Yan Ge jumped into the lake without saying anything.

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Su Yao’s face on the shore of the lake became tense. Staring at the lake, I couldn’t help cursing this silly. How did she find out that someone was pushed by her? This silly thing is really a bad thing. The person who pushed the water by her won’t really be saved. Come on, there are still silly people around. How can anyone follow?
Su Yao thought his face had changed, but he grabbed Su Wan’s hand and shouted around, "Somebody, no, someone has been pushed, someone has been pushed."
Su Yao was born with a loud voice. As soon as she called, someone ran around.
By this time, Yan Ge had saved the water man. When Su Wan looked away, he saw that the rescued person turned out to be a child, a child of six or seven years old who was very handsome, but at the moment, his eyes were closed and he didn’t respond at all, showing some danger.
Without thinking about it, Su Wan broke free from Su Yao’s hand, grabbed the child and immediately gave him first aid. Jade Snow Silver Mountain plunged into his acupoint, and then she pressed the child’s chest to drink him in, and the water was pressed out. It seemed to outsiders that Su Wan was pressing and hitting the child, and those who were coming were all looking ugly.
It’s too much for this fool not to let go of a child. Someone asked Su Yao, "What’s going on?"
Su Yao covered her mouth and shook her head in panic. It seemed that she was too afraid to say anything, but her eyes were always aimed at Su Wan.
Someone found her expression and boldly guessed, "This child won’t be pushed around by Su Jia, will it?"
Su Yao immediately shook his head. "I don’t know. I didn’t see anything. I didn’t see my big sister pushing people."
This statement is affirmative. A child is Su Wan pushing into the river.
Many people around changed their faces and were furious. "This is so stupid. How dare you be so bold?"
"Yes, this is Anping Houfu. How dare she tamper with Anping Houfu?"
Someone in the crowd recognized the child and couldn’t help exclaiming, "Isn’t this child Pei Pei Huan?"
"It’s really Pei Huan. This Mrs. Pei is so sad."
It was a mess all around. Su Wan looked at his knee. After the child spat and was pricked by her silver needle, his anger finally recovered.
Fortunately, she found out at once, otherwise the child would be suspicious.
Su Wan breathed a sigh of relief before she heard all the accusations and remembered what was going on.
Su Yao, a bitch, actually pushed people into the river and planted dirt to frame her. She also called Su Yao stupid. I didn’t expect that she was not only stupid but also so heartless. Naturally, she was so heartless. Then she should let her know what will happen to people who know bad things.
Su wan thought about moving his finger, and a jade, snow and silver awn plunged into the acupuncture point of the child’s body, temporarily sealing his breath. At this moment, he looks like he is out of breath
Mrs. Pei, the second lady of the crowd, got the news and stumbled in from outside the crowd. Before the crowd came near, she tore her heart out and cried "Huaner Huaner"
Pei Huan is a favorite of Mrs. Pei’s 40-year-old children, while Pei Huan is very polite and has always been loved by others.
Today, he wandered around alone, but not many people followed him. It was because Pei Jia and Anping Houfu were in-laws, and Anping Houfu’s first lady was Pei Jia’s girl Ye Xiaohou and Pei Huan were cousins. Pei Huan often played in Anping Houfu, just like his own family, and Pei Jia Ya’s wife was indifferent. I didn’t expect that Pei Huan was harmed in such a place.
Mrs Pei even lost heart. After rushing in from outside the crowd, she pushed Su Wan and hugged herself and began to cry.
"Huaner, wake up, wake up."
At this time, there were more and more onlookers, and even the people in Anguo Houfu shocked the princess Guangyang and Su Yue. As soon as they came over, someone told them what happened here.
Princess Guangyang hasn’t spoken yet. Su Yue screamed as if she had caught something big. "Big sister, are you crazy? Why did you do such a thing to Pei Xiaogong?"
Sue wan was found guilty without asking anything.
Sue wan’s lips curled in the crowd. It’s really her good sister.
Su Wan is sneering at Su Yue and staring at Su Wan. "You always go crazy and hit people at home. How dare you go to Anping Houfu to do such a thing?"
As soon as Su Yue’s words fell, people came around in vain. It turned out to be like this. This Sue’s stupid house will go crazy and hit people. No wonder it will push Pei Xiaogong to the river.
"What a stupid person like her brought her into Anping Houfu?"
"It’s Miss Sue’s big anthomaniac who brought it in."
"How did Sue get rid of these things?"
Everything is said. Princess Guangyang looks a little ugly, but people say it’s Anguo Houfu, and even they say it. They can’t help but look ugly and stare at Su Yao and ask, "What happened in Su Yao?"
"Back to mother, Big Sister, she and Pei Xiaogong don’t know what quarreled. Big Sister, when she was angry, she pushed Pei Xiaogong into the water."
As soon as Su Yao’s words fell, Mrs. Pei screamed at Su Wan as if she were crazy. "Why do you want to push my family Huaner? You have to pay me for Huaner’s life. Today, I have to fight for my life to avenge my family Huaner."
Mrs. Pei’s words fell behind Su Wan, and Yan Ge’s face turned black immediately. At this time, her whole body was still wet, and did Su Wan push Pei Xiaogong’s water? She didn’t know that she had been behind her.
Yan Ge sank his mouth. "Mrs. Pei, don’t talk nonsense. Didn’t Miss Su push your public water?"
As soon as Yan Ge spoke, many people saw her and couldn’t help whispering. Most of them were curious about Yan Ge’s identity.
On one side of the crowd, Su Yao couldn’t help but get nervous after listening to Yan Ge’s words. Then she quickly pointed to Yan Ge and said, "She is my big sister."
"It’s no wonder people helped her speak."
"Nature is together. She can’t be true when she speaks."
After listening to the words all around, Yan Ge couldn’t help but have a bowel movement, but she received Su Wan’s eyes. Although Su Wan didn’t say anything, Yan Ge had a feeling that Su Wan’s eyes seemed to tell her not to talk.
Yan Ge became quiet, and she would not let Miss Su suffer, otherwise the Lord would punish her if he knew.
The situation here has already alarmed the people in Dachanggong House. princess royal led several ladies to Ye Xiaohou. When he heard the child.leave, his whole face was black. He quickly got up and came over. Wang Shihao Huang and others heard that something happened and followed Ye Xiaohou.
At that time, many people surrounded the shore of the lake inside and outside.
Big princess royal is almost seventy years old this year, but she is in good health. Lisuo’s face was full of anger before she came near. You know these people today, but she invited guests, especially Pei Huan or Ye Ting’s little cousin. I didn’t expect that Pei’s family would still make up with them after Anping Houfu was killed. Even if Pei’s family doesn’t blame and fear that there is a gap in their hearts, this damn bastard dares to do such a thing in Anping Houfu. Is this directly not taking her seriously?
Previously, some people in Houfu reported the situation here to princess royal, and princess royal knew that pushing Pei Huanshui was an Anguo Houfu’s Sue home. It was really annoying that such a fool should go to Anping Houfu to harm people.