Su Wan didn’t notice Xiao Ye, but she was worried about Xiao Huang. Of course, she didn’t go anywhere. She thought it was simply Xiao Huang. He was ill.

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All the impatience at the same time, the heart rises to complain.
"Xiao Huang is a fool who is sick. I am a doctor. I wish I could see him."
She took two steps to treat Xiao Huang, but she remembered that this is the East China Sea Post Palace, and she didn’t know where to find Xiao Huang.
Finally, I was annoyed and stopped, and I was worried all the way back to my place.
While behind her Xiao Ye looked at her with a full face of love. Jun Li, the side of Xiao Ye, always paid attention to Xiao Ye.
He found that the man looked a little unusual tonight and seemed to be a shoo-in.
What happened here?
When Su Wan walked out of Junli step by step, he walked beside Xiao Ye with a cold face and asked him, "What did you say you did to them? What Xiao Huang look wrong a face is very ugly "
Xiao Ye took a cold look at Jun Li and thought of his past life. He finally jumped into the fire and died with her son. He hated the man before his eyes very much.
"What do I do you what matter? Roll "
When he finished, he raised his hand and pushed Jun Li’s body leisurely and leisurely, and all the way away from the figure, he was somewhat proud.
Jun Li looks pale behind him and stares at him very darkly. "Xiao Ye, you’d better not let the king know what you have done. If you let the king know that the king will never turn a blind eye."
Su Wan lost sleep this night.
One reason is that she is worried about Xiao Huang’s poor health, and secondly, she sleeps in the big bed in the bedroom and recalls carefully, so she feels that something is wrong with Xiao Huang tonight.
This guy always sticks to her, but he sticks very tightly. Tonight seems a little different from usual.
What the hell happened to him?
Thinking about these things, Su Wan tossed and turned all night, didn’t sleep well, and when he got up early, he wore a pair of panda eyes.
Anyone who sees her knows that she didn’t sleep well last night.
Purple jade and topaz knew that she didn’t sleep well last night, but they asked the princess and let them go to bed without saying anything.
"What’s wrong with you, Princess?"
Su Wan shook his head and said, "It’s nothing."
How did she say it was because Xiao Huang’s attitude puzzled her, so she slept all night.
Purple jade and topaz and others can’t ask what can wait on her.
Su Wan just dressed up and packed up, and Mu Qian rushed in excitedly. When he came in, he said happily, "Wan Er Wan Er, do you know who I saw coming? Cousin Xiao has been secretly protecting you. Go and see the 111."
Mu Qianqian didn’t finish saying a word. Seeing that Su Wan had no spirit and eyes and dark circles, God was slightly haggard.
Muqianqian got a fright and took Su Wan in the previous step.
"Hey, son, you’re sick. You look so ugly?"
Su Wan shook his head. "I’m not sick, but I didn’t sleep well last night."
"Why can’t I sleep well? What happened?"