Don’t blame yourself, O Feng, "said Min Xu, patting Xia Feng on the shoulder." Mommy can see that you are still very interested. You are also trying to do something for her. Maybe not as good as Wang Zun, but you have done your best. "

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"Mommy" Xia Feng was a little moved about what mistakes he made. Even if the whole world scolded him, Mommy would always be in his shoes. He thought that having Mommy was the most personal thing to me in this world.
"Maybe you don’t have that deep feelings for Xi ‘er, but it can’t be blamed that your heart is the most honest thing. Your relationship with Xi ‘er is more friendship and affection. Maybe you have reservations until you meet your true lover."
Don’t be displaced. This is also the truth of Min Xu.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four The night hand
Everyone sleeps this night.
One night, I slept deeply. Gu Xiyan fed her a little. After eating, Lengqin rubbed a little hypnotic essential oil on her ear to help her sleep.
In the middle of the night, the king leaned against the bed and held the evening in his arms, and gradually fell asleep with her even breathing.
Xia Feng came out of the bathroom, sitting on the sofa, burying his face in fatigue, looking depressed and ambivalent.
He knew that the king had left the evening room tonight, and even though he knew what they could not do at this time, Xia Feng was still very uncomfortable.
Is it really over between him and Xi?
Do you really want to let go like this? I’ve been guarding Xi ‘er for nearly 20 years, and I just gave it away? I’m not reconciled to …
No, you can’t, Xia Feng. You’ve been wrong once. You can’t go wrong again. Have you forgotten what Mommy and Daddy taught you? To be an upright and kind person, don’t let those evil thoughts occupy your soul.
Right and wrong, good and evil are like two ropes. He pulls them in his mind and tries his best to pull him to the other side.
"Du-"The mobile phone vibrates for a long time before Xia Feng is agitated and presses the answer key …
"Young Master" actually left her voice as gentle as water with a hint of anxiety. "I saw the news and knew you must be in a bad mood. Why didn’t you come to me?"
"Did I tell you not to bother me when I didn’t find you?" Xia Feng is cold and drinks low. He is in a confused mood and doesn’t want to see anyone, especially her.
"Don’t be angry. I’m worried about what you’ve come to see …" Ruan said with cowardice.
"What did you say?" Xia Feng alert low drink "where are you?"
"I’m outside your house. Can I come in?" Ruan Li has some expectations.
"Don’t let people find you and me." Xia Feng’s heart beats faster. What is this woman doing here at this time? If anyone finds out, she will be in big trouble.
Xia Feng changed his clothes and quietly walked out of the villa and came to the backyard. At a glance, he saw Ruan from a nervous snow pine tree.
She is wearing a long white dress with long hair, which looks a bit like Xi from a distance, but Xia Feng has no interest in her tonight.
What happened today left a bad impression on Xia Feng’s family. If Ruan Li is found again, it will be finished. Even if Wang Zun watched the video alone, even if he didn’t say it, it would be doubtful if you saw a single girl coming to Xia Feng from the depths, especially if she was still so like the evening.
Xia Feng looked around for a circle and found no one around, so he took Ruan away to a remote forest and whispered, "What are you doing here? The horse goes back. "
"Young master, don’t be angry. I’m worried about what you came to see you." Ruan didn’t know until he watched the news today that the young master thought that Xi ‘er was actually a girl who was gang-raped. How could a girl like that deserve to be a young master? I deserve him.
"You don’t need to worry about the horse rolling …" Xia Feng was shocked before he finished his words because his back was touched by something he knew was a gun.
"Ah-"Ruan was covered by a white medicine towel just after screaming in horror. Xia Feng backhand wanted to take the gun, but he felt a sudden numbness in his waist, and his horse lost consciousness.
A few men in black with weird hoods and masks quickly stuffed them into a black modified car and drove away …
Watching the car raise dust, a graceful and sexy figure jumped out of the Woods not far away
"Wang is really unpredictable. One of the targets behind the scenes is indeed Xia Feng." Lengqin muttered and jumped into the grass. Soon he wore a helmet and rode a black silent motorcycle to catch up with the black modified car.
It seems that this person behind the scenes is really not simple. Some ordinary people are skillful at driving, and the suburbs are still as fast as the wind. If Lengqin has not been trained for a long time, it will definitely be dumped by them.
It’s a pity that even if they are more powerful, they can beat the night seven instructors.
Trace it to a steep mountain peak. There was an abandoned junk warehouse. The black modified car stopped at the warehouse. Outside, several black men in strange hoods carried Xia Feng and a girl into the warehouse.
Lengqin hid the motorcycle near the bush and took out a silver half mask from her arms to wear her face.
The right face of this silver half mask is engraved with a strange fire pattern with a number 7 next to it!
If everyone knows that this is a dark night pattern, this mask symbolizes the seventh instructor in the dark night ranking.
Zun Wang told the enemy that this time he was by no means a kind person. He should show his identity as soon as he got out, let the other side know that Xia and Jia are night prey, and let them retreat.
No underworld organization in today’s world dares to have its own rules for gangsters at night, and the night is their rule.
Now the ball is almost a bit powerful, and the underworld organizations have been swallowed up by the night. Occasionally, some small organizations pick up some business from the teeth of the night to do business. The night has not been wiped out, but if any organization dares to offend the night, it will be a dead end.
Lengqin releases a flying scratch from the sleeve and climbs easily along the contraction wire to the laser barrel on the roof of the warehouse to make a small hole to peek at what is happening inside.
A basin of ice water will wake Mr. Xia up. Xia Feng waved his head and opened his eyes to see the person in front of him through bright light.
A group of people wearing weird headgear masks are surrounded by a big red wooden chair sitting directly opposite. A man is wearing a smiling Buddha mask and a mahogany cane. Judging from his thin wrinkled hands, this man is not young.
Xia Feng?’ Sound old plus those hands are at least sixty years old. Xia Feng speculated.
"Who are you? What are you doing here? " Xia Feng got up and stared at him lengli without any fear in his long and narrow handsome eyes.