When the flying rabbit left, it was necessary to pass by the Qingfeng Pavilion. Before the game came, everyone was scrambling to improve their strength.

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Whether to capture your own animals or build your own weapons is inevitable. If you can get a powerful animal that fits you, your strength will definitely increase greatly.
If you can get a magic weapon, it will naturally increase your chances. The whole Qingfeng Pavilion is busy, but in contrast, the rain is still silently practicing and not smelling things outside the window. Zhang Tao’s eyes are slightly deep, which is also an opportunity for himself.
This war has gained a certain reputation, and then it can not only enhance its own popularity, but also naturally make Wanbaozhai its own helper, so that it will surely attract much attention and the status of Qingfeng Pavilion will continue to rise.
Rising in status means rising freely, which has immeasurable benefits for your own completion. At this time, Zhang Tao was surprised to find that the real smell of rain has changed
Chapter 418 Small title
Long-term hard practice has made the rain really have all the possibilities and a solid foundation. The peak owner has high hopes for her. Although Zhang Tao was supercilious that day, the peak owner appreciated it very much, but the rain is really tough. It is what he needs [/:
Yu Heng directly received the rain, and his brother really loved the rain. Of course, he wouldn’t refuse, but he asked not to change his position and still practiced in his own room. Yu Heng didn’t object. After all, everyone had his own habits and gave it some help.
With Yu Heng’s real progress, of course, it has become very fast. Before the coming of the competition, Yu Zhen actually crossed directly from the sixth-level martial arts division to the sixth-level martial arts division. This speed is commendable even if it is put in the peak.
Yu Heng is very satisfied with the real progress of the rain. He often laments that he has not found the real potential of the rain. Now, although it is not the best, it is not the last race. However, it seems that Yu Zhen is not satisfied and is still intoxicated in practice.
Her tenacity makes Zhang Tao extremely admired, but it is indeed feasible to practice like this before the ninth grade martial arts master. However, if you want to step into nature, you can’t just bury yourself in practice. You must adapt to the understanding of heaven and earth and have a certain chance, otherwise you will just stand still at the bottom of the well.
Strength progress seems to make her and Zhang Tao farther and farther away, and she can’t find the warmth in the night, and she can’t find the same thing with her eyes open. Only practice.
Although this is a small chaotic competition, it is of great significance, that is, to determine the candidate
There is no limit to the competition between Feng and Feng, but anyone who has confidence in himself, even a first-class martial artist, can participate.
The age, gender and strength are all the same. Of course, it is extremely chaotic to take part in the competition by taking the post method, such as protecting the elders’ pavilion. Because there are too many people, the martial artist will judge the Qingfeng Pavilion. There is only one requirement, that is, you can’t kill it, otherwise it will not only be disqualified, but also be seized by the elders and nullified. No one dares to cross this principle easily.
It’s a taboo for the sect family. No one dares to violate this principle. Even young talents have amazing potential. If they make mistakes, Qingfeng Pavilion will not be tolerated.
On that night, Yu Heng selected all the ten thousand peak brothers, whether they were senior brothers or second brothers, to participate in this small-scale competition. If you can win the first prize, it will also be good for the peak head, and each peak head is only confused by a certain number of places. If you are brushed off in the competition, you can wait again.
"I hope you have worked hard and fought by yourself at the same time, but you should also do what you can." Yu Heng said simply that he was more excited than anyone else because when it came to the competition, even though he knew that there was little chance for the peak, he kept comforting himself that if he participated, he would have a chance.
It is bitter to think of my brother Yu Hong and Yu Heng. How brilliant was Wanzhangfeng at the beginning, but now? Every time he is not tired of encouraging his younger brother, he can’t let go of even a chance.
In fact, many people are not interested, not because they don’t have great ambitions, but because they know their own strength very well, even if they go to participate, they will be humiliated.
Only a few younger brothers, such as the big brother, are eager to see that their encouragement effect is not good. Yu Heng sighed in his heart, but he did not reluctantly feel that the rain on the side really gave off a tough and powerful atmosphere. Yu Heng finally found a little relief in his heart. Zhang Tao has hardly changed much.
Do what you can, do everything, and leave the morning drum to wake everyone up. Some people look forward to it, and some people are silent.
Yu Zhen also opened Xiuling’s beautiful eyes "Taozhang". This is the first time since she came back that she took the initiative to talk to herself, which made Zhang Tao feel very surprised. "What’s the matter? Is the rain true? "
"You came to the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture pavilion for more than a year. Aren’t you going to take part in today’s competition? By the way, verify your own strength? " The rain is really light and asked
Zhang Tao one leng oneself how can not attend? "Yu Zhen, are you going to attend?" Zhang Tao didn’t answer but asked.
"I’m bound to constantly test myself and keep moving forward." The rain really finished. In the morning, the red sunshine made her graceful and beautiful. At this moment, she was like a life god. Her eyes were firm and still the same. When she looked at Zhang Tao, she had an extra one to be cold and cheerless
"Of course I will attend." Zhang Tao also got up and looked at Yu Zhen at this moment. Zhang Tao didn’t escape.
The rain really suddenly zheng this moment suddenly she seems to have found a familiar shadow in Zhang Tao’s eyes. This familiar shadow is so kind. This is the first time she has looked at Zhang Tao’s eyes so carefully.
But soon a touch of red shadow appeared in her heart, and she woke up slightly. Her eyes were full of complexity. "Well, let’s work together." Perhaps she was trying to escape from this place, so she pushed the door and went out.
Looking at the futon with her body temperature, Zhang Tao silently thought of herself coming to Qingfeng Pavilion on the first day. I don’t know what it was like to practice silently, but Zhang Tao was doomed not to have too much entanglement with people. What she needed to do was to finish it.
You can hear the lively sound before you get out of the distance of Wanfang Peak. The three peaks are all in different places, and the peak is not far away. If you want to reach Wanfang Peak, you still need to hurry.
Yu Heng, the master of the peak, and two elders are all judges to participate in the competition. They may meet their own peak brothers or lose their arms. Generally speaking, it is absolutely impossible to practice favoritism for personal gain.
But to Zhang’s great surprise, there are only six participating brothers in Wanfangfeng. That is to say, except for the big brother and the second brother, there will be himself and Yu Zhen, and two other brothers will participate.