There must be a brave man! The temptation of fame and fortune! The atmosphere in the East Palace has completely changed.
(There will be a new outbreak in the new month, and please do your best to look forward to it.)
Chapter 13 Willing Hook!
Chapter 13 Willing Hook!
Things should be done step by step, step by step, step by step! Zhang Tao developed his own confidant in an orderly way and slowly penetrated the whole palace.
Zhang Tao certainly knows that Lin Qian is secretly doing what he should do, but Zhang Tao and he are like two parallel lines of the world without delivery and will not affect each other.
It’s been a month since a hunting surprise. Today, Lu and Zhang Tao took a rest at the same time, fulfilling their promise. Lu and Zhang Tao went out to drink together!
After all, it is quite inconvenient to ban drinking in the palace, but it is worth it. First, the Yunyan Chamber of Commerce plan can’t be implemented slowly. Zhang Tao expected to lose a lot of money, and the two emperors really fell into the trap.
Although the two emperors were afraid that Yunyan Chamber of Commerce and Gu Weiran would unite to frame them, they investigated and found that it was not only the imperial city but the whole Honghao country. In this way, the two emperors came in without suspicion of fraud and lack of money.
Walking down the street and feeling full after drinking and eating is really enjoying the pleasant chat between Zhang Tao and Lu, and incidentally, it is said that after ten days, the palace is forbidden to compete.
Zhang Tao nature is modest, said is not the same? Lu is killed don’t believe it! Since Lu first saw Zhang Tao’s silver silk chasing after the soul and killing Yu Jia in Tianyuecheng, he will have a great exchange meeting at the back. Lu knows that Zhang Tao is definitely a magical man who has turned decay into decay. Lu doesn’t believe it if he says he didn’t do anything.
Zhang Tao wry smile unceasingly when he was ready to explain only to find that some noisy up in the distance "yi? What’s the matter? We might as well go and have a look, "said Zhang Tao.
Since the second hunt, Zhang Tao saved Coco’s life, Lu has never discussed things with Zhang Tao, and it seems that he wants to repay Zhang Tao and serve in the palace.
Zhang Tao can also see that Lu is a happy-go-lucky person. He doesn’t have much idea or ambition, and there is a heavy one in the Mishu Tower in Zhang Tao and Zhang Tao that keeps pushing Zhang Tao forward!
A carriage ran amok in the street! But the people around you dare to be angry and dare not speak. They look at the elaborate carvings on the carriage and the ancient characters! Zhang Tao know each other’s true identity.
This suspect is the only son of the ancient king! Bun Ku! Think of Bun Ku’s hatred for himself, sneer at Zhang Tao’s heart, and Bun Ku is doomed to be his friend, so since he is the enemy, do you need mercy?
It’s a disgrace to the ancient king to wander around in his father’s name. If he had such an idiot, he would have been reborn with him.
How many years did it take to think of the perfect image of the ancient king erected in the hearts of the people who were hypocritical on weekdays? But what about his son Bun Ku? It takes just one day to make the efforts of many young people in the ancient king go up in smoke. It’s a great talent! This ability is really beyond the reach of ordinary wan ku.
"Brother Zhang?" Lu see Zhang Tao motionless as if thinking about something can’t help but wonder.
"Hey, Brother Lu has the courage to play a good show with Zhang?" Zhang Tao suddenly asked that face was full of evil.
Lu one leng he was the first time to see Zhang Tao face appear so evil smile but what is the so-called a good show?
Seeing Lu’s face puzzled, Zhang Tao smiled. "Brother Lu, wait a minute. You don’t need to do anything or say that you need to tell the truth. Then just leave it to me."
Lu didn’t know what medicine was sold in Zhang Tao gourd. Only when he nodded his head and saw Lu nod, Zhang Tao stepped out and blocked the Bun Ku carriage directly.
People around immediately gathered around the imperial city. Did anyone dare to stop Bun Ku’s carriage? This is definitely a strange thing. Everyone is more curious than who dares to be too old to be born.
"Do you want to die? I’ll crush you if you don’t let me. "The so-called dog fights the man. Bun Ku grooms have incomparable momentum. It’s really bold to see him if Zhang Tao doesn’t let him drive his horse from Zhang Tao."
"Imperial foot openly longitudinal horse galloping! You don’t want to live, do you? " Zhang Tao said coldly.
"Do you know who is in the carriage?" Hearing Zhang Tao say the word "adult", the groom still dare not move to crush the court officials and crush the people, but the charges are different.
"Heaven breaks the law, the common people are guilty of the same crime, and even the ancient Wang Ren can’t escape punishment." Zhang Tao’s eyes are set with a face of righteousness, and Lingran Haoran’s righteousness is coming to me. It’s just like the justice of heaven and earth is around Zhang Tao at this moment.
"That bastard? Actually, such short eyes bother Gong Yaxing? " Bun Ku felt that the carriage had never moved, but he couldn’t stand knocking on the door. But when he saw Zhang Tao, he was stunned. "Is that you?" But it’s normal. What if ordinary people dare to offend Bun Ku?
Zhang knew it was Bun Ku, but said, "It turned out to be an adult, so it’s no wonder that there is so much fear." The people around him were whispering. This is a good show. This man actually offended the ancient king.
Looking at the two young women beside Gu Bin, I see that the pity must be the girl in the dream of red powder. Although Bun Ku is a straw bag, he still knows that he is above rouge powder. At this point, it seems that he can be worthy of his world status before him.
"Hum Zhang Tao what do you mean? Actually blocking the world? Are you going to rebel? " Bun Ku a sullen, although he hates Zhang Tao, he also knows that Zhang Tao is not what it used to be. He won’t be afraid of what he is. Bun Ku is also a headache, and he doesn’t feel soft when he talks.
Lu is even more confused. What is he going to do? And Zhang Tao’s name immediately made the people around him suddenly realize that it was recently in full swing. No wonder Zhang Tao dared to take a big blow against Bun Ku.
This is getting more and more exciting. "Rebel? This sentence is not enough, is it? Do you know that it is a great sin to disturb the people’s security in this way? " Zhang Tao didn’t flinch at all.
Bun Ku’s face is hard to see. The fact that nobles ride horses in the streets is everyone’s default. This is a hidden rule! Although it is a violation of the law to get the surface, who will report it for such a thing? I have nothing to do when I’m full, but it’s really a headache that Zhang Tao is the head of the Forbidden City and he should make a fuss about such a thing.
"Hum, it’s a matter of great importance. Can you afford to delay information if you stop it for a moment?" Bun Ku’s nonsense, Zhang Tao’s sneer and disdain, taking two prostitutes to do great things? You won’t find a good excuse?
"The people’s expensive country is second to the king, even if it is a big thing, the people’s life and death are the first!" Zhang Tao said this sentence seriously, but it was very popular with the people around him.
Without waiting for Bun Ku to speak, Zhang Tao continued, "Don’t say it’s just Bun Ku, even my uncle wouldn’t dare."
"Your uncle? What is your uncle? Can you compare with the world? Zhang Tao, you don’t want to make trouble here. Get back quickly or don’t blame the world for being unkind. "Bun Ku Shirley said that his voice was so loud that almost everyone could hear him clearly.
Aside, Lu’s face became very strange. He is not an idiot. At this moment, he finally tried to play any tricks in Bai Zhang Tao. I didn’t expect Zhang Tao to look so honest, but the whole person was extremely wrong. This is a trap, and Bun Ku, an idiot, actually noticed that he had stepped in.