Fengyang originally planned to rely on Brother Dragon to help him kill several batches of advanced Warcraft to make money, but no one dared to approach Warcraft along the way, which made Fengyang’s beautiful long-cherished wish fall, which made Brother Fengyang very lost.

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There was no danger all the way, and the speed of the road was just as the wind thought. Brother Dragon actually took him back to the lake.
Fengyang’s original secret mansion should be in the lake, but it is not. Brother Dragon Man walked directly to a mountain wall on one side of the lake.
"Is it a dreamland enchantment?" See dragon people walked straight towards a mountain, and the wind raised his heart to detain and give birth to this idea.
The enchantment of dreamland is also an enchantment, which blinds people’s vision. Generally speaking, the eyes can’t see it, and if the enchantment of dreamland is not started, people will fall into a dreamland. It is possible to pee in the wind or pee with a big tree dog.
Brother Dragon’s practice once again confirms Feng Yang’s conjecture that seeing Brother Dragon bring out an energy visible to the naked eye with a wave of his hand, this energy was directly removed from the dreamland enchantment as his arm brushed the mountain, thus revealing an entrance.
Generally speaking, being a younger brother, especially a loyal younger brother, will help the boss to do everything that is easy, such as eliminating the enchantment of the dreamland. No matter how stupid Brother Dragon is, it is impossible for him to let the viper do it himself, and he dare not be so passive.
It’s the’ King Tai Snake’ who is glad that if it weren’t for such a loyal and diligent younger brother, King Tai Snake, I really couldn’t personally eliminate the enchantment of the dreamland.
Feng Yang is also a man who has been sailing carefully for thousands of years. He knows that the place where the viper king and the colorful dragon fight must not be broken into casually. He looks at Brother Dragon and asks, "I don’t know if you remember what will happen if ordinary people enter this mansion?"
"Ordinary human?" Brother Dragon’s face suddenly showed a hint of arrogance, saying, "If human beings are good at it, even the warrior who is the top strong among human beings will be instantly frozen and the meridians will be shattered, and the insides will be instantly fragmented."
Feng Yang couldn’t help frowning after hearing this. If he hadn’t left a mind’s eye, he wouldn’t die if he walked in.
He also asked, "Is there any way to make ordinary people stay safely in it?"
"Master, before you left, you also told me that one day when you came back again, I would give you this fire spirit. This is an accessible thing. It is ignorance. After thousands of years, I didn’t think of it for a while, but I still hope my master will forgive me." Brother Dragon was scared and bowed his head, fearing that the king of snakes would kill himself with great anger because of one mistake.
"Do you remember?" As a result, the fire spirit handed one of them to Xia Ying and hid the remaining three.
"What’s wrong with this thing?"
"Just carry your body," the Dragon Man replied. "Although this fire spirit is not a magical spirit that can enhance your strength, it also has several pieces of it and it is necessary to enter the master’s mansion."
Without the enchantment of dreamland and the protection of fire, I strode forward with my head held high and my excitement suppressed and walked into this mansion.
The place where the King of Snakes and the strength of the King of Snakes don’t sting the colorful dragon fights attracts the strong martial spirit to attack. This is a place that makes the world crazy. God knows how many treasures there are that shocked the world.
As always, this mansion is as bright as day, and it can be fought by the King of the Snake and the colorful dragons. You can imagine how strong and luxurious the mansion is. Besides, the moonstone is a strange mineral for Warcraft, and these minerals are just like human stones. It is no problem to make a squat toilet for Warcraft.
Entering the abode of fairies and immortals is a different world. According to the small breeze around the lake, the mansion will not be too big. I am wondering how the two great gods, the king of viper and the colorful dragon, came in and when they came in, the wind turned white.
"This is absolutely unique, just like a ring." Feng Yang guessed in his heart, but it’s hard to imagine how much energy is needed to create such a vast expanse.
The only thing that Feng Yang secretly lamented was how strong the strong and Warcraft were thousands of years ago.
This ice floor, which is about the size of Zheng ‘an City, is paved with ice cubes, and the mountain walls are all surrounded by Xuan Bing. The moonlight stone reflects the light of all objects, which is extremely bright, giving people a pleasing feeling. However, there are several exotic flowers and plants growing in such an ice cave, just like a huge ice forest without Warcraft, but there seem to be spiritual plants.
"This fire spirit proved to be a magical thing in this ice cave without any chill." Feng Yang exulted in his heart because he was careful.
Feng Yang slowly stepped into this strange place and carefully observed all kinds of flowers and trees here in an attempt to find some aura-rich heaven and earth spirits.
It is said that the energy left over from the fighting places of the two ancient monster beasts, the viper king and the colorful dragon, should be able to nourish many spiritual objects with special effects for many years.
However, Feng Yang’s face was slightly stunned. He suddenly remembered that when Feiyun City was in Wu Shen, Qin Ning, a strong man, took himself to see Fang Fang. When he said that there was one thing in the way to save Fang Fang, it was impressively the macaque fruit in the sky.
Ice realm? Is this the place?
"Is this called Tianbingjing?" The wind Yang asked urgently.
"Master has a good memory. This name is named by the master." Brother Dragon complimented him that if the faucet hadn’t betrayed him, his tone and expression would have been just as human.
"It really is here that you can’t get along well." Feng Yang exulted in his heart. He didn’t forget that Qin Ning said to himself that one of the essential things in the method of saving Fang Fang was that the macaque fruit was always bitter news. Qin Ning also asked him to raise his strength as much as possible to collect some fire spirit from several Jedi necessities such as entering the ice.
According to the Dragon Man, the fire spirit has his body, so if you want to enter the celestial ice realm, you must first kill this level-9 Warcraft. If you think about it, you can’t help but have some palpitations and kill the level-9 Warcraft that is comparable to the tournament. Will that have to wait until the year?
Fortunately, everything became natural because the king of viper entered the body of Fengyang, otherwise it would be five years, and even if it was given to Fengyang for ten years, it would be impossible to save his life. He blocked a fatal sword and led to coma, Fang Fang.
Because even after five years, Fengyang has the ability to kill the dragon people, but it can’t guarantee that kind of luck. Besides, even if you kill the dragon people and get the fire spirit, you need luck to find the ice realm.
"Help me find the macaque fruit." The existing level 9 Warcraft is a loyal younger brother, and Feng Yang is too lazy to find it himself. Just let this younger brother be responsible.
Brother Dragon Man is obedient, and he is also very familiar with the macaque fruit. He has been wandering around for a moment and returned to Fengyang again. He has handed three macaque fruit to Fengyang.
"This macaque fruit is extremely difficult to nourish for a thousand years, which can nourish and mature a human being. It can strengthen the strength and speed up the cultivation. Even our Warcraft can enhance a lot of strength." The Dragon Man truthfully introduced it and didn’t have any greed for the macaque fruit. He didn’t dare to move his mind
Most of the exotic flowers and plants in the ice world are nourished by the energy of the viper king and the colorful dragon, but most of them have no effect, but they look strange, but there are also many valuable miracles
The wind is like a hard-working farmer’s uncle harvesting everywhere during the harvest season. Anything he knows or doesn’t know but wants him to feel aura will be harvested in jade.
"There is such a large piece of ice rock here, but it is indispensable for refining Fuyu, and it is also such a large piece with such a high texture. I believe that the refined Fuyu quality will also greatly increase the price of Zhang Xiaopan’s unlucky child."
"Ice Xuanyu, this is a good thing to make Fuyu. Usually, I buy palm-sized ice Xuanyu. That guy has to drink wine and courage. This is two feet long and ten feet wide, and the wear is perfect. * If I put Zhang Xiaopan in front of me, I don’t know if this guy will collapse on the spot."
"Mixed yuan grass there should also be mixed yuan grass? Hey, it’s not mixed grass. "Feng Yang looked at a piece of grass on the ice and found that the sample is somewhat similar to mixed grass, but if he looked carefully, it was not mixed grass. He searched for smoked moon from his mind and gave himself information. Feng Yang’s face suddenly showed a bit of ecstasy." Ice-spirit mixed grass has the same effect as ice-spirit mixed grass, but it is several grades higher than mixed grass, which not only can instantly restore a lot of self-energy but also restore a lot of physical strength, which is equal to greatly improving the fighting endurance in the form. "